Learning Process

Somehow, I think my shelf life is over when it comes to study. I don’t think that I can study further now, atleast not the mundane way the studies go in the college. Today I went to the class with firm determination of studying, I had a notebook and a pen in my hand and didn’t have any novel or any such distracting thing in my hand which could distract me from concentrating in the class but somehow after some time, I just couldn’t listen to my Professor whom I used to listen to with rapt attention when he used to teach us in 4th semester.

I sincerely don’t have any idea why engineering is kept a 4 year course in IIIT. We have already finished al our compulsory courses by the 5th semester and now it all just seems like a futile exercise. Why can’t we have the concept of internships or projects like they have in BITS. Instead what you are left to do is a bunch of bullshit courses which come under the category of Open Electives or HSSM courses which require nothing save mugging at the 11th hour and almost always are never gonna help you much in your future life , Come on how can a subject like Crop Rotation help me?? And I know much more about Indian Culture then which is taught in some crap course, name of which I don’t remember. Waise I havn’t taken any of these two courses.. 🙂

I don’t know whether my attention span has decreased because I am bored with studies in general or is it because of the things which are being taught to me. This may sound very clichéd because each and everybody complains about the same thing. Thing is I have always been a listener all my life, I have always secured good marks throughout my career but never studied anything at home, a day before exams I always used to think that I am gonna flunk but come the day of exam and answers automatically struck me, I didn’t have to work much and that was all coz I listened to the teacher. Nowadays this never happens, the case is always that I am sitting in my exam cursing myself that I cant remember that bloody thing which I studied last night.

It is quite possible that I am acting cynically, it might not actually be as gory as I am putting it. May be I need to put in some effort in studies but then the thing is I never needed to put in effort in studying my life. Even subjects like Bio & Geography which I used to detest somehow always seemed to fit in my brain and I never had problems listening to teachers. Even though I used to do time-pass with my friends in class, I could remember the things without much effort which surely is not the case now.

People say that studying is hard work and perspiration . I beg to differ, in my opinion learning can never be the result of hard work. Learning is the process of absorbing things in your mind which should be as phenomenon as effortless and simple as water being absorbed by any cloth. Hard work part should come when you want to excel and achieve expertise in any field. The basic process of learning should just be a seamless transition from one state of not knowing something to another state of knowing that thing, just as we become aware of our surroundings similarly studies should be the same thing , not something which you learn by force and pressure.

Hope somebody else too subscribes to my line of thinking.. Not just about not being able to study any more but about the process of learning.

Song of the Day:- Khwabon se nikal ke from Rama Rama Kya Hai by Alisha Chinai

PS1:- BTP Report submission tomorrow
PS2:- I haven’t met my advisor since last BTP Viva : ( I am gonna be screwed! Somebody do something about my lethargy!! 😦
PS3:- There are a lot of things going on right now.. What the hell man!!
PS4:- This post was written during a NLPA class which I was so determined to concentrate
PS5:- Three cheers to UG2K4 people for organizing these seminars a very noble incentive by you. Thanx a lot people… Cheers!!
PS6:- Somehow I seem to have forgotten the art of writing large no. of PSes and writing poetry and shers.. These things don’t come to my mind nowadays.. So strange it is.
PS7:- Almost two weeks of stay for UG4 guys before the exams start!! Will miss you guys, Will be strange not to see the faces you have been seeing for the last 3 years.
PS8:- Koi meri intern laga do!! 😛
PS9:- Now that I have reached 9, I will finish 10 PSes 😀
PS10:-These days many people of older generation are coming on Orkut.. Next post most probably will be on it. 😀

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6 thoughts on “Learning Process

  1. I agree with the point on becoming more lethargic. Things like Felicity have only added to it. And, at this point we dont care for grades any more. As for projects, dude.. We do have a BTP, but how many of us take it seriously?

    I totally disagree with your funda on learning. Without hardwork and dedication from your side, learning is a pain.

  2. learning can be easy and come naturally.
    but if it doesnt, then its ‘hardwork’ 😛

    and a course called crop rotation (shakes head at the unbelievable courses they keep generating there) wil be useful if u decide to start working in an area like IT for agriculture 😛

    and dude.. the last yr at iiit is purely for having fun and enjoying life … not for studying .. get ur priorities rite .. thers still time! 😛

  3. laga rah beta tu padhai me kuch kare ya na kare blogging mein PhD. zaroor poori ho jaegi teri 😛 … jis rate se tu blogs likh raha hai coll se nikalte nikalte hi poori ho jaegi 😀
    aur jo tune kaha ki teri school time mein bina padhe tere num aate the wo yahan bhi hota hai to itna ro kyun raha hai …. waise i agree wid u on lethargy part as i can see all of us are becoming more n more aalsi these days 🙂

  4. well i see there is definitely a point to the HSSM courses offered here and moreover it depends on your choice … i’ve taken courses like Literature, Social Entrepreneurship and Management, Globalization and Social Development… and i’ve found them all very interesting because i was interested in these streams… and about ‘learning’, i think as long as you are pursuing what you want to pursue, ‘learning’ is easy and interesting…. ‘lethargy’ can be temporary state when we are here in college and i guess up to a point, we can be ‘lethargic’ because now is the time….. i don’t think we will ever have this much of ‘vellah’ time 🙂

  5. @ Karan: To each his own.. I think so!! 🙂

    @ Mythalez: No doubt I am also gonna do that.. Whole heartedly enjoy myself.. but it just seems a waste from acdemic point… 😛

    @ Lifeandsuch : Well I am not critical as such but am bored of this setting. Want a change in my life and this frustration is not helping

    @ Vipul : PhD kash milti hoti blogging mein… 😛

    @ Pankaj : Well frankly speaking I didnt find any HSSM much interesting thats why I think HSSM should be done with or else they should be PCO with no grades.. 😉

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