Hyderabad Bloggers Meet!!

Attended the Hyderabad Bloggers meet today and I think it wouldn’t be fitting if I don’t write a blog post about the blogger meet, I think it was a good thing on the part of the indiblogger team to organize the event and would like to thank them for the opportunity provided by them for the bloggers of Hyderabad to come and meet each other.
Now coming to the meet, I think one minute to fame was a good idea (people were made to introduce their blog themselves) but instead of making people write the blog links on the board, one thing they could have done was make people write them on the system and then upload these links on the indiblogger site which would have been a good thing as now I don’t have any of the links of the people though I would have liked to visit the blogs of some of those people.
After that we had the dinner, the pizzas were ok… Well I always dig for pizza, so it was a great thing but had expected a better dinner from MS. The play by the team was nice, a nice little piece obviously you wont expect a full drawn play.
The comment part was good where they read some interesting comments from blogs of the people and it was more special coz a comment from my post was read and I was required to do the IndiBlogger Jig.. Comments of 4 of the IIITians were read.. 😀 , thanx Rama Sir for the comment 🙂 . This was real good thing on the part of the team going through so many blogs and reading comments, goes on to show how much they are interested in this thing.. “Hats off to you guys”

The Live Writer presentation was a big let down, the lady was telling things as if we were some beginners who didn’t know how to use computer and all. Most of the people there were from Software Field and must have felt the same irritation as me. Another thing is I didn’t find it much useful, I think publishing through Flock is much better than using Live Writer. I dont know which Microsoft hater gave the comment that It is the best product in market.. Many things are not there in it. Like the facility to edit posts and choose categories though would say it is visually good as all MS products are 😛

One thing I didn’t understand these guys will be mailing us the Indiblogger t-shirts. I mean if they would have given the t-shirts right in the meeting itself, it would have saved them a lot of cost of mailing them to us (which I hope they do). I think they must be having some problems of their own, they might not be having them in proper supply or something like that or there might be some official hassle. But guys if you read this then please mail those t-shirts, I am dying to wear one of those. Being a blogger is part of my identity which I am proud of and a t-shirt celebrating that. There can’t be anything better than this….

All said and done, I want these meets to be a monthy affair, we should get more chance to interact with other bloggers of the city. 🙂 Hope the guys listen to me….

Once again Thanx Indiblogger Team for organizing the meet. Cheers to the team!! 🙂

Song of the Day – : The Times they are A-Changing & A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall By Bob Dylan

PS1:- Its getting really hot in here.. What the hell
PS2:- We had R&D showcase this Friday and Saturday
PS3:- One of the things I have observed is the same poster is being used for R&D for last three years, it was made 7 from 6 last year which was converted to 8 this year.
PS4:- Somehow I am abuzz with ideas for blogging these days, dunno what happened but it sure is good.
PS5:- I love writing on MS Word that’s why write the posts on word these days instead of Notepad.

PS6:- By the way IIITians were a force to reckon in the meet.. too many of us were there to the surprise of many.. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Hyderabad Bloggers Meet!!

  1. The meeting was indeed good. Got a chance to interact and know about a lot of different people and their different blogs… Eagerly looking forward to next Hyderabad Blogger’s meet! 🙂

  2. Windows Live Writer can edit posts–you just hit the Open button on the toolbar, and select your weblog on the left.

    We also have great support for WordPress categories–just hit the “Set Categories” control at the bottom of the editor.

    Hope that helps–feel free to ping me with further questions!

  3. You can use “blogjet” for posting. Its much better than any other desktop clients..Plus it supports direct uploads as well as automatic ftp uploads for most services out there.

  4. Dear Himank,

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  5. Hello! Himank & fellow Hyderabad Bloggers

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    Being a blogger, I am keen to seek your views for my write up. The same would give u an opportunity to present your views and express your suggestions.

    My article deals with as to how BLOGGING has become so popular in city and what makes it tick? How it can be used to spread the message of a better Hyderabad.
    Hope u would take the opportunity and present your views. Pls take some time off and E MAIL back your views on the same.

    CONTACT ME at brnugget_6@yahoo.com soon (It’s very very urgent)

    Waiting to hear from all Hyderabad bloggers

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