A day changes your life.. your existence

You are all alone in a strange and deserted place and the last rays of hope in the form of sunlight is dwindling fast and the darkness which is ensuing is not which can be pierced with the rays of the sun which will come on a new morning to make you life again filled with sunshine. It is just a all pervading darkness starting with engulfing your senses in the dark and then it just keeps moving from there and makes you lose each and everything you have. The happiness inside you is lost and an excess of pain, fear and hurt is there which can go on for as long as you live. The paucity of happiness can just seem an understatement.

All the happiness inside of you can be drawn out in an instant, a mistake you commit can be the source of constant pain and loneliness for the centuries to which your life less life will continue to subsist without any moments of pleasure. The outcome of a single thing can be everything in your life.

Each and every sinew in your body can be crying in pain and exhaustion though the only pain you have is in your mind and your body is just experiencing hours of rest, with the mind doing all the work. The feelings of your mind affect the condition of each and every muscle in your body, the pain when divided over each and every part of your body instead of decreasing just increases multi-folds. A searing pain flowing through your veins in place of blood which you used to have.

The discovery that pain can be so bloody painful is just a new lesson you can learn once in a while. You would never think that one action of yours can be an agent of such a big change in your life. A life can be overturned in just one event. You can be left to contemplate the effects of a thing.

But somehow you feel the justice is done, may be the end should have been this way. May be things had to be this way for something more important and more powerful than you to stay. The reason you are far far away from every body and everything is because you don’t deserve to be near anything which can give you pleasure, the share of happiness of your life has been lost in one stroke. Some things can be just unpardonable in the scheme of things.

With all the things you can be just left to wonder whether there can be things more painful, can loneliness be more scathing. You can get numb after some time but is the stage too easy to reach wont you break down into pieces before the pain ceases to affect you. Is it the norm of the world to experience pain sans bounds, do you have to do it once in your lifetime to pass the test of being a human.

Or is there another solution, only thing which can be said is that things can sometimes be over hyped may be the pain is just another time of those countless times you have been hurt and somehow you just cant help but feel sorry for you and magnifying the pain… but then how do you explain the pain in each and every muscle, every part asking for rest and rest when provided seems to just ease you more into the thoughts thereby increasing the pain more and more.

Can you be this wrong, this immature, this foolish that you blow off everything just with a simple twitch, can things so important be holed down by so small actions or do actions sometimes outgrow the person who acts them out. A simple action can just blow away the life like leaves being blown away by a strong burst. Dont know who has the answers, not me for sure.

Had to blurt it out but am not in condition to talk it out so here is the solution.

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12 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Hmm … I have a solution …

    Remember the philosophy in the fight club movie ? 😛

    No situation in contemporary existence is worthy of such a high investment of thought … you just let it out whatever it is …excess energy,frustrapa,pain,etc., Get into a fight ,in simpler terms !

  2. as far as i can c … the bset solution is to just let it go and try to forget it as far as possible …. i knw its very hard but its in everyones benefit …. dunno whts there with u but whtever it is god bless u.. my best wishes with u 🙂

  3. Bhaion, behenon & some other deviyon, stop treating me like a leukemia patient.. Giving me your best wishes. Things are not as gory as I have pictured them in the post. Ya there is some thing which is bothering me but I just increased the pain part a 100 times to make this post a different read.. So now stop worrying.
    Had it been this serious I wouldnt have posted it here..

  4. hey himank ,
    sad that i just ‘lost’ a friend of mine . in a different way maybe. which inspired my latest two posts . some one i thought i knew – became a stranger – in a matter of minutes.
    so i can empathise with you , some what.
    I guess that’s how life is.
    It changes , not in a day – but in a matter of seconds.
    would spend some more time on your page …
    keep writing!

  5. waah himank. i must say its a coming-of-age blog.

    “You would never think that one action of yours can be an agent of such a big change in your life. A life can be overturned in just one event. You can be left to contemplate the effects of a thing.” . this is a basic fact that is very often to understand. the worse is when ur inaction causes the change.

    congrats on the blog

  6. @ Shrikant : 😛

    @ Chandni : Bad to hear that.. Some cheering up needed, wish they had some place where you could buy peace of mind and could remove some part of your mind

    @ Karan: _|_

    @ Sushant : If you really intend this.. Then I am pleased sans limits. It is quite sumthing coming from you. Thanx a lot.. 🙂
    Wish living life was as simple as blogging where you can erase sum parts which you never wanted to say.

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