Languid list..

Jawahar Lal Nehru once said “Aaram Haram hai” and many more people must have said a million bad things about laziness but I think there is no more pleasurable thing then being pure lazy, there is nothing better than the leisure of laziness. The comfort, pleasure and satisfaction you get by being just pure lazy and postponing your work is second to none.

So here is a list of things which I would like to change in my life to satisfy my laziness…

1) I want a bike – Its such a pain in ass going to classes 6 times a week walking about a km. It wud be cool to start a bike and reach main building

2) Location of water cooler – I think its position should keep changing in front of all the wings for some time.. Why shud guys from 2 wings have the comfort of having it nearest to their wing

3) OBH location – OBH should be shifted near the main gate.. Its so tiring coming after having a sutt and then having to walk all the way to end of IIIT to reach OBH and then climb stairs for two floors to reach my room.

4) CAT coaching – We should have preferred CL over TIME coz it was ready to provide coaching in Indira Nagar instead of bloody Mehdipatnam where we have to go now, where btw I don’t go kaun uthe sala itni subah 😦 .

5) Attached Bathroom – Why the hell do girls of IIIT have attached bathrooms in their hostels and we guys have to walk so much to use the basic facility. 😦 We should also have attached bathrooms.

Song of The Day :- The times they are A-changing by Bob Dylan

PS1:- Most people won’t know but Bob Dylan has been nominated many times for Noble proze in literature
PS2:- Started watching Wonder Years.. Its WONDERFULLLLLL
PS3:- Indian colts doing quite well in Under 19, Cricket World Cup.. They need 206 to reach the finals.. Go India go..
PS4:- One interesting thing in this world cup is that the group leaders were all Asian Teams viz India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and rather surprisingly Bangladesh, dunno what happens at senior level
PS5:- Water cooler of new OBHEB near our wing started working.. Wish 2 fulfilled to an extent… 🙂 Guess somebody up there is listening to me.

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14 thoughts on “Languid list..

  1. I totally agree with the last point.. Its such a pain in the ass to walk such a distance when you gotcha pee.
    Waise dude, once you get up- what difference it makes to whether the coaching center is in I nagar or M’pnam 😛

  2. completely true …. nowadayz me too enjoying the pleasure and comfort of laziness and i must say its awesome 😛 that i now realised wht i was missing earlier 😀
    i totally agree with u in every point xcept the CAT one as i dont go to CAT coaching 😛
    i just want to add 1 more point – it wud b very nice if the canteen and coffeeshop ppl start room service as its very tiring to go so far from my room and if the OBH shop guy also does so it wud be like a cherry on the cake 😀 … wht say guyz

  3. @ Karan : “Whats the difference??” :O Don’t give me this.. It would have taken 5 mins to go to and come form Indira Nagar while it takes close to half an hour in case of M’patnam and that too in fucking crowded buses..

    @ Bordeaux : How is bandwidth connected to being lazy?? :O Didn’t get u!!

    @ Prateek : One floor below also does the trick for me..

    @ Piyush : Which world r u living in?? Its been ages since I learnt driving bike.. Last week i drove in Park Lane.. I guess that gives me enough credence as a driver..

    @ Insanity : How am i supposed to reply to this??

    @ Vipul : That will screw us financially man!!

  4. totally agree with what you’ve said in the 1st para. everything i need has been covered in your post and comments.

    well, there’s one more thing i need the most – no attendance. i would be so happy, it would be so cool…it would sorta be like dropping out of college and still getting the B.Tech degree

  5. Dude.. The main problem’s getting your ass of the bed and hostel.. Once you do that, distance isint much of an issue.
    Since when did buses in the morning start becoming crowded :O

    water cooler one… :O lol!!
    i agree with attached bathroom one

    one more thing
    I know this cant be true but if possible
    IIIT should have Air Conditioned hostels…

  7. @ Bhargava : Abe jaan lega kya!! Waise hi v hav so less classes.. 😛

    @ Bordeuax: That needs some thinking 😛

    @ Karan : I think you have forgotten the many rides back we take frm m’patnam!!

    @ Ankit : Thats some thinking you did!! 😀

    @ Kiran : Guess they are the universal needs for lazy ppl..

    @ Prashant : “AC “.. this is not a lazy mind speaking.. this is a “shaitan bachha” craving for luxury..
    Kyun shaitan bachhe!! 😛

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