Recently i have been watching a lot of movies.. So I set out to write about the 5 latest movies I have seen in the order in which I saw them.

1. An affair to remember : Seriously a movie to remember, I have always loved these old romantic movies, somehow the type of elegant romance shown in these movies attracts me more than the modern breed of movies. The emotional part of the movies is shown brilliantly. A lady and a gentleman meet on a cruise and fall in love and promise to meet in six months at the top of Empire State but can’t.

Lead Actors : Cary Grant n Deborah Kerr
Rating : 9/10

2. Bringing Up Baby : Another Cary Grant masterpiece,a screwball comedy with combined with the genius of the great man. A laugh riot on the whole. You can’t help but sympathizing with the the poor “Zoo-logist” as the actress Katharine Hepburn refers to him, while just falling in love with the naive and rich Susan Vance the lady of the movie. At times you just burst into spasms of laughter unable to control yourself. All in all a must watch… Provided you dont have apathy towards Black and White movies. The story isn’t much to tell except a Geologist keeps running into the beautiful young and rich young lady who proves to be nemesis for him but the thing to lookout for in the movie is their chemistry and comic timing.

Lead Actors : Cary Grant n Katharine Hepburn
Rating : 9/10

3. 3 Deewarein : A Nagesh Kukunoor special, its quite rare to see such type of movies being made in India and it gladdens the heart to see such movies and such directors existing in India. The story of 3 murder convicts, their life in jail and a lady journalist who interacts with them. The movie is good but the twist in the tail end gives the movie a different feel altogether.

Lead Actors : Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, Nagesh Kukunoor and Juhi Chawla
Rating : 8/10

4. Before Sunrise : “Poetry in the form of a movie”, this is how I would like to describe the beautiful movie. I have oft heard that this is a very romantic movie but romance aside, I was just blown away by the beauty of the talks they have between themselves. The story of how two complete stranger meet on a train and fall in love but the only thing they dont have is time, which is the only thing in short supply in their otherwise rich romance.Sure you have two poems being thrown with all the dialogues to further beautify the screenplay but the main strength of the movie is the conversation they have, intellectual at times, romantic at others but all just expression of beauty coming from their mouths.

Lead Actors : Ethan Hawke n Julie Delpy
Rating : 9/10
5. Before Sunset: A fitting sequel to the aforementioned movie. Both of them have matured in a span of 9 years and tried to move on in life in their own ways while failing completely to forget that singular most important night in their whole lives. They meet up again when the guy comes to France on the tour for his best selling book about the night he spent in Vienna with an unknown French girl. They meet again, have a good time though not as romantic as the last night they spent together but a time which though being short but long enough to ignite a fire in them and make them share things with each other which aren’t supposed to be…

Lead Actors : Ethan Hawke n Julie Delpy
Rating : 8/10

Song of the Day:- Ye Nigahein from Khoya Khoya Chand

PS1:- I havent had any proper classes since 18th Dec, courtesy holidays and IJCNLP.. life rox…
PS2:- Saw the last 3 movies yest night. 🙂
PS3:- I dunno but somehow after writing so many poems in a spurt, somehow I just can’t write anything poetic now.. 😦 Somebdy help me.
PS4:- I have become a fan of Cary Grant after watching 3-4 movies of his…. He does rock…

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4 thoughts on “Movies

  1. and ppl dont help himank. .. i am tired of his poems …
    @himank ur “Arsenic and old lace ” movie is downloaded 🙂 njoi !!

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