A – Z tag!!

Ankit Garg tagged me before Felicity and since I have always loved Tag Posts.. so “Here I am, this is me.. there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be” ok move on Bryan Adams… 🙂

A – Age : 20 (will be 21 and marriage material in 2 months)

B – Band listening to right now: U2 (for the first time i listened to U2 and have been listening the song With or without for a few hours now)

C – Career : No idea where it is going…

D – Drink or Smoke : Mummy ne padh liya to.. Isliye no comments.. 😛

E – Easiest Friends to talk to : Ankita

F – Funniest Moments of Your life : Many of them.. My life has been a tale of jokes.. Can’t write any one (Main baat hai koi yaad hi nahin aa raha abhi.. 😛 )

G – Gummy bears or gummy worms : Gummy bears… Brings back memories of childhood when I used to watch this series on Disney Hour

H – Have a boyfriend/girlfriend : Girlfriend -> No but looking for one…
                                                  Boyfriend -> Not my interest

I – In Love : Yes… Hmmmmm!!!!

J – Junk Food you like : Pizzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa….

K – Kids : Love them but not interested in having mine yet..

L – Longest ride ever : By Train – >Dehradun to hyd(distance and time wise).. which I undertake twice or thrice a year.. :X
                                      By Car -> Uttarkashi to Agra in 16 straight hours.. Check out the maps to see how far they are.. If you dont have any idea of the names…

M – Man/Woman you love the most : Can’t disclose

N – Name for your kids : Boy – Hitler, Girl – ??? (socha nahin.. )

O – One wish you have now : One is very less…  I want more.. Waise have one in mind.. but main nahin bataunga.. 😛

P – Phobias : Closed Spaces.. Now i am not gonna look for its name…. sum claustrophobia i guess.. pardon me if i am wrong..

Q – Quote(favourite) : “No one dies Virgin, Life fucks us all”
                                   “Mr Chamberlain takes weekend in Country, I will take countries in weekends” – Adlf Hitler

R – Reasons to smile : Many.. You can always find me laughing… thats why this blog was once named.. The Ever smiling

S – Sleeping hours : 4 – 9:30 AM & 2 – 5 or 6 or7 PM

T- Time you woke up : 5:50 PM

U – Unknown fact about you : There is nothing in my life which only I know of… I just keep telling things to people…

V – Vegetable you hate : Lauki, torai, tinde, karele

W – Worst Habit : Laziness, Carelessness, Casual attitude, Constant blabbering, Passing comments, Nail biting …. many of them, you say it n I have it

X – X-rays you’ve had : Head, Chest

Y – Yummy Food : Maggi, Aloo ke paranthe, Namkeen Senwai, Pizza

Z – Zodiac Sign : Tauras

I tag….

Utkarsh, Kunal, Rakesh – Nevr met you ppl but known you through your blogs so wud like to know more

Mythalez – This would make it 2 tag posts in succession for you..

Kritika – If you read my blog.Hope you will make your blog public someday…I always forget the link…

Kharkwal   Something to post on for u and it better be sumthing mortals like me can understand

Pagare, Deepti – Come on guys come back to the blogosphere.. It is waiting for you…

Guess have tagged a lot of them now….

Song of The Day – With or without you by U2
          & Chhup Chhup ke from Bunty aur Babli

PS1:- Saw the Beatles Movie  “A Hard Day’s Night” Thanx wulfor for downloading it… They are just freaking awesome
PS2:- This is why I love tag posts.. Get over in a jiffy
PS3:- I just wish atleast some of the ppl I have tagged do post sumthing
PS4:- I have 2 exams on wednesday and here i am busy writing a post at 5 am tuesday morning after watching the Beatles movie..
PS5:- I got to get 5 PSes and I got them with this one.. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A – Z tag!!

  1. Bhalu’s kid Hitler.. Rofl. Name the other kid Pot Pol if he’s born 😛

    So finally you’ve paid heed to what I say.. U2 rocks bro! They’r freakin awesome 🙂

  2. ur baby “hitler” :O y dont u name ur girl child “hitlery” 😀 (dont beat me for this one)…. btw not fuckin borin as maroo’s …. nice time pass to read it ….. keep blogging

  3. @ Karan : No Pot Pol.. I like Hitler not Pot Pol.. Ya U2 is good but Beatles still rule the roost..

    @ Maruti: Question demanded so dude!!

    @ _shift : why do u have 2 blogs?? Its confusing… and can u tell us about the significance of this name..

    @ Vipul : Sudhar ja budhhe.. Well thanx.. thats what I told maroo also…

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