Rock Music n my take!!

I don’t know since when but I had heard that there are two things which are associated with the life of a college going guy which are Rock Music & CZ and while I haven’t touched much upon one of them i.e. CZ but have listened quite a lot of Rock Music to stand myself in a circle where people are talking about Rock, unless the only things they are talking about is Thrash or Death Metal.

In India generally people don’t know about this genre of music called Rock and people who see people listening to this noise generally dub those people as insane and anti-social. When I tried playing this music in front of my parents and my sister, I was dubbed as mad, but I think the Rock culture is catching up quite fast in India too and a testimony to this is our juniors who when came to the college knew about all the major bands and knew how to perform Metallica songs, this is a far cry from most of the people of our batch who came to the college after listening to the usual Pop music and may be some of LP.

There is a line which comes to my mid when I think about music and it goes something like this “Rock is not music, it is a way of life” and I can’t agree more. Rock music isn’t just some music which you can listen to and forget, instead it is something which has power to take you to other places and spheres which you haven’t touched as yet.  The thing is, Rock music has the power to get you on a high without having any other thing to get the feeling. I have had the feeling of being high many times without taking even a cigarette.

One thing which people hold against Rock lovers is that they are associated with drinking, smoking and other things. This in itself is a very controversial statement coz we have had all these tings for ages in India even before there was a thing called Rock Music. And even if it is so, then also by observing the Rock gigs I have been to in Hyderabad over the last one year, one thing I have noticed is that the Rock loving crowd is always able to handle the drinks which they have had and it is always the general crowd which behaves in erratic manner. So I think people should stop blaming rock for this vice.

During the show there was another thing which came to my mind. The thought was, we go to almost all the gigs we go to these days and you generally find the college crowd at all these places but the question is will this generation of Rock Lovers stay rock fans to an extent that we will go to the Rock shows when we are middle aged people or wud we have mellowed down and stick to listening music only at home. Lets see, this is a question for which we have to wait 15-20 years.

Well now coming to the end, I would end this post with a list of my favourite Rock Bands in order of preference
1.    Beatles (Who Else!! ) – Classic Rock
2.    Nirvana – Grunge
3.    The Doors – Classic Rock
4.    Pink Floyd – Psychedelic
5.    Led Zeppelin – Classic Rock
6.    Avril Lavigne – Punk Rock
7.    AC/DC –Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
8.    Jimi Hendrix – Hard, Blues Rock
9.    Queen – Classic Rock
10.   Metallica – Thrash, Heavy Metal
11.   Iron Maiden  – Heavy Metal

I know I am gonna be killed by Metal Heads for putting Avril Lavigne above so many bands.. but that’s my choice!! 😛 And one thing which is also evident is that I am a more of Classic Rock guy.. Somehow after sometime all that loud voice puts me off and I have to resume to some thing mellow and that’s why Metallica and Maiden come lower down the order.

Song of The Day: – All along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

PS1:- Went to the Rock show at HCU yesterday, wasn’t that great just an average gig!!
PS2:- Had been going out for the first 6 days since the hols started, today was the first day when I didn’t.
PS3:- Hostel seems so empty these days… I wanna go home jaldi se!! 😦 Waiting for 17th with baited breath.
PS4:- Btw Pussycat Dolls are freaking hot!!
PS5:- Guitaring of Hendrix is just freaking great
PS6:- These days I have started using freaking instead of fucking to make this a more family oriented blog 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Rock Music n my take!!

  1. dunno mann…have been in home for a couple of days and have not been hearing metal here at the highest tone for obvious reasons 🙂 … feels kinda suffocating … I would probably be listening to it for a long time.

    at your ps5 : thought hendrix was the guitarist himself 😮

  2. rock is certainly the best thing to happen to my college life… cant stay away for a day…
    nd yeah… classic rock deserves the “classic” tag… thrs some kind of rock music for every mood and occasion…
    for all u rock fans, try the club 8 pub beside lifestyle… they mostly play rock… makes for a nice outing…

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