Life is no bottle of wine

Beauty doesn’t last forever
All things good must lose their flavour
Every ray of sun has to lose its fervor
You can’t have the taste always for you to savour

Each thing must fade away with time
Life is no bottle of wine
It doesn’t get better with time
Relations wane away losing their shine

Hands once shaken have to part one day
It’s not upto us to decide the way
We are meant to walk away
Let not emotions lead us astray

Only the words you write remain eternal
Rest all is just a fairy tale
It’s the time now to come out of the fable
It’s time to bid adieu after all goodbye is just another word not a tale.

Song of the Day: – Fool on the Hill by Beatles (Who Else ??? )

PS1:- Couldn’t come up with a good 4th line in last paragraph and am bored now.. 😦 So took inspiration from Lobo’s song and here it is….
PS2:- 1 exam over second one on Monday
PS3:- My speakers are fucked.. 😦 😦
PS4:- Playing Stickcricket for the first time after 1st yr and it is addictive as hell
PS5:- Ask pagare what he did in vipul’s room 😛

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6 thoughts on “Life is no bottle of wine

  1. Nice flow of words which reflect your attitude towards life! I liked it loads…will keep looking for more on this page. great wrk buddy!

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