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Sushant, a friend of mine recently wrote a post about anarchism and a lot of other things, after reading it, a conversation ensued between us and there arose the issue of “Country” the definition of it.

Made me ponder!! How do you define country? Why do you call a country your own?? What is the boundary of a country??

Answer to the second question is very simple, the place where you are born is generally the country (or you can also call it mother land or ‘matra bhumi’ for us Indians), sometimes people move to different countries and take the citizenship of that place, pretty simple procedure, live in the place for sometime pass some tests and tada.. You are a citizen of the new country, but does it make that country yours. Is it so easy to lose your association with a place which you have been calling yours for so many years, proudly proclaiming it as your mother land.

Another question which arose in the discussion was that of patriotism. Is patriotism directed towards a government or a ruler or towards the Country? Common answer will sure be country who ever gives a hell to the government and my answer was the same and is still the same according to me country is the basic thing which is the entity while Govt is the rulers which are entitled the responsibility to maintain the good will of people living in that particular region which is the country, but he had another view….

According to him, Country is just the region where your Govt rules and nothing more, you certainly can’t deny this line of thought too. After all how is the boundary of a nation decided, it is never decided on the basis of a landscape or the people, it is the area which is under the rule of the Govt of that particular place (Or is it vice-versa?? I am certainly in a soup here, not able to decide). To, this I have a counter argument, we have Govt at every level in a country but the area under each level of Govt is not called a country so why should the definition of a country be defined by the ruler but where ever it is a country the ruling body is the Govt however small or big the country might be.

Here we can have two terms as Wikipedia describes them, a state and a nation, perhaps the two definitions which we have been using satisfy different entities, State is a political entity in which case I guess a state is defined by the Govt and will satisfy the definition provided by my friend while Nation is a cultural entity and in this case I think my definition applies to a nation in which Country is the defining unit and the Govt comes after it.

So I think here the main issue is that which under which category does a “Country” fall… Is it a State or is it a Nation??? If you can give an answer to this then the answer to the above question is also the same, though I don’t think this is simple, whatever points you give in support of one option, the other can come up with some counter points to the same.

Song of the Day – : There are places I remember (Beatles)

PS1:- Cary Grant is the baaap of comedy… You gotta see his movies like His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth to see how comedy can be induced without being slapstick!!
PS2:- “Wonder Years” gotta write a post on this show… How can they play with emotions so easily, each episode of the show reminds you of something of your childhood
PS3:- Alas I couldn’t reach 10 posts this month, which is my highest ever for a single month and have achieved it three times till now.
PS4:- Have 3 projects to work on and I am doing nothing save writing these posts and lamenting here.
PS5:- For reasons unknown to me, I start to feel sleepy at about 12 or 1 and this is very very early for me. Guess I will sleep now and its only 1:35 now!!
PS6:- To my own admission I havn’t gone into details of all the things but these are some of the thoughts which came to my mind and just started jotting them down.

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10 thoughts on “Country & Government

  1. If we think in terms that nation(cultural entity) emerges from a single or set ‘society'(root entity, formed by shared/contrary beliefs and mutual co-operation) and state/country(political entity) emerges from nation…

    Our patriotism will also be relative to survival of ‘society’, if state/nation is against the norms of society we belong to, we will be against them.

  2. country is a political entity arising out of cultural identity 😛
    and generally what binds a country together is the history I think ..
    btw since u refer to ur friend’s post .. shudnt u be linking to it 😛

  3. @ Sukesh : Here by state you are referring to the Govt effectively coz Nation being an inamite thing can’t be against any norm.. Which can mean that the country doesnt have any effects on our lives, its just we and a subset of us who are rulers which affect the country and us too…

    @ Mythalez : I had meant to do that but forgot while posting but have done it now.. Waise this post is not much related to his post but the conversation we had after I commented on it…. 🙂

  4. In my opinion
    Country is nothing but a geographical boundary made by human beings. I won’t mind considering entire existence as my country, in fact everybody’s country.
    Patriotism is nothing but the feeling of responsibility in me for myself, family, society, nature and entire existence.

  5. ok. first of all … u hv no idea of what i wrote. if u had any idea of what was written there u wont be writing all this blog but dont worry. give ur brain a few years and u might just get a bit of it. never mind…
    forget it i am not good at screwing people ( hope girls dont read this…i’ll die virgin ) . i m just writing a comment for the sake of it 🙂

  6. in nature there is nothing like country. there are no lines drawn on earth to differentiate between people. the concept of country comes when there is concept of power, the concept of someone ruling many(government or anarchy).
    the concept of place of birth is not too strong. if u were born before 1947 will the area under pakistan be ur country? if some more divisions happen of india in future, then which part of it will be ur country?

  7. @ Devansh : You are talk ing of a hypothetical situation . What you would have done if? How will you define your country now that is the point

    @ Sushant: Dude I already mentioned this post is not related to your post, this is related to the conversation we had… Hope you understand

    @ Maruti : Went through your archive.. Maxm legth 2 paragraphs and almost all of those posts were copy paste some code.. You can’t compare the two

    @ Harsh : What I can make of your comment is that government is the basic entity and country comes later. I hope I am right 🙂 About the division I dunno, I too have thought about it but can’t decide.. But if we see the case of the new states that were formed in 2000… People consider themselves of the new state and have forgot the old name, but me living in Uttaranchal still feel it as part of UP.. Dunno what I a supposed to make of it…

  8. well i dont want to use the word government, because even that is also something very fluid. i wud rather use the word family. we are born in a family and that stays no matter which part of world we migrate to. for only happens is that family expands. new members add into it, but it never reduces/dissipates/dissolves.

  9. @ Harsh: Your idea seems quite interesting but rather hard to follow.. Family and all is fine.. But you need a ruler in the country who can come down with a hard hand when need be… This all seems just too idealistic to me.. Not possible in this day and time atleast!!

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