I can understand what the first thoughts must have come into your filthy minds… but alas my filthy friends, this is a post about a thing (or relation) called Best Friend. Supposed to be one of the best gift you can find in your life.
Many a times when the term best friend is referred it is referred to as only one person, there is a set notion that generally best friend is only one person I have a set of people which I keep in the category of best friends, though some of them are more close to me, some a bit less but they stand out when it comes to the friends I have had in my life and this post is my dedication to all those lovely and nice friends I have had in my life.
Some of them are long lost, after all how good friends you are, distances and time tend to take their toll on your relation and when you aren’t in contact for something like 4-5 years then even the wonderful times you spent together just pass on like some faded memories which you forget after some time. Sometimes I recollect some of the times I spent with my friends of the yore but generally they don’t fit in my scheme of things and the same must be for them. They have moved on, I have moved on, nothing much to say about that.
You just don’t become best friends like that, there are moments when you realize that the other person holds you in high regard and considers you as one of the friends of life and the moments like this are surely worth anything you can do. I feel that in a good friendship you need to realize the other person how important that person is for you and I cant think of any person who will not be beaming in proud when he realized that you consider him/her a very special friend.. and its not about going public saying you are my best buddy (We should leave this to the love birds 😛 ) but some subtle hints to the person to assure you that you consider him/her dear to your heart.. the manner of expressing this should be your own and I think if the person is a dear one, he will sure understand what you intend to say.
But one thing I would say, generally people say this about love that you should express your love but I think you should also do the same with your friends because at one level Friendship is even more important than love. So three cheers to friendship!!
In the end I would just like to mention the first letter of the names of the friends who were or are the most important friends of my life.. They are in no particular order.. btw have used the more common alphabet of their names.. So don’t kill me if you think you ought to be here and you aren’t.
and ya one more, my Sis!!!
Some of these are very close to my heart, some I have no idea what they are doing or where they are. Some of them are too irritating now. Some of them I have utmost respect and friendship but just that things are not the same… but they are parts of my life which I will never be able to forget come what may. Miss you guys and wish I keep meeting you more and more.

Song Of The Day : – Yun Hi Hum Tumse Pyar (Khakee)

PS1:- My project work includes reading stories.. Nw beat that!! 😛
PS2:- Had one of the most unforgettable treat this Sunday.. 😛
PS3:- Patched up with a friend today.. after about a month… Misunderstanding and thanx to another friend of mine who made me talk
PS4:- This post was written when one of my very good friend was very angry with me.. and this is not the one I ranted about in previous PS
PS5:- My exams starting on 29th and finishing on 31st with a holiday in between.. Nw this is life my friend!! 😀
PS6:- Sachin screwed Australia in a final and that too while chasing.. “up your collective arses, you critics” as Aniket put it.. 😛
PS7:- Watched His Girl Friday again and enjoyed it like the first time.. Cary Grant is ruddy awesome!!

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6 thoughts on “BF

  1. nice way to propose haan 😀
    saale pura naam likh de warna mujhe fir se insomnia ho jaayega 😉
    bhagwaan tumhari post likhane ke rate ko din duna aur raat chauguna badhaye 🙂
    ab tak to tu samajh hi gaya hoga ki main mazak ke mood me hoon aur bahut hi acha mazak kar leta hoon main [aur khud hi hans bhi leta hoon]
    keep going kahane ke baad kuch bolunga nahi warna fir tu bolega ka ki bolta hai 😛

  2. nice one 🙂 …. this was another one of ur type 😛 plz dont write posts like that country one … it doesnt suits u 😀

  3. Yea.. I agree with Vipul.
    Don’t have anything else to say except one thing. If you have a feeling for someone.. Not in the sexual way of course, just say it out. It really makes the opposite person’s day. 🙂

  4. The first thing that crossed my mind was “boy friend” (and thereby gay) when i read the title

    Guess blue film would have been a much better and cleaner thought 🙂

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