The Great Indian Auto!!

And their music…

Most people in this age and time without any vehicle of their own are sure indebted to the inventor of this wonderful vehicle which is the heart-beat of the transportation in India without which the “aunties”who dont know how to drive and poor people like us who dont ave a vehicle would have been crippled and would have had no means to commute.

And I thank the autowallahs for this and generally my journey in an auto is fine unless more than 7-8 of us are not sitting in the auto. All seems fine and well until the guy decides to turn on the instrument in his auto which kinda resembles a music system.

First of all the quality of sound emanating from the device seems as if it is not playing at the moment but instead a recording from one cassette to other cassette is being done on the stereo. You will know if you have ever heard some thing being recorded, lagta hai ki singer ka gala baithne ki jagah let gaya hai par uske bad bhi pet palne ke liye gana pad raha hai..
Aur sone pe suhaga to tab hota hai when you start listening to the music… I have been travelling in autos for umpteen years now but somehow can’t understand how come all the autowallahs have similar music taste. You sit in any auto and you are sure to find Kumar Sanu singing from some 90s song which could barely see the face of cinema hall and would have got down after the first week or may be even before that and one more common qulaity of these songs in that they are all “Dard bhare nagme” where the hero is always lamenting about the loss of the love of his life coz of “zaalim jamana” or “taqdir ke sitam” or she has found someone else in life..

Some time back all the autowallahs were bitten by the Himesh Nasalamiya and Kumar Sanu seemed to have lost into oblivion but as no new albums of his have been released recently (to the best of my knowledge as if I care a damn!!). Those people have generally reverted to Kumar Sanu and his brand of sad songs from 90s.

This makes me think that there are some singers in India who have prospered just because of a particular kind of music and listeners base, Kumar Sanu and to a large extent, Himesh Nasalammiya,sure should be indebted to the autowallahs to be able to progress from being driven in an auto to being an able to drive and own luxurious cars. Another such example is “Anuradha Paudwal“, i can’t remember even one song which she has sung in any Hindi movie and the only time I can remember her is on a Gulshan Kumar album praising the lord. She seemed to have been made just for singing devotional and nothing else.

Song of the Day:Don’t Expect me to be your friend by Lobo
It’s all in the game by Tommy Edwards

PS1:- No offence meant to Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal
PS2:- Offense meant to Nasalammiya…
PS3:- Most high profile sporting encounter in IIIT history was organised peacefully, thinking of writing sumthing on it.
PS4:- BC at its peak, we sent 300+ mails to UG3 mailing list in about 4 hours. I myself sent 46 mails…
PS5:- Will sure write about it.
PS6:- Fedex lost in Australian Open SF.. Australia almost lost the series to India, Lets hope the days of individual dominance are over…
PS7:- Adam Gilchrist retires… 😦 He is one Australian player who always played hard but fair.. Will miss your batting Gilly!!!
PS8:- First BTP report submitted today
PS10:- Finally felicity is here and the first event codecraft was a super sucess lets hope the same for other events.. 🙂 Fingers Crossed. 😛
PS11:- Crossed 10 PSes which means I have a lot BC to do..
PS12:- Have my first BTP viva day after tom or tom(whatevr u say.. Its past 12).. 30th i mean!!
PS13:- Old is Gold without any doubt,I just love 60s and 70s music be it Hindi or English!!!
PS14:- Right now listening to the ethereal voice of Rafi!!!
PS15:- Finally 15 PSes.. I achieve this feat rarely!! 😀

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