People you hate

In your life, you interact with hundreds of people, you generally remember only a few of those people. Of those people some become an integral part of your life, the people with whom you share your happiness, your grief, they become the shoulders on which you rest your head when you are in need, but as we know that every coin has two faces, similarly in our lives too we have some people which we dislike and wouldn’t ever want to see their faces once out of the setting in which you are forced to look at them and talk to them.

Generally I hate people if they have done something wrong to me, hurt me in some way or hurt some of my close ones in some way or the other but then there is another class of people whom I hate, this class of people have never done me any wrong, they never talked rudely to me, in short they never did anything to make me hate them but even then I hate them & I am not talking about irritating people who though wont harm you but will irritate you enough to make you hate them.

There have been some people in my life who I just hate like that, nothing in particular. I seriously started believing in the vibes business after I met that particular guy who has been the inspiration of this post :P. When I met the guy for the first time, he seemed a fine fellow but as time passed on somehow the things between us instead of becoming friendlier started to degenerate for no reasons.

Now looking back at the things which happened back then, sometimes I believe that it was just on my part and for some reason it was only me but then I try to force my memory and some events come to my mind which convince me that at some level the feeling was mutual. I am never too sure… Even now very rarest of times we have talked it has been he buzzing me and me just replying.

The purpose of writing this post was asking people whether I am the only person who feels so or there are other people also who dislike other people for no particular reason just hate some people in their life…

Song of the Day :- Yellow Submarine in Pepperland by Beatles
If you have heard Yellow Submarine then you are gonna love this one and if not then listen to this song to have a feeling just so different, I cant churn out words to describe it, sometimes it feel like fairly tale world, some times like video game.. BEATLES MAGIC… 🙂

PS1:- My blog has seen a half century of 1000 (50K, you morons!!) hits now
PS2:- Me got selected in Microsoft for internship, still cant believe it.. :O
PS3:- I got the whole collection of Beatles on DC++, thanx plenoptic :), you rock man
PS4:- The weather is awesome these days.. and its making me feel so sleepy , sleepy all day..
PS5:- By far the most eventful Holi ever… 😛
PS6:- I think smr should have got Banyan Tree Award for the service he did to IIITians by coming up with IIIT Blogroll.. Cheers to you!!!
PS7:- Btw forgot to mention the last post of mine completely rocked..Got the highest hits for a single day coz of the post 444.. :

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13 thoughts on “People you hate

  1. you know .. actually there have been instances in my life too.. when i dont know why.. but i just dont like someone .. the way you described.. it may be the -ve vibes playing.. and congrats on the internship.. super cool.. 🙂

  2. “PS6:- I think smr should have got Banyan Tree Award for the service he did to IIITians by coming up with IIIT Blogroll.. Cheers to you!!!”

    Exactly! That was what I was thinking too!

  3. Nice Post!
    This happens with all of us. One thing I wanted to add, when we assume that other person is responsible for our pain we react, when we find that we ourselves are responsible for our pain then we take the responsibility and respond.
    I think whatever bad happens in human-human interactions is due to lack of understanding of relationships. I have written down a few articles on relationships and the feelings involved in them and now I find that I myself am responsible for my pains. I know my blogs are long as well as the comments but still if you find some time when you have nothing other good thing to do you can resort to reading my blog 😀

  4. same here yaar … there are some ppl whom i hate with no specific reason …. so its just normal with u

    @PS2 : even i dont believe that u got selected in MS 😛 …. get well soon 🙂

  5. there is always a reason to hate some one ….

    sometimes we just don’t know or don’t want to accept the reason …

    jealousy is one of such reason

    And that doesn’t mean i don’t believe in vibes … 😀

  6. @ Kiran : Chalo I got support for my idea.. and thanx.. 🙂 It sure is cool… 😛

    @ Anony : Dont talk guns n grenades, hum Gandhi ke desh ke wasi hain.. 😛

    @ Pluemnator : Great minds think alike.. BTW wats the meaning of ur name???

    @ Karan : Aysuhamn Bhava..

    @ Devansh : I sometimes start reading ur posts but they are soooo long… 😦

    @ Vipul : 🙂

    @ Yogesh : Thanx man.. Kya baat hai aajkal aap blogosphere mein active.. :O

    @ Ankit : Hmm.. a line of thought.. may be right many be not..

    @ Chand : 😛 , Had expected this type of comment from you when you told me that you commented on my blog…

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