I have always been a number and statistics freak and there has always been a fascination for devices which would show me statistics so taking a cue from Kunal’s blog. I also put forward a demand.
I want a watch or any such mobile device which could measure the speed at which i am going and the distance which i have covered in particular time duration.
This is most useful when you are walking coz if you are in a vehicle then you can know your speed by glancing at the speedometer.I guess this can be implemented by measuring the speed of wind which is striking the watch which i am wearing on my wrist. You can stand still for some time before starting your motion so that the watch can measure the default wind velocity and then do appropriate manipulations. While walking people generally walk two ways either with their hands swinging by their side going in a pendulum like motion or with their hands stationary, if you are stationary then its no problem but in the other case, we can do some experiments and make some algorithm to calculate the speed in such case, it wont be a difficult task.
These days wrist watches come with facilities to see all type of statistics like altitude, pressure, temperature, geographic coordinates. This feature can also be added to the ever growing list.
I dunno whether this feature is commercially viable or its only me who needs such a thing, but one thing is for sure, after I get a job and am well settled and all. One day for sure i will try to build such a watch. Lets see if it happens.. 😛

Song of the Day:- How do you do it to me by Beatles

PS1:- Got fucked in presentation yesterday
PS2:- Truth is stranger than fiction and life is more dramatic than a drama.
PS3:- Hyderabad is the coldest in last 3 years(since I came here).
PS4:- Got a BTP finally and started looking for matter related to it..Serious Guy!! that I am!!
PS5:- IIRC rocks… but very few people come online.. 😦


10 thoughts on “Demand

  1. make that 7 years instead of 3 years.. Hyderabad has never been this cold since I came here ..

    and good to know that I am not the only one who keeps “Demanding” 😛

  2. I think a similar kind of device our cricketers are wearing these days. It measures how much they move in a day.

    I saw Uthappa wearing in the last ODI vs Pakistan.

  3. @ Kunal : Should check out with localites for data of more years and ya its your blog which inspired e to write it though i have had this demand for 6-7 years atleast

    @ Tarun : For this you always need to wear the same shoes and carry the ipod… I am talking about a watch which is the most portable thing!!

    @ Obelix : Can i know what is that something???

    @ Raj: Didnt knw that but how come you know it was the same device by looking at his hand on TV??

    @ Skp : You gotta do it some time and its for those times

  4. @ Bordeaux: Glad to know somebody like my idea.. I was thinking i am the only one thinking so.. Waise You and I commented almost at the same time.. so saw ur comment after commenting!!

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