Its Money.. Honey!!

Money is root cause of many problems, this has been stated many a times and there is no denying the fact that money is the cause of more sadness then the happiness it can provide. Money can cause many problems, it can cause many insecurities.

Today I want to look at it from a different perspective, talking of money we generally think of THE RICH(the people who play in money, people who ride in Mercedes and all), the people whom we envy, whom we try to emulate ; THE POOR (the people living in slums, the people who work in our households, the beggars and all) ,the people whom we pity and feel bad for and US (the general junta or the middle class) but there is another class of people whom we never think of which is the lower middle class, (I may be sounding patronizing here, people please forgive me)the people who live with us, they are with us but just that they cant keep up with our spending and at times they have to cut away from us, here I would like to say that I am also from a middle class family not even higher middle class but all my friends are from the same background so it isn’t much of an issue but at times when you see people struggling with money issues, it just pains you.

They are worse than the proverbial poor people coz those people know that they are poor so will never hesitate in asking for any financial help or accepting the fact that they don’t have money but these people wouldn’t ever be able to compromise their dignity and will never come to you for help. I know I might have started sounding all crappy now and I will agree that there are times when I have to stop myself from indulging in something coz my purse doesn’t allow it but the problem comes when your purse doesn’t allow you the basic pleasures of life missing which can make you feel the odd man out and I am thankful to God for giving me enough in my life till now and hope to receive the blessings all my life.

Well to say the truth, I have been embarrassed many times when I got a new thing and I generally try to hide such things from people but hell man if my parents can afford it, then I will have it but when it comes to telling people about things, generally the price which I tell people is lower than what it actually is and this has become a sort of habit now, I generally tend to lower the value of my stuff to almost anybody who I am talking to, unless he is a RICH guy.. and then also not because I feel jealous or something but just because I know it wont matter to him.

This reminded me of a story we had in our 10th class ICSE, the central character was a girl named Laura and a scene of the story was that she came out to see some workers and she threw a sandwich which she had in her hand coz she didn’t want to eat it in front of the workers who wouldn’t have the access to such sandwiches and this situation has happened with me too, I haven’t resorted to throwing things but I do tend to feel uncomfortable in such situations.

I don’t think I achieved something or did anything by writing this post but something happened today which made me write this post and as I always say, I just write what I feel like in this space without caring much for it being an interesting read, So people I am sorry if I bored you. Was thinking on writing a poem on this theme but just couldn’t churn out so just wrote a post

Song of the Day :- I should have known Better by Beatles

PS1:- It’s been Beatlemania on my laptop for quite some time since I find all their albums, I cant thank Plenoptic more for providing me with the full discography 🙂
PS2:- There are 2 God celebs… SACHIN & BEATLES!! 🙂 They both just rock, nothing better than watching Sachin bat and listening to Beatles.. 🙂
PS3 :- Saw Sachin’s videos for 3 hours today and am listening to Beatles since morning.. 😀
PS4:- Stitches suck and specially when they are on your chin, you cant even open your mouth fully to eat and you feel odd in even speaking (an activity which I just adoooooooreee…)
PS5:- Why cant they make sporty pitches in India, why do we have to have test matches on such dead pitches… 😦
PS6:- Sorry if you feel the title is misleading, couldnt think of a more suitable one…
PS7:- Exams of other people have finished and mine haven’t started as yet.. 😦 I have 2 papers, why couldn’t they put them in the start???
PS8:- Watched Beauty & The Geeks today…
PS9:- Gotta watch Race someday, everybody is forcing me to..
PS10:- My knee is paining.. 😦

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16 thoughts on “Its Money.. Honey!!

  1. Good Post!
    After agreeing with you, in addition to what you said,

    “Money is root cause of many problems”
    I think it is the person’s understanding who is using it, is the root cause.

    “Money can cause many problems, it can cause many insecurities.”
    Very True.

    “THE RICH(the people who play in money, people who ride in Mercedes and all), the people whom we envy, whom we try to emulate ; THE POOR (the people living in slums, the people who work in our households, the beggars and all)”
    I think, these days those who have a lots and lots of money also feel that they have less and they are deprived so in my opinion they are poor. In fact it is the feeling of deprivation which makes a person poor. When a person feels himself deprived he uses many shrewdnesses and tactics to get rid of that deprivation, when even that doesn’t work he uses violence. But all these don’t make him prosperous or rich.

    In my opinion money is nothing but a medium of exchange of physical things. It can NOT ensure continuity of happiness, relationships, respect. When we assume money can ensure happiness, relationship and respect then we need infinite money, then there is no limit, and that is what creates improper distribution of resources among people and make some rich and some poor and then ultimately all the problems which we see in the society come up.
    It is just the glimpse of a very big problem I wrote, there is a lot lot more to write and think.

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  3. can you ever end a post with 1 or 2 PS’s …….. [X(]

    newayz ….. I agree !! [:P]

    also ….. i have ne’er tried it ……. but how was the experience of watchin sachin hitting sixes in rythm with beatles’ beats [:P] ……… “Saw Sachin’s videos for 3 hours today and am listening to Beatles since morning..”

    @devansh sir : phew!!

  4. man plzz don’t give these kinda post such attractive titles…
    n btw sehwag rocked today!!
    one more thing.. i believe that one day when you die you would be listening to beatles …. ab to chhod de ….!! 😦

    about the post…
    i dont agree with ur “throwing” things strategy…it weird!!

  5. Seriously nice post .. ek dum dil se ..

    Really sad to see that this post didnt get good comments … except for blasphemy ( excluding devansh sirs and adi’s obv 😀 )

    I totally agree with your point , many of us do the same .. try to hide whateva u hav got new etc etc …

    It feels really bad to see workers etc eating the same thing daily while i am complaining for mess food etc etc … but the thoughts washes away in a matter of few minutes … there should be some ignition to make a mark on human brain which will twitch every time he says/does something .Then a man will be completly satisfied …

    I hope u do somthin to help out some of em’ in future 🙂

  6. @ Devansh : Thnx.. 🙂
    Well about the links you gave. they sure are thought provoking but somehow my post was in a diff direction.. I want talking about people who are below poverty line, I was talking about ppl like us who are just a bit less privileged

    @ Vipul : Tum saale ganwar.. Kuch nahin ho sakta tumhara..

    @ Adi : Hmm.. Am glad that it was..

    @ Manish : Thanx be.. and both of them rock.

    @ Piyush : I try to have atleast 5 of them.. Waise, I didnt see SAchin’s videos n listened to Beatles at the same time.. Both would lose their sheen.. Beech beech used to keep switching when the video was being streamed then Beatles played
    This is not orkut… no need to use []

    @ Mathur : I would love it if I die listening to them.. and btw ye Sehwag beech mein kahan se aa gaya?? U writing a PS in comment??? :O Hmm.. weird to you.. not for the girl Laura!! 😛

    @ Maruti: Thanx mannn.. Hmm about doing.. lets see.. Waise the ppl I wrote about, it will hurt their dignity if I do anything for them… Rmr I am not talking about the poor..

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