Felicity 08.. Its Here!!!

Finally Felicity ’08 is here and its here in a rocking style and set to rick your world to the core. Finally after months of planning, hard work, disagreements and arguements, we are presenting to you
Felicity ’08 — Celebration in its entirety.

Already ripples have been created in the ocean with Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Enadu publishing articles about Felicity.. Gemini Tv, Maa TV and TV 9 have covered a rally as which was a part of the Felicity with interviews of IIIT guys coming on TV.

We have one of the biggest Politician of India, Mr. Sitaram Yechuri coming to give a talk. Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant is also coming to give a talk, Mrs. Karuna Gopal, one of the Lead India finalists is also going to be here and special mention for all the people active in the blogosphere, Mrs. Rashmi Bansal of youthcurrry fame will also be here. She is alo the editor of famous youth magazine, JAM.

Coming to Cultural, we have Indian Ocean coming and performing (that too with free entry unlike some others.. :P). We also have the most famous Rock Band in Hyderabad, Sledge coming and performing in one of the most famous Rock Shows in Hyderabad city.

We have a plethora of events to satisfy the need and talents of each and every person. Ranging from the Most famous talent and personality show in Hyderabad “Mr & Miss Felicity , we have the Dance event with the most participants Danca(Western Solo), Grupentanz(Western Group) & Nrytaka(Classical), We have two-2- tango a hugely popular event last year, Of course the music buffs need not be disappointed.. We have Raaga, the singing competitions, and obviously the most popular game “Antakshari” can’t be missed when you are organising a fest, Instrumental talents are also welcome to display their talent and be called virtuosos in their fields. Radio Mirchi is also associated with a RJing event… Radio Ka Badshah!!!

By now you must be thinking that this is a blog and there is nothing about Literary events, SO here it comes. We have it all here, Ranging from Creative Writing (you bloggers can score sum gud points here), JAM, Group Discussion(CAT aspirants take note!! No better place to hone your skills), DumbC, Whats the Good Word to Ship Wreck.Quiz buffs also have their maal here.. With the reputed Felicity Quiz and also Catch the Clip being organised to satisfy their hunger.

The people with “Drawing ka kida” and lots of imagination and innovation can find their heaven in Kalakshetra we have events from the usual painting and sketching to the more Hip events like Graffitti, Tattoo Making & T-Shirt Sketching and the traditional Rangoli Making to the child’s play for adults,CLAYtivity where you can satisfy all your urges of playing with clay without being scolded by mom.

For all the geeks who were bored by these Events, We have already conducted Hugely successful Code Craft with participation from 59 countries on the last count. Mathematika, an event organised first time in Felicity got particpants from 56 countries. Events like Equity Pulse, Kode Konundrums and Cache In got more than 1000 participants.
But, but, but my friends dont be disappointed that these events have been conducted… We still have got Quick and the Dead, Debug the CBug , Java Jargon for all the coding enthusiats, We have very interesting events being conducted by Microsoft & CA. Adding to the list of heavy weights, Google is also here with Spin the Web. For the gaming enthusiasts, we also have Sculpt , the game design competition.

And ofcourse, we have Zombie Zone, the biggest gaming event in Hyderabad with games like Counter Strike (CS), FIFA, Need For Speed (NFS) Carbon and Warcraft 3:DotA….

And of course  no celebration is complete without a DJ.. So we have all the top DJs of Hyderabad for the honours in a competition. So just lose your inhibition and worries and have a blastttttttt…

Prizes worth more than 3.5 lakhs to be won along with oppurtinities to work with some of the major companies..

Its all in here, you just have to come here and have a blast….

Song of the Day-: Bande by Indian Ocean (Felicity Fever)

PS1:- Already pretty tired and have to get up early tomorrow, so bbye for now!!!

But Felicity mein Jalool Jalool Ana!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Felicity 08.. Its Here!!!

  1. Came to see the Indian Ocean performance. It was great experience.
    Felicity definitely gives a good reason for us Alumni to come back to college and recall all great times specially those of organizing felicity 🙂 plus bring our colleagues and proudly talk about our Alma mater 🙂

    Thanks to the organizers.

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