Childhood & Cribbing

A friend of mine has a status message on gtalk …“when u r a little kid u r a little bit of evth…artist,scientist,athlete,scholar. sometimes it feels like growing up is a process of giving all those things up one by one. i think we all have one thing that we regret giving up,one thing we miss that we gave up coz we were too lazy, we cudnt stick it up or coz we were afraid”.
Very beautiful indeed. He told me these lines were from the tv show Wonder Years!! (one more reason to watch WOnder Years but damn nobody has it in our college.. 😦 ).. Well coming to the point of childhood.. Each and everywhere childhood is glorified as something which is above all…
Agreed nothing in this world can match the pure simplicity of a child and his smile but constant cribbing about childhood (mind you I do it on many occassions). We all keep cribbing and wanting to be children many times but to what extent is this correct!!! Were we all happy and gay when we were children ?? Didnt we use to yearn for the freedom and the respect a grown up gets. As children we didnt have all these tensions and crisis we encounter now but somehow the life at this stage is also enjoyable. Why dont we see the half full side of life and enjoy the benefits of our age instead of complaining for ever for the lack of innocence.
Why do we human beings always have to be complaining?? Why is it basic human nature to be nevr satisfied with what you’ve got??
Don’t expect me to defend anything and you are more than welcome to flame me. I wont mind.. I myself keep wanting to be a child again.. but I am just pissed off with this tendency of ours of remembring happy memories of past and trying to be that again. We never recount the sad and terrible things which happend back then and just keep blaming our past. When we are in school we always keep thinking of the times when we were toddlers and had no tensions of studies or anything.
We just keep cribbing.

Song of the day – Another one bites the dust (Queen)

PS1:- Am changing my gtalk status quite a lot these days.. 😛
PS2:- Am bored… outing anyone??? 😦
PS3:- How do you react when your younger sis who was born b4 ur very eyes comes and tell you about her V-Day escapades :S I am confused.. 🙂
PS4:- This must be one of my shortest posts
PS5:- Another post in the queue… Guess I am back to form
PS6:- Dhoni and even the big monkey(Symonds :P) will get more than Sachin in IPL.. Can it be any more strange????

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14 thoughts on “Childhood & Cribbing

  1. —“We never recount the sad and terrible things which happened back then and just keep blaming our past.”

    Actually we do ..( at least I do ).. but even I’m trying to getting rid of this prob..hope soon I’ll keep my past aside and improve my present..!!

    Btw psychological facts .. in a day we should think about past(5%) , future ( 20%) and present ( rest of time)… !!

  2. nobody’s complaining dude…though i really wanna go bck in childhood but this quote is not really abt childhood
    its abt evth tht u cud hv been but for lack of effort or belief
    its abt the streets we hv never walked on,the windows we have never opened,the hands we hv never held,the love that we hv never made, dreams we shall never never see again

  3. its human nature dude , to appreciate and miss things once they loose them . no ones fault.

    btw good post and i wish keep producing such things i thought i was going to get vella again but u r such a nice friend 😀

    ps: A comment on ur post after a long long time.

  4. @ Atul : Abt the facts.. do u do so.. I just laze around thinking about nothing.. 😛

    @ Karan : Don’t be hapy with present but dont keep yearning to go to past…

    @ Sushant : It says growing up is giving up all those things one by one.. Why doesnt it say things like this… When you are young.. u r a little bit of other things.. You are a student, a worker, a manager, a lover(not me yet though 😛 ), a friend, a support for someone why arent such things counted and told and only chldhood glorified…

    @ Shrikant: Ya thats why i am questioning the human nature..

    @ Kulbir : First of all where did Gen Bordeaux go??? and I dont have any desire to get flamed but wouldnt mind it.. Is the right way u r talking abt DF?? I didnt get you.. 🙂

  5. You had the idea .. but somehow u didnt finish it off in a rite way … I expected it to be lot better … but as always keep bloggin !!!

    PS1:- Am changing my gtalk status quite a lot these days.

    wtf ??? … people will start expecting PS’s like “I brush daily” 😛

  6. @ Maruti : Ya know that.. two things cntributed in this.. first a interruption which borke my chain of thoughts and second even though I am saying all this.. I can’t argue against wishing to live life like the happy moments of past…
    About that PS.. I thought it is a diff thing.. so wrote it.. 🙂

  7. himank darling,its perhaps the hard promise u took from me that m forced to write u a response!!trust me people, i had no interest,watsoevr in entering the blog world..
    guess m givin it up coz m too lazy!!:P
    life is too short to b sorry abt anything….though sweet memories r worth cherishing…
    i might miss childhood but i nvr wanna go thru those fckin boards again!!
    i might hv not done things in d past..n m not doing many evn today..
    gosh!! i hv loads piling up for me to complain in my old dayz:)
    ps:dont blame me if i cant b serious!!:P

  8. Good Post!
    A child can be a great source of learning. If we observe a child’s behavior then we find that he
    1. Loves everybody unconditionally. Doesn’t differentiate between people, and shows the feeling of indifferentiation.
    2. Questions on everything. Wants to know the entire existence.
    3. Speaks just the Truth.
    4. Is fearless, because he Trusts everybody unconditionally.
    5. Uncomplicated and Simple.

    The only problem which I see with us is, we are not aware of what we naturally like. If we violate our natural and inherent desire then it gives us unhappiness. If we are able to live in accordance with our natural desire and are happy with it then there can not be anything better than that.

    @Karan: If I am happy with my present then it doesn’t imply that I do not have anything to live for! I will have to work to maintain the continuity of that happiness. I might be happy in present state but might do something wrong (without being aware of its being wrong) which can make me unhappy the next moment. I do not just want to be happy, but I also want the certainty, consistency and continuity of my happiness.

  9. i m not using my pc since days … its a borrowed lappy … so laziness to login to wordpress resulted in loss of gen bordeaux … u got the place … but mailing lists is also the alternative for getting flamed 🙂

  10. @ Shivangi : You atleast fulfilled your promise.. thats enough for me.. 🙂

    @ Devansh : Thats all correct but nobdy wants to be a child again for these things.. Ppl want to be children to experience the freedom from the tensions which we have now while not thinking of battling these things and coming out on tops

    @ Kulbir : Hmm.. chal pardoned you.. Yaar UG3 pe ek baar BC karne ke bad itni galiyan khayi hain… dobara kiya to log khoon kar denge.. 😛

    @ Ankit : Was thinking on the same lines when was writing “THE” line… 😀

  11. Probably I was a bit abstract in what I said. I did not say one should become a child for those reasons. I just wanted to draw our attention towards the natural desire which when is violated causes unhappiness. Probably explanation of this word “natural” requires a complete one day discussion.
    I do not want to revert back and become a child but I want to understand what causes happiness to a child.

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