Recently I have been flummoxed by a recurring thought about the origin of the Natural Languages which we read and write these days.

I cant think of the way that these languages might have developed in the very starting. How would be the people who invented these langugaes would have had laid the ground rules of the language in the initial phase of languagae development. I can understand that  most of the languages prevalant these days have developed from other languages but there must have been some time when the transition from sign language and animal like cries must have come about, I dont say that this must have happened in a single day or a short duration but there must have been some guidelines according to hich the laguages must have developed.

Another thing which puzzled me is the naming of the language, who would have named the language and in what language would they have named the language, would it have been their own language or a pre-existing one.

I knw these have been very random thoughts but what else can you expect  from a guy who is interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) 😛

Song of The Day :- Sur (Theme ) from Sur (obviously)

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