Generation Gap

I remember when I was a 13-14 year old teenager, my mom used to tell me that when they were of our age they were very ignorant of the world and the knowledge they had of the outside world was cipher when compared to what we knew. These days when I see my young cousins of the same age group, I can say for sure that they are light years ahead of us when we were the same age.
The average children these days are technically far superior than their counterparts just 5-6 years ago. The difference in intelect between us and our parents created by a difference of almost 25 years is replicated between us and those children. It seems as though the age difference between generations is on a decline. On our part, most of us got to have their mobiles for the first time when we came to the college for thr first time but children these days get mobiles while still in school which is a sort of necessity these days for them.
With all the orkutting and chatting they seem to be leaving us behind in terms of the online presence they have.
By the generation gap, I don’t mean the term in conventional terms as it is generally used. It is generally supposed to mean the ideological difference between two set of people, I don’t think that there might be ideological differences as such between us people but sure they are a lot more advanced than us in their age.
A classic example in this case is, when we guys came to the college the maximum knowledge of english songs was limited to BSB and some songs like Words and My Heart will go on with a select few having the rare distinction of having heard music of bands like Linkin Park and all but now in our college you see a guy in his first year wearing a Pantera t-shirt almost from the time he came to college and quite a few rappers we have got in the first year, these things surely tell a story of their own.
Just hope that the differences aren’t too much and we are not labeled as old ones if not by these guys then by the children who are in their kindergartens now!!
I just hope I have been able to bring out my points.. 🙂

Song of the day :- I am like a bird by Nelly Furtado

PS1:- Seeing quite a lot of movies these days, right now watching “Do Bigha Zamin”
PS2:- Missing somebody very much today.. 😦
PS3:- With all my friends in north complaing about the cold there, can’t help but bless the weather Gods of Hyderabad.

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7 thoughts on “Generation Gap

  1. This topic is quite close to my heart. I frequently discuss about it with my friends.
    I had an even more conventional childhood. I mean, mine was a Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn kinda childhood. Roaming around in the woods, climbing trees, trekking up and down hills and valleys, chasing rabbits… and of course playing the rough gully-cricket, going to school on bicycle, trying to catch up to girls’ school buses… etc.

    These days I see more boys in a cyber-cafe than on the playground. And it seems that those kids whose parents can afford it, they learn to use a PC and x-box sooner than they learn to hold a cricket bat. Writing love-notes to crushes and chasing on cycles have lost meaning as a guy owns a mobike+mobile by the time he starts having crushes.

    It’s not bad, though. Just that the kind of childhood I had is less prevalent now. We had fun our way, the new kids on the block are having it theirs. Change is the only thing constant in life.

  2. @aniket

    cant help 2 say this phatta but:

    change is not constant,
    (yeah I get what you are saying, change is always there and thats y its constant)
    note that Himank is telling that the generation gap is declining, meaning the change itself is increasing ergo its not constant. hehe 😛

  3. Dude I used to listen to LP,Eminem,50,Snoop Dogg,Rasmus, and lot more …

    But i agree to the point that the present generation are very fast 🙂 … but i guess its all plastic …they are missing a lot of natural actvites … 😦

    The world is going for doomsday !!!

  4. @ Maruti: Can’t help doing some more BC.
    A few years ago, there was this 11 year old kid who was not just afraid, but also reluctant to jump down a mere 6-7 foot wall. Another time, on a trek with a friend from Bombay, I was shocked to find that he had confused slabs of granite for hardwod!

    I agree with Maruti that kids today do miss out on a lot of activities which were natural for us. Then there are activities which they’re better at. Guess everyone knows how to live their lives. I only hope that in doing so, today’s kids don’t totally discard the experiences of elders (like me, hehe :P).

  5. generation gap hey yeah dude so u kinda thinking about evolution [:)]. Well written but this is a very vast topic so i suggest u go to the library and start of with the books of evolution by Darwin [:P]

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