Google : The Devil

Most of the people in this world agree on one thing, that Microsoft is the devil in Computers field but I beg to differ a bit, as far as I can think the real devil these days is not Microsoft (and this has got nothing to do with the fact that I have applied for Internship in MS… 😛 ) but a certain company called Google which is trying its best to screw our lives by two of its products viz Gtalk & Orkut. “Dazed and Confused” are you??? Lemme explain…
Until a few days ago, I used to think of gtalk and orkut as a gift of Google to mankind and nothing could have been better than orkut in uniting long lost friends and meeting new and interesting people. I have met many people from my school with whom I never talked much and now we are quite good friends but alas… then as the popularity of this Orkut started increasing, and parents log started to know about it and so on they started pooching about it and you had to tell them about it.
It all started one day when my cousin was showing my orkut photos to my mom and then there was a pic of me having flavoured hukka (mind you “flavoured”) and since the time my mom has seen that photo, she is always like ”Sunny beta tune kab se smoke karna shuru kar diya”, “Chhod de beta please” and I am like “WTF ORKUT!!” and that pic was of a time when Rathi taught us how to have a hookah in a CCD and I was being accused of being a smoker.. Chi!! Chi!! Chi!!!
Ye sab was all fine until some relatives of mine from the (older) generation decided to join orkut, so now I have a whole bunch of mamas, mausajis and mamis on orkut and with each passing day I get a new scrap which goes like ”aur sunny beta kya haal hain??” ,”aur beta padhai kaisi ho rahi hai??” and the thing is I can’t just tell them mujhe nahin add karna aapko mujhe apni personal life personal rakhni hai aap logon se.. 😦 Now they see each and every photo of mine, every time I chat with some girl next day comes a scrap from somebody, “ aur beta badhiya hai, kisse baat ho rahi thi kal… 😛 ” well thankfully they are not like scolding me or sumthing… but I am sure this is gonna land me up in big trouble someday, I just hope that day doesn’t come…
This reminds me of the story of a friend (gal) of mine who left orkut coz uske relatives peeche hi pad gaye the uske… They used to scout the profiles of each and every friend of hers and somehow found out a photo of hers with her boyfriend and then to her life was just Bhagwan bharose!!
Till orkut it was fine coz it is not my day to day life but when they started to come on gtalk this has meant the end of life to me… This means I cant put up statuses like Sloshed (which a friend of mine used), which I would have liked to have sumtime… 😛 Now on every status message I put and if they are online. I am asked why do you have this status message and then I have to cook up some fucking story . Now I can’t use Fuck in my status I have to use F**k , one good thing is they are ignorant of slangs.. just wish that they remain ignorant like this. 😀
All these things have assured me that Google without any doubt is the real devil and no company can come close to them when it comes to screwing off young and innocent kids like me. I just hope my family members don’t stumble upon this blog of mine or else all my freedom will be restrained…

Song of The Day :- S.O.S. By Abba
PS1:- Went to MS to give my intern interview today..
PS2:- It was fun drinking all those free cold drinks dere!! 😀
PS3:- Reading Ctrl-Alt-Del after a long time these days
PS4:- Why the hell do we have the 12:30 canteen closes rule.. My stomach is making rumbling noises and I badly need to eat something..
PS5:- its 5 am and he date is 15 (which has got a 5) and the month is 3 so if you divide 15 by 3 you get 5 and that’s why this PS qualifies to be no.5
PS6:- Wonder Years is truly wonderful, there was a line in the episode I saw today and cant resist from sharing it… So the line goes here
When you are a little boy!! You don’t have to go very far to find the centre of your universe…. Mom!!!

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19 thoughts on “Google : The Devil

  1. I completely agree, pointless m$ hatred originated just from the gay free and open software cheap asses.

    I don’t know about Google but seeing its ass burning some days ago on m$’s bid on Yahoo, was fun 2 watch 😀

  2. firstly, my advice to u is to make another account especially for ur relatives and thr let them do what they want 🙂

    secondly, ur PS5 is worst of all PSes i have ever read …

  3. Whateva dude .. I dont want to write anythin against any of these software giants … but one thing is for sure



  4. @ Anony : And I am already dreading that day..

    @ ORB : 😀 That was sum fun!!!

    @ Riya : tumhe kya lagta me n smoke!!! Chi! Chi!! Chi!!! isharon ko agar samjho to raaz ko raaz rehne do!!

    @ Shrikant: I will do that today! Thanx for the suggestion!! 😀
    And PS5 is one of my very best!! ^:)^ to me!!

    @ Maruti : tera google mein ho gaya isliye!! 😛 Jus kidding be!!

    @ Obelix : He he he!! MS speakin 😛 .. Pls Fwd this post to the people frm MS who took my interview.. 😛

    @ Ajay : He he sahi hai beta!!

    @ Karan : Kyun bechari bachhe ko marwa raha hai mere bhai!! Abhi meri marne ki age thodi hai..

  5. “sunny beta kal raat ko kya kar rahe the??” ………. sahi hai beta ……. ab to teri scrap buk follow karunga tere blog ke saath saath ……. mazza aayega !!

  6. “young and innocent kids like me” ….. ohhhho sunny beta parson raat ko kya kar rahe the …. aur usse pehle … aur usse pehle .. i cant even remember …. 😀
    im very happy to hear that u dont smoke …. it was such a relief that koi to hai jo coll mein aake bhi itna shareef hai….. 😛
    about the blog …. i too agree for gtalk but i dont use orkut so i cannot comment on that …..
    waise sunny beta tere ghar pe aisa kuch hua tune kabhi bataya nahin 😀 ….. i hope they should check tk’s album also so that they will know u much better 😀

  7. i already see so much of threats in the comments 🙂 …. till now i am safe as only one or two of my cousins are there on orkut…. but still those who are they don’t stop poking their nose in my personal business 😦 …. and the day my mom reads my posts on ‘sex’ and all …… i am screwed big time hehehehehe 🙂

  8. @ Grawl : Ur first comment on my blog.. after that IIIT life one!! Sir jee bechare bachhon ki problems pe hasna achhi baat nahin hai 😦

    @ Piyush : Sale jaise blog follow karta hai tu!! 😛

    @ Dark-Knight: It sure is man!! Itni saari problems and 1 bechari nanhi si jaan!! 😛

    @ Manish : I dare you to!! fattu!! 😉

    @ Vipul : You are saying as if I keep going to some untoward places daily.. bhai chup chap hostel mein hi to rehta hun roz raat ko!!
    Aur about sharafat main hamesha se shareef raha hun aur rahunga

    @ Pankaj : Yaar cousins ke sath to chalta hai.. but jab bade log aane lagein tab halat kharab hoti hai!! 😛
    The day your mom reads ur blogs would sure be fun!! 😀

  9. Orkut,Facebook,MySpace … I believe all social community sites suck big time. People need to get over this addiction … use them for important messages that people need to know or u need to ask , not as an Instant Messengers.

    P.S: Those who still want to use these sites …. use them with a reason and plz for god’s sake dont spam other’s accounts by sending Mass Crap Scraps to everyone on ur friends list

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