Impressionable MindS

One thing which always remains a puzzle is the thinking of the human brain and the things which have the effect on the working and thinking of a human mind. In very small time, your thinking can change from completely detesting a thing to supporting it by your life and there sure are quite a few examples where a single lecture or a speech has changed the view point of people. One of the reasons why people started flocking behind Hitler was that he was one of the best orators and could persuade people and make them think the way he did, and thus succeeded in getting a huge support. Sometimes same thing can have different effect coming from different mouths.

Two incidents which happened recently made me think this way,

First was the issue of Olympic Torch, the day Amir Khan decided to carry the torch all the newspapers were fill with views that Amir should follow Baichung Bhutia’s example and refrain from carrying the torch, I too had the same view but a few days later, I came to know that none other than Sachin was also asked to carry the torch and my thinking changed at all and never for once did the thought crossed my mind that Sachin could be doing something wrong by not supporting the cause of Tibetan people coz Sachin being the paragon of all things good and right for me cant ever do any thing wrong and this action by Sachin made me change my views a bit about the topic. The thing is, Its not only me who thinks, No newspaper has raised a finger at Sachin, no open letters have been sent to Sachin on this issue which somehow show the working of human mind.

Another issue which made me think on these lines happened today (When I started thinking after this issue, that’s when Sachin issue came to my mind). Some of you who might have had a glance at the news sites must have got to know that Supreme Court has upheld the quota for OBC which was first proposed by the government 2 years back and while I think many people wrote then and many must be writing on it now, so no need to write anything about it. So coming back to my point, when it was announced by the Govt. in the first place, I never even thought about this even for an instant and straight away rubbished the thought from my mind but today when I learned that Supreme Court has given the verdict in favour of the quota, I was forced to think for sometime atleast that there must be something right in giving quota to the OBC because such a respected and learned body like the Supreme Court of India thinks so though even after some thinking this thought didn’t appeal to me.

Just two points to show that however strong we consider our mind and claim to be learned , our mind will always be influenced when someone whom we consider more learned than us comes and tell us something . I just wanted to know that do the leaders of the world and I mean leaders in true sense, not the general politicians (people like Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler, Napoleon, Akbar, Alexander,Ashoka) , people who have shaped the destiny of the world also get influenced by other people because they are the people who influence millions of people.

Song of the Day :- In Lamhon ke Daman mein from Jodhaa Akbar

PS1:- This is more of retrospection than a post
PS2:-All said and Done, Sachin is, was and will be the God
PS3:- Listened a lot to Lucky Ali in the past week and rediscovered the love for the music which I admired before Beatles came into the picture
PS4:- Hyderabad seems a deserted place now… 😦
PS5:- A week from now, I would be about to reach Delhi on my way home 🙂

System Time Of Posting :- 4:53 AM 4/11/2008 (New Feature from now on 😛 )

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8 thoughts on “Impressionable MindS

  1. True!
    We get influenced by our environment, education, experiences and whatever we find in our entire upbringing. Daily we keep shifting from one set of preconditioning to another, but the purpose of shifting remains the same. It is to ensure happiness and its continuity. What I feel is, the basic desire remains the same always just the means of fulfillment of those desires keep changing with different influences. When we start understanding what can fulfill that desire then things automatically start getting prioritized. I am also trying to do the same.

  2. that’s right. we all get affected by our surroundings, people and their thoughts & i think changes are the way of life. from the very birth we have been changing… haven’t we?? today we believe something and the next moment we contradict it… and the reason .. just a simple logic or reasoning… 🙂

  3. Our brain is a neural network … constantly gettin positive feedbacks and negative feedbacks … its like the there is a seperate input which tells whether that guy is knowledgeable or not …

    Pls ignore the abv para 😀 .. youi are turnin into OSHO dude join JV again

  4. Nice post man. Good one after quite some time. Totally agree on the getting-influenced-by-a-more-learned-person funda. But the thing’s that if we sit down and introspect on whatever.. Being influenced is never bad. The only thing’s that one needs to think on it.

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