Felicity – The Moment!!

Reading Pankaj’s blog gave me the inspiration to write an account of my last few moments of Felicity’08… So here i am with my two bits…

One bad thing with being M’n’M organiser is that you are the organiser of the last event and you have to remain focussed until the last moment. I can still remember the feeling of freedom rising in me with every passing round. I couldnt just wait more for it to finish. It was the culmination of months of hard work, planning, preparation… We had to show it to the world in these 3 days that we had it in us to do it and finally we managed to convince the world that it was worth its billing.

As soon as the prize distribution was over, I handed over the judges to Pankaj and then Maroo asked me to sign the certificates, this was the final work which I had to do. I signed them and handed them over to the winners and gave the remaining ones to guys at help desk, then I sprinted back to the place where we had all the action. I ran there colliding with I dunno how many people but couldnt see anything except the mass of people standing there and celebrating. Once i reached there, Maroo hugged me and I just didnt have the strength to stand and fell on him and was standing on his support for some time until I had the strength to come back to my senses and stood up on my feet. I just didnt feel like gyrating to the tunes of the DJ and just wanted to meet all my friends,all of us who “DID IT”. I was running all around the ground like a mad man hugging each and evry person in sight. I dont even remember who all I met.. I just knew that this was the only thing I could have done at the moment.
All this hugging over, I went to the place where all the guys were dancing to the tunes of DJ but wasnt feeling like but did it coz all of my friends were there. we danced our hearts out and sprayed cold drink and water over each other. It was just as if we were possesed by some thing which gave us strength to dance so enthusiastically after working our asses off for the fest.
But the moment of the night came some time later when the DJ decided to play the tune of Friendhsip “Yaaron”… Some of us were near the sound console and as soon as the song started playing.. We made a circle and started swaying to it.. Some time later i dunno who but a guy came to the centre and then all the rest started jumping on each other (agreed this was wild!! but who cares we just wanted to express our freedom).. Finally we all made a circle and with arms on the shoulders of others and the circle just kept growing.. Finally to our amazement some girls also decided to join the circle.. it was quite shocking for me to see girls of our batch placing hand on the shoulder of a guy and vice versa… and then finally they left(who cared at that time.. We were too busy in the enjoyment to take notice of any such thing!!!) and the song kept playing and we just kept moving in the circle.
It sure was the moment of Felicity for me…
All the commaradarie, friendship and support which made felicity a success was shown finally to evrybody.. Just went on to show how close knit our batch is… Evryone a near and dear friend who helped each other out and was a beacon of strength and support when the other was in dumps…
Three cheers to UG2k5 and to our Friendship!!!

Felicity is one memory which I wont be able to forget my whole life!!

Song of the Day:- Crazy little thing called Love (Queen)

PS1:- Started writing this post on 12th.. Finally finished today.. I think would have written a much better one then… 😦
PS2:- Mid sems starting for ppl tom.. Me.. Only 2 exams on wed.. in 4 hours duration
PS3:- Went to MS intern Exam today.. I hope it went ok!! 25k ka sawal hai yaar..
PS4:- Was out of campus for 14 hours today…. 🙂
PS5:- Can’t Help Falling in Love.. What a song by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.. Elvis!! He roxxx!!!
PS5.1 :- 5 PSes ho gaye kaam khatm!! 😛

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15 thoughts on “Felicity – The Moment!!

  1. hey it was me who suggested our dj ranga to play “yaaron” at the end….and then the soundman sudhakar again for the encore…so thank me 😀

  2. Dude …I was the DJ .. 🙂 … I played the song on Pappu’s request … and also its one of my all time favourites …

    I too joined the circle just after playing that song …. do you remember that suddenly the song stopped but still everyone was singing that song …..that was TRULY the moment of felicity dude …

  3. Its true that somehow .. felicity does bring the batch close together .. because everyone is working towards achieving the same goal ..
    Couldn’t attend this time either .. am sure you guys did a great job though 🙂

  4. What was I doing when “Yaroon” was played? Thinking still thinking .. wait what was I thinking .. Oh ya I remember .. I was along with Sashidhar, and we stood as flag posts, hosting a banner stating “Felicity 08 rocks!”, And truly it did rock 🙂

  5. @ ORB : Thanx… 🙂

    @ Prashant (Mathur): Seriously man. We wont forget this!!! 🙂 and either use your full name or your name mathur while commenting.. Nobody knows any prashant in here..

    @ Pagare : Well you deserve a round pf bumps for that man.. That was awesomest idea of whole Felicity (ofcourse besides having Indian Ocean.. 😛 what say!!!)

    @ Ranga : I truuly remember that moment… Moments like this.. We will never forget our entire life..

    @ Namrata : It sure was awesome experience.. and I meant sumthing diff by who cares… other girls also pointed this out.. So read the edited version… 😛

    @ Karan : Second your statement…

    @ Utkarsh : Ya it sure does.. Now i am friends with many people while we nevr even talked much b4.. thanx to Felicity…

    @ Jadu : Thanx a lot man. But it was u guys and 1st years who did the work and made it happen… Than to u ppl!!!

    @ Prateek : That aws sumthing we had already done.. We stood on the stage with that banner for some time.. But i thnk you would havenjoyed it more in the “Circle of Friendsip”

  6. I can agree no less with all you guys…. we will carry that moment of celebration to our graves [:)] ….. felicity really did the job of bringing people together….. and that was what it set out for…..

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