Jodhaa Akbar

I have been listening to the songs of Jodha Akbar since two days and I think A.R.Rehman has once again churned out a winner from his kitty. I think this album might not reach top of the charts coz it doesnt have the popular music Dard-e-Discos type but you can’t except such type of music from a period movie and also from A.R.Rehman. Rehman’s music has a very different sound which though is different but always pleasing to ears.

Azeem-O-Shaan – The song looks like a war cry, seems very good while listening without any background and continuation, I think the song will sound awesome in the movie coz it is the type of song which requires a stroy building behid it.

Jashn-e-Bahara – A melodious song sung in the ethereal voice of Javed Ali, a winner hands on. Along with Azeem-o-shaan the most popular song as of yet.

In Lamhon Ke Daaman mein – “Romance”, the first word that comes to my mind on hearing the song. Once again Sonu Nigam’s soothing voice turns it into a very good song and Madhushree also supports him well.
The starting lines of the song are just beauty… The urdu wordings of the song made me wonder the lyricist could be none other than Javed Akhtar and that sure is correct
In lamhon ke daman mein pakeezah se rishte hain
Koi kalma mohabbat ka dohrate farishte hain.

Khamoshi mein Pukar – Only song completely in the voice of female and the singer of the song, whom I am eager to know the name but couldn’t find anywhere. Some times her voice sounds like the soft sound of Shreya Ghoshal but then she develops an intensity which i have never heard in her songs so I am confused, hope someone can help me. Well btw coming to the song, it is another wonderful combination of music,lyrics and singing.
Edit:- Found out, the singer in Sadhna Sargam and this song was in a Chinese Movie of which Rahman gave music

Mann Mohana – A song which not many people will like but which I liked very much and I was rebuked by people on telling that I liked the song which according to others is the worst song in the album. The song takes you to the same place and setting where Mirabai must be crooning her devotional songs for Lord Krishna and you can imagine her sitting in front of you with her sitar. With all those references to Brindavan and terms such as ‘Raas-rachaiya’ and ‘Kanha’, this songs conveys its feeling completely and cheers for the singer Bela Shende for singing it so beautifully.

Khwaja mere Khwaja – In every album of his, Rehman sings atleast one song and that song generally is my favourite in the album from Dil Se in Dil Se, Banjar from Saathiya, Ye jo Des Hai Tera from Swades, Aazadi from Bose,the forgotten Hero, Roobaroo n Luka Chhipi from RDB,Jaage Hain from Guru.. the list just goes on and on. But somehow this song doesnt live up to the billing of the best song of the album, though I have got the feeling that this song will eventually grow up on me but even then it wont become the best. Will say the least good song of the movie. Won’t term it as bad though.

I got to know that “Khamoshi mein Pukar” is not from Jodhaa Akbar. I am very sorry about this.. Actually somebody downloaded the songs from net and this song was in the folder.

The Song is translation from some Chinese Album of A.R.Rahman…

Rating – ****1/2

Song of the Day – Man Mohanna by Bela Shende from Jodhaa Akbar

PS1:- BTP report submission on 26th n Viva on 30th.. and have done nothing as of yet..
PS2:- India finally wins at Perth… 3 Cheers to the team
PS3:- Ganguly n Dravid dropped from the squad, am just afraid that someday they might even drop Sachin if he fails in a series and that would put an end to my watching cricket for some time atleast but that would for sure ignite nation wide protests as they are going on in Kolkata for Ganguly.
PS4:- Without any shade of doubt A.R.Rehman is the best music director and Javed Akhtar, best lyricist in bollywood.
PS5:- Lets hope the film leaves up to the pre release hype.
PS6:- Guess my blog is becoming popular, half an hour after writing this post… I got two incoming links to this post. Feels good when people give trackbacks to your post, same happened with the post about generation gap, two blogs used it and credited me.. 😛 😀

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11 thoughts on “Jodhaa Akbar

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  2. Heyy its nice to see a music review from a IIITian. This has inspired me to listen all the songs of the movie. But u made a small mistake. The singer of the song “Jashn-e-Bahara” is Jaaved Ali and not Sonu Nigam.

  3. Yeah Rahman rocks i was so addicted to these songs that even before they came in dc i would wake up in the morning and buffer most of these songs in the you tube so that i can peacefully listen to em all day long [:)]…….

  4. ‘Khamoshi mein pukar’ is the hindi version of the chinese song Rahman composed for the chinese film ‘Warriors of Heaven and Earth’. It is not from JA

  5. Khamoshi mein pukar…i didn’t see about this song in JA. and Anjaana from yuva is sung by Lucky Ali & Karthik . in Yuva but, the fana song was fabulous and the humming in between kabhi neem was also very addictive from rahman.

    Nice review.


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