Ya I am talking exactly about the same topic which you can think of by reading the title of this post. Well before starting with the post, I would like to apologize to all the ladies who might think that this is a highly derogatory post but I don’t write no derogatory posts. This is a serious post and should be taken in all seriousness by my readers, I am not gonna write a post about the greatness of cleavage and how for so long men have always fallen for cleavage and how actresses have made millions of fans by flaunting their cleavage.
The question in my mind is why do women flaunt their cleavage, I wont go talking about the women in the glam world because this is their bread and butter (another expression came to my mind!!:P which I wont want to write here), they live to attract audience, they want people to see them and there can be few better ways to attract a male audience than a hot female bod.
So now coming back to my question of why general women (barring those from the glam scene) flaunt the cleavage, the most obvious reason which I can think is they need to attract the male attention, pretty valid, I think after all this is the basic human nature from time infinite each individual has vied for the attention from the opposite sex and this is one of the way for the women to attract their partner and foster a relation with him if the guy is suitable. Men too do it, sporting fundo hairdos, developing bulging biceps and then wearing body-hugging tees to show it, so whats wrong in it??
A survey done about the reason why women show their cleavage gave the following result.
1. She likes men leeching at her (8 per cent)
2. She doesn’t want her man to look at other women (7 per cent)
3. She does not like other women looking better than her (11 per cent)
4. She likes looking hot and wants to feel good about herself (56 per cent)
5. She wants to keep her man on his toes by reminding him that she can get any other man she wants (18 per cent)

Hmmm… I guess nothing much wrong in this point but how do you explain some aunties wearing dresses with necks too deep, I mean its all fine with you being comfortable with your body and all but it does look disgusting sometimes. I for one won’t ever approve of any female close to me, whether it be my sis, my friend or my gf flaunting her cleavage or even giving a hint of, I know that this can be considered as being a male chauvinist that I am trying to control the way a particular person is trying to live?

I am not saying that it is immoral or something but to me it just seems a bit irrational and out of the way that somebody (and it need not be a lady, in the case of guys its just YUCK!!!) . I wont certainly hate a lady who exposes and not necessarily think about her character but I am not sure that I would want to be associated much with such a girl. Accidental is ok, but on purpose.. I am sorry my friend!!

I don’t think I have been able to point out anything or add anything substantial but I just wanted to write about it. This is a good link if you wanna read more about this topic and want to read opinions from women because I am pretty sure that the girls reading this post of mine wouldn’t like to comment on such a “ganda post”.
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PS1:- Finally finished with my BTP Viva today.. 🙂
PS2:- Feeling sleepy…ZZzzzzzzzz
PS3:- Farewell day after tomorrow! Adios amigos dear Seniors!! Nice knowing you guys
PS4:- I know that I have been repeating this in my PSes since I started watching it but Wonder Years is really awesomely Wonderful
PS5:- Bye bye Miss American Pie!! (Refer to song of the Day)
PS6:- Pardon me if you find the post inappropriate and you are welcome to flame me.. but I think we are mature enough to discuss things like this. Aren’t we???
PS7:- Actually the idea for this post came when I read an article on the same lines a few days back in some site, I dont remember now.
PS8:-Rohit, if you read this post then I want you to change the status, you dont need to be sorry at all, you should be proud that you came forward when nobody was ready to take the responsibility and if anybody need to be sorry then its the guys who didnt give their names.. proud of u buddy..

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31 thoughts on “Cleavage

  1. I understand that this is your opinion but i have to comment on this because i know several people(including many friends here at IIIT) who share your opinion and with which i very much disagree.

    You say you don’t want to be associated with such women but well you gotta ask yourself, why? Will you feel ashamed? You definitely like to ogle at others.

    Also about ‘aunties’, why the hell not? Are you saying that after certain age they loose the right to feel good about themselves?

    Actually i find this very surprising/hypocritical aspect of our culture. People like to have coupla gf’s but become moral police when it comes to women associated with them.

    PS: I think and hope that you take this comment constructively. I really wouldn’t want to get into ugly arguments.

  2. Just open this page in firefox and see the title. It says “Cleavage << Ye Meri Life hai”. ROFLMAO.

    So, your topic of blog was why women flaunt their cleavage. You straightaway posted the views from an article in Dude give your views at least. We are more interested in knowing your views :).

    Well sometimes their innocent flaunting of cleavage becomes pretty uncomfortable situation. They show it very partially and man wants to see it very fully and you are left with no option but to wait in the hope that will I ever get a chance to see it fully. Male eyes are pretty much pointed and everyone around you know where are you looking at. Position of retinas remain invariant to 3D rotation of the face. Marriage functions are worse. That’s the best time to talk to ladies. They all show it and it is difficult to talk to a lady without avoiding looking at/in their cleavage. Kya sochting hongi. Kaisa besharam ladka hai.

  3. @ Some1 : Don’t wanna grow up!! There’s risk of fading!! 😉

    @ Piyush : 😀

    @ Bharat : This is exactly the point what I am trying to make I am not comfprtable with such a girl.. She can be a treat to the eyes but nt a delight to my soul..
    About aunties.. the thing is.. With age you expect people to have more dignity and poise and it is a disturbing sight to see such ladies in not so proper clothing!! Similarly the same for some uncle who isnt appropriately dressed (not only about exposing but also the manner of dressing)!!!

    @ Maruti : I guess i made my point.

  4. 🙂

    well tht of reading abt it in ibnlive few days back…..

    i can blame it directly on western culture (i may be wrong ) and our people are in transformation stage…i can say 30% community want to be western and 30% dont want to be while 40% are in doubt….

    This type of instability would make one think on the lines that one has to be western atleast at times and in some aspects…n i guess clothing stands first when talking about culture comes….

    well i may sound totally wrong or the topic is irrelated….but those are my views….

    @himank…… ppl were soo deeply interested that i am highly disappointed to diasppoint them…

  5. i think the problem is deeper. the problem is that we all (men and women) perceive about ourselves based on what others think of us. so we try to please others, attract attention from others, and all this is done to feel good about oneself. and the funny part is, everyone is trying to do this. my perception about myself depends on what others think of me.
    what is being talked in the post is just an expression of this deep seated problem.

  6. I have to agree with srikant to saying ‘fuck off’ …. cleavage roxxxx ….. and moreover it’s up to a lady ….it’s she who decides how much she wants to reveal and if some girl or woman shows just for the sake of aping others that’s shitty [:D] …. but those who feel comfort and in their person even with cleavage. they shud go for it and i second them for it [:P]

  7. I think your post and data it cites is not very relevant cos Why wud I wannna bare my cleavage when i have to try so hard to NOT be ogled at . And you know what, its not AT ALL flattering to be ogled at by predominantly unattractive Indian male population.

  8. I guess you have misunderstood the post. It’s about why girls flaunt their cleavage not why boys look at/in them. Boys look at them because it’s a masterpiece and sexy which only a few girls have it . There are many who flaunt but there are a few who have it and gain the attention. On your comment on pre-dominantly unattractive male population, I would rather say there is an equivalent pre-dominantly unattractive female population. They resort to other methods like this when they do not get the attention. In IIIT you are treated better because of very low numbers similar to mumbai ki local trains, kitni bhi khatara kyun nahi ho but sab chadte hai :P.

  9. dude where the hell do u get such topics to write …. i cant even think of writing a comment on it ….. btw some comments are really nice 🙂

  10. @ Anon : Frankly I couldnt see the humour in it.. Could you enlighten me.. Well I didnt posted anything from ibnlive except the poll.. and these are the views I have on the topic.. I am sorry if you had expected sumthing else..

    @ Rohit : Blaming it on Western culture.. I am not so sure.. Even in Indian Culture i think the dresses used to be such that they showed cleavage, this is what I can think of by seeing old portraits and statues, so this is not an outcome of western culture..

    @ Shrikant : 😀

    @ Harsh : What is wrong in trying to attract others, man is a social animal, you cant live your life alone.. SO why not make yourself agreeable???? this is the basic condition of survival. You need to find a partner to breed, I dont see anything wrong in it

    @ Karan : Chalta hai be.. Whats life without some masala.. 😀

    @ Pankaj : Well ya it is within her rights to flaunt but I dont think you would like to see a guy roaming around in his underwear.. Would you????

    @ ORB : Second you.. Cleavage sure is beautiful.. 😛

    @ Anonymous Indian Girl : Thats what exactly my point is.. Why do girls bare it when they dont want to be ogled at???

    @ Anonymous angrez boy : Dunno what to say to you.. You are just trying to reply to the above person

    @ Devansh: I dont think so.. Can you justify yourself????

    @ Vipul : He he.. thats why I am a blogger and you aren’t!! 😛

  11. @ anon angrez boy – how many angrez boyz study in iiit?? lol jus kidding. is said in the post, women dont bare cleavage to be ogled at.. 1.
    1. She likes men leeching at her (8 per cent)
    2. She doesn’t want her man to look at other women (7 per cent)
    3. She does not like other women looking better than her (11 per cent)
    4. She likes looking hot and wants to feel good about herself (56 per cent)
    5. She wants to keep her man on his toes by reminding him that she can get any other man she wants (18 per cent)
    Ogling at a woman is downright insulting..but most indian men dont get it. Revealing flesh is equated to being unmindful and loose-charactered. And its sad because its not only the roadside lafanges who dont get it but like Himank proves by asking “Why do girls bare it when they dont want to be ogled at???” even young educated boys dont understand it is not a boys right to ogle at a girl whether she is looking beautiful, is showing cleavage, or is in a bikini on the beach. Attention is not equivalent to desparate ogling.
    And many indian girls on the streets, in the mall or even in the disc do you see baring cleavage!! This post is relevant to a lot of societies but the not the one you and himank live in, and thats the point. Women do like flaunting cleavage, but wouldnot in a place where people dont understand the difference between courting and insulting.

  12. @ Anonymous Indian Girl : According to me, flaunting cleavage is not the norm and if you do anything out of ordinary then people are going to look at you and it is not only for girls but also for guys, I might be sounding like a total chauvinist but the thing is sex is such a closed book in India and considered such a big taboo that it is a very big thing for guys to see cleavage and you want it or not, there will be guys who will look at you twice. I might be mistaken but I guess you live in US it might be normal there but it can be years b4 such a thing can become normal. If you say whats the fault of a girl if Indian guys think so, then my friend I would say, you live in India and you are brought up in the environment so I dont think u shud hav problem understanding this.

    One thing which I will never get is the statement, you got it,you flaunt it why will a girl feel good by flaunting her cleavage.. What good comes by showing it to the whole world?? Isnt it meant to attract attention?? You are feeling good go enjoy yourself do anything you like.. What good does exposing do?? This just puzzles me… I also dont agree with guys showing their bulging biceps, you have got it fine… but just be normal, no need to overdo it.

    And for the record I wont ever ogle at a girl flaunting her cleavage, I respect women and would never do anything which might hurt a woman or make her feel uncomfortable.. Hoping to see ur comment in reply.

    One thing more,I would really appreciate if you comment with ur name not as anonymous, if you have got an opinion and you are presenting it then I think you should associate your name with it, this anonymous thing looks so “kayar” (can’t recollect the eng word) to me as I can see you as somebody strong enough to put her point but even then if you wanna hide your identity then its ok… Ur wish after all, the thing which doesnt deter you from replying
    And btw there r sum angrez in IIIT too.. 😛

  13. One more reason why girls flaunts their cleavage…to get favors in assignments and exams. They not only flaunt their cleavage they show it completely. What can a TA do under these situations, after all he is also a human being.

  14. @himank
    there is nothing wrong in attracting attention. but to form an opinion about myself based on what others think of me is what i questioned. i mean honestly i would not want my self confidence to dwindle on the basis of what others are thinking of me. would you want that?? im raising the issue of self confidence, because somewhere it was mentioned ‘women feel confident about themselves when men look at them’… im not talking in terms of right or wrong, but whether one wants it or not.

  15. Alrite so ya u r rite i am an indian girl in the states but u dont know me so my identity is irrelevant. Anyways, I like the honesty in what u said in ur comment and its great u understand that its not right to stare at a girl. The issue you raised tho, is an age-old debate..whether its right to attract attention or not and I dont see why you shouldn’t the take the con side.
    Any girl revealing flesh does it aware of the fact that she is going to get noticed, irrespective of the fact she wants it or not. It might be appropriate
    on certain occasions and might be inappropriate in others. The dilemma of living an indian society is that she doesnot have that freedom to decide.
    And yeah, girls can definitely survive, even happily live without baring cleavage ….:). An indian woman has a much better life than an middle-eastern woman in a burka, and definitely an African woman who has to undergo genital circumcision when she is only a lil girl. but the question is are the girls in india happy with that comparision.
    So any way, my only objection to your post was the fact that u cited data that doesnot even marginally express the thinking of indian women and it seemed like the electronic world everyone lives in kept u from realising dat.
    And to any naughty kid reading this… take this advice from this wise ole woman (:P).. i dunno what pleasure you get by ogling at a girl 10 yards away from you, but if you start being a good boy and give EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that minimal tiny lil respect by just not embarassingly staring at her , you will be exceptionally rewarded and REAL pleasures will soon be within reach. 😉
    And to the guy who made that local train wala remark, firstly it was extremely obscene and if you start thinking a lil bit before typing sumthing you will see that u can make a much louder impact with lil more pleasant language. Secondly, It also improves ur vocabulary :). And thirdly, I was referring to an average indian man and if ur counterattack meant that an average indian woman is unattractive..geee..wake-up. indian women are among the most attractive in the world.
    So yeah Himank, keep blogging.

  16. And thirdly, I was referring to an average indian man and if ur counterattack meant that an average indian woman is unattractive..geee..wake-up. indian women are among the most attractive in the world.

    900 choohe khake billi haz ko chali :P(dont worry about the context :D). ofcourse you are comparing men and women and asking who is more beautiful. It’s like comparing apple with oranges. 😛

    Anyways, I’m deeply feeling sorry for writing all those rude remarks (specifically train wala remark). I should not have written it at all :(. Women have the right to live the way they want to and feel comfortable. Girls are killed in india much before they are borned. Somehow we are also responsible in many different ways which includes teasing of girls in schools and workplaces. In villages, parents are afraid to send their children to school because of these reasons.

    As I now know that they do not feel comfortable being ogled by unattractive Indian Junta and it reduces their chances to even live peacefully. I will not do that from now onwards.

    BUT. Even after being given full freedom they constantly misutilize it. They try to get favors in colleges and in industries. Think of a guy who works his ass off to get good marks in exams or to get promotions in industries. Girls get it smoothly by showing it[everything] off. Perhaps you should read the case of unusual payhike which the girlfriend of ex-CEO of World Bank received. It is common in IIIT. Someone got her marks increased by pushing her boobs towards the fellow TA. If all of you are ready to say no to inappropriate favors, we would be highly obliged to stop ogling at you. And you can show it off as much as you want, we will not even look at it.

    BTW, IIIT boys are not very desperate for girls of IIIT. Thanks to the p$0# available on DC++.

  17. @Anonymous Indian Girl

    “So any way, my only objection to your post was the fact that u cited data that doesnot even marginally express the thinking of indian women and it seemed like the electronic world everyone lives in kept u from realising dat.”

    I agree.

  18. @ R/-\J|_| : U are also a TA… did this happen with you?? N wat was ur reacn??? 😛

    @ Pankaj: Well i might be sounding “Shiv senaic” but I wont like it.. I wont say anything to him but for sure it wont be nice!!

    @ Harsh : I didnt say making an opinion about myself but ppl who dont knw you will make opinions about you just by looking at you..

  19. @ Anonymous Indian girl : Well about Indian girls being happy and all, I might not be the right person to comment on this.. If some other girls were as vocal as you then we could have had some more discussion.
    About the survey, I put may be I am wrong but that was the only data and its by an indian news site (IBN) so i thought this might be the only Indian data on this topic..
    Btw I agree with what you wrote in ur comment that Indian girls generally dont bare their cleavage, Infact i would say that this trend is more visible in married ladies, may be because they feel a bit secured after being married and free,
    About that guy.. the comment which you are seeing is a censored version.. I edited some part of it and I surely agree with you that Indian girls are b’ful.. but the settings in which we live we generally dont find many b’ful girls around.. do pardon me for saying this though 😛 and abouto getting rewarded.. Still waiting my dear!!
    As per me blogging.. Sure as hell I will continue.. this has become a part of my life now!! and hope to see more n more comment from you in future… 🙂

    @ Anonymous angrez guy : Didnt get your 900 choohe khake thing!!!
    Waise seems that just one comment made you come around.. 🙂 doesnt seem possible to me though!!
    About trying to get favours there are always villains in every walk of life and these women are that.. You cant blame the whole gender for this…
    And dude whom are you kidding by saying that IIIT guys are not desperate.. Ya they are nt desperate fr girls of IIIT but otherwise they are… 😉 😛

  20. A very interesting post and very interesting comments!!

    I ‘ll just add ” don’t interrelate cleavage to the character of a gal.” If i feel showing my biceps, growing hunky stuff to feel good, so do they.
    ….our culture do think it as a moral degradation for women, that why we people think so, the scenario in the west is totally different. It is up to us to perceive it the way we like.

  21. @ Yogesh : I dont think scenario in west is completely diff… Recently came to know that there was a furore in US when Hillary Clinton came to the Senate, wearing a dress which was showing a bit of cleavage….

    @ Blah : Whatever you say.. If this is what I had intended.. My blog would have had a different feel n look… I just write whatevr comes to my mind!!!

  22. dude, don’t bother me to given u examples.
    u can’t expect a dignitary like Hilary Clinton walking in Senate as if walking on a ramp with such revealing attires, of course there are some codes of conduct to be followed, I can’t walk in underwear in my office…I may fulfill my fancy of that on the ramp.

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