Places I would love to Visit!!

For a long long time, I have been thinking of writing this post and since I am on a post writing spree these days so I thought what better time to write this post. I think everybody has the fascination of going to new countries and being places where they havent ever been, so here I am with a list of few places which I would like to visit given I have enough money and time to be there and enjoy.
So here I am with the list..

Going in alphabetic order.

1) Germany :- My obsession with this country starts with none other than Hiter. Since then I have always loved this country so much that if I were to ask the name of the country I would want to live in except India then my answer would sure be Germany. I have no specific reasons to like Germany, I know no famous person from the country. I don’t know of any scenic place I would like to visit if I go there. But sometimes you don’t have reasons, you just like something and this is one of them. One thing about Germany which I have heard is the “Beer Festival” would sure love to be there once.

2) Japan :- Now here is one place for which I have a reason I can say for liking it. I have heard so many stories about the technological advancement of the country. I wanna see how technically advanced the people are, I wanna experience the power of Japanese technology first hand. Have heard the stories of platforms which move with the train and all such insane stuff so just wanna see it for my eyes. Btw have heard that the place is damn expensive so wouldnt want to live there much, but ya would like to be there once.

3) Venice :- This place just seems to be so different from the rest of the world, a place where gondoal and not cars is the mode of transposrt. Would love to spend a romantic event on the waters sitting in a boat with my beloved. Whenever I think of Venice the image of Amitabh Bachhan & Zeenat Aman (i guess) from the song “Do Lafzon ki hai Dil ki kahani ” from the film Great Gambler flash before my eyes. It looks such a romantic setting, a guy rowing the boat and you sitting there.

4) Paris :- Romance capital of the World, never got any feeling about it but have heard so much about the place so I guess it sure could be worth a try.. Don’t u thinK???


4) South America :- With the rich culture and the hot ladies,this portion of earth also attracts me a lot.. Would sure love to witness the Rio Carinval… 😛

Places which are generally in the list of people but I don’t care much about visiting

1) Switzerland :- The place supposed to be one of the most beautiful on the face of earth and blah blah.. But all these things and descriptions have never attracted me, I guess we have enough scenic beauty in our own mother land to go searching for it any other place.
गर फिर्दौसे बरुए ज़मीनस तो हमीनस तो हमीनस तो हमीनस
(If there is heaven any where on earth, then it is here), these lines about Kashmir which always come to my mind when I think of Switzerland and its beauty. I myself have lived in hilly area enough to be attracted to such beauty..

2) USA – “THE” destination in the world, but somehow the feeling I get of US is very crude. I can never think of it as being culturally rich and pleasing to heart and soul. Mention of US and the things which strike me are “Money”, “War”. A dream destination for study and all but would not be much interested in going there in a holiday.

Song of the Day:- My Back Pages (Beatles)

PS1:- This baby is now 150 posts old .. So comment people comment and make this post memorable for me…Please, its a request… 🙂
PS2:- For the first time in this sem, seems like Acads is also something I have to work for.
PS3:- Its getting hot in Hyderabad and this is only late Feb.. 😦
PS4:- I have got my SE presentation on Monday, I have my BTP work, 2 course projects and am thinking to start studying for MS interview and I am busy writing posts daily.
PS5:- Procrastination roxxx..
PS6:- Roadies 5.0 :O What the hell man?? Do such girls exist in India?? Btw Raghu roxx… He is harsh but thoroughly entertaining..
PS7:- My room is a mess.. Its the dirtiest its ever been and Maroo comes to my room and says it’s not that bad man.. Its all relative 😛
PS8:- People thank me for providing you with stuff to overcome your boredom. A post a day keeps your boredom away.
PS9:- Wanna write a pot flaming some particular person, the type which some people of our batch write, there are a few candidates too.. *evil grin*

Edit: PS10:- I dunno what the hell is the problem with wordpress.. It doesnt keep newline after my PSes.. 😦

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15 thoughts on “Places I would love to Visit!!

  1. hmm ..
    Germany: beer is good .. so beer festival will be good 😛 … but as about seeing it or the experience … I dint find it anywhere extraordinary 😛

    Japan: Now, this is a worthy choice .. u ll be amazed at how technology is present in every small thing .. it is very expensive .. but if u live there .. u wud earn similarly too 😛 and the ppl r jus too too helpful

    Venice: havent been there .. but the lil bit of Italy I have seen makes it very entertaining .. must visit place surely

    Paris: it wont be anything like ur expectations … but some places r too awesome (along the Seine) though the romance part doesnt come across (maybe it would had I gone with a u-knw.. )

    SA: makes to my visit list too .. though not much of brazil but the rest of it like Peru, Chile and Argentine

    Swiss: It is indeed like Kashmir .. jus more cleaner, developed and safer. and very very pretty and comfortable .. awesome treat for the eyes.

    US: am sure its just blah .. 😀 (havent been here)

    (was basically tryin to boast that I visited all the countries u listed except Americas :D)

  2. i’ve been to Singapore during the summer of 2001. Even though it’s smaller than hyderabad it was amazing and i had a wonderful time. It was after that trip that i decided to explore some of the greatest places around the world (ofcourse, only when i have enough cash).

    My list goes like this –
    Dubai, New Zealand, Germany, France, Canada, New York, California and all the Scandinavian countries.

    may be i’ll visit all these places for my honeymoon 😉

  3. yaar i think this post was a bit bore 😀
    u can do better and yeah write the flaming post
    wanna see the response 😉

    and about visiting places since i havent been seen much of india itself so i would first visit places in india if it is planned and then of course try other things too

  4. Vienna.. and my heart leaps.. My mind begins to imagine Mozart and Beethoven and all those greats playing some of their finest compositions, taking turns….

  5. The whole of Europe, Mexico, Amazon Basin and Egypt for me 🙂 …… I unlike other people found the post interesting…. and yeah congrats on the achieving the feat of 150 posts!!!

  6. i don’t believe that people haven’t seen their country and planning to visit other countries.. i believe that one should have the taste of his own country before going to the other…
    i mean if u wanna see swiz go to kashmir first…

  7. @ pagare : Heard bout it.. but nt interested.. 😐

    @ Kulbir: Will try to do it man.. 🙂

    @ Karan: Thanx be.. 🙂

    @ Chand : Maroo.. 😦 Not that interesting.. 😛

    @ Mythalez: Germany – don’t have much expectations just a feel and ofcourse beer fest.. and about Paris also I was undecided whether to put it or not..

    @ Bhargav: Quite a long and expensive honeymoon u r planning.. 😀

    @ Shrikant :hmmm…

    @ Bharat : Never knew you were so much into music… 😛

    @ Sushant: Sure dude.. 😀

    @ Pankaj: Thanx a lot man.. Egypt.. Interesting choice..

    @ xyz: I don’t feel this is necessary its jus upto you where u wanna go..

    @ Kiran : Seoul.. I will c!!

    @ Karan, Namrata, Shrikant, Rahul : Flaming.. Wont write it ryt now.. It will be too obvious.. Some time later I guess.. 😉

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