Benefits of being in IIIT

    It’s been 3 years since I joined this wonderful college and there have been a million times when we people have had so many sessions of BC where we have criticized so many things in IIIT so I thought of writing a few good things in IIIT.

1.Strength – One of the very good thing in IIIT is the low strength. We have 175 people in a batch that means 700 in B. Tech and as far as I remember IIT-Kgp takes in   >700 people every year. So coming to the benefit, the low strength you know each and every freaking body in the college from the first year to the fourth year and if not by name then you atleast recognize the faces. Recently after my injury many people came and asked me about my injury though they didn’t see me with a bandage, I didn’t tell them and they are also not as such good friends of mine.
I also have heard that due to such a large strength in other colleges, there is a lot of politics for getting even small posts which is so simple here in IIIT, no politics.. 🙂        
This thing has one more advantage, anytime you do a kand anywhere faculty comes to know about it 😛

2.Girls – We always rue the fact that the girl strength in IIIT is so very less but isn’t this a blessing in disguise??? We can concentrate on our studies. Bade log hamesha bolte hain ladki ke chakkar mein mat padna beta.. Sab chaupat ho jata hai. This also means that generally the groups in IIIT are all boys which have their own benefits which are a matter of a different post.

3.Classes – The best part of life in IIIT is the classes (or rather the absence of them  🙂 ) IIIT is bliss when it comes to no of classes. This sem I used to have  6 classes a week, out of this, I rarely used to go to 2 classes coz there was no attendance so this made it 4 classes a week, now tell me can it be better than this???

4.Research – One of the things of which both the faculty as well as students are proud is the research at undergraduate level in IIIT. After studying these years in IIIT, I don’t think there could have been a better curriculum of CS anywhere. I have compared our course with other colleges in India and we are 1 year ahead of them which leaves us the last year almost free to do anything we like and even in our courses we have projects which doesn’t happen even in IITs. We can even take Projects instead of courses and that’s why we are a research Institute. Btw IIIT is the only institute in India which provides MS degree along with B.Tech, I guess IISc gives MS but doesn’t give B.Tech and hav heard that IITs have started giving MS from this year.
This sure is one thing we should be proud of 🙂
I guess itni tareef bas hai.. Isnt it???

Song of the Day :- Man tu Talbat from Super Star

PS1:- I finally got my MS offer letter 🙂 Am I happy?
PS2:- Big Bang theory is ruddy cool
PS3:- Test Match starts tomorrow 🙂 Sachin not playing  😦 What the hell!!  Whats cricket without Sachin
PS4:- Simon & Garfunkel also rock. I don’t know why I like 60s music so much *confused*
PS5:- Btw expecting a lot of brickbats on such a memdiocre post from you guys but as I always say, I can’t stop myself from writing what comes to my mind.

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8 thoughts on “Benefits of being in IIIT

  1. nice points except 2nd one …. beta waise to bohot concentrate karta hai naa studies mein tu …. 😀

    i wud also like to add one point …. the freedom provided here like time to enter in hostel or coll which i dont think provided anywhere else 🙂

    btw kitne posts likhta hai kuch aur bhi kar liya kar …. 😛

  2. aah .. at our time .. we only had 100 per batch … imagine that .. and also no gurukul students or watever (who seemed to have infested the campus on my latest visit)

  3. nice post 🙂 I am remembering my end-sem exam of 7th sem, the papers started and ended on the same day 🙂 I had two papers in one day, another project, and an HSSM that had no end-sem … till one day before I was playing CS, studied for one day, and back to playing CS 😀

  4. @ Vipul : How could I have forgotten that point.. That is one of the thing which no other college gives..
    N post nahin likhun to kya karun???

    @ Mythalez : Hmm .. 🙂

    @ Kunal : My first midsems finished in 1.5 hrs this sem.. Beat this! 😀

    @ Bharat : That would be me.. You might not have noticed, I also use ain’t which is also used rather infrequently these days. 😛 but I ruddy like ain’t. I am also thinking of starting using swell which was used in 30s coz have heard it only in 30s movies..

  5. I dont agree with the second point …

    i haven’t seen any example at IIIT at least …
    although i’ve seen lot of girls improvising her guy’s life.

    about the classes … yeh … thr are less classes but then we have strict attendance policy, which is not the case with most of the other institutes 🙂

    but I agree with other thing … IIIT rocks … its the best thing happened in my life 🙂

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