Whatever Happens.. Happens for good

We have oft heard this phrase being said, sometimes to console us in times of grief and some other times from the mouth of others but its rare that we realize the value of this line when it is needed the most, that is, just after some unfavourable thing has happened to us and our immediate obvious reaction is that we start blaming each and every thing which we can somehow associate with our failure and it all starts with complaining to the God but somehow we don’t realize that in the larger scheme of things, things aren’t supposed to stay bad forever and somehow a thing which has turned sour today will surely yield some good thing in future.

Somehow these days I have started believing in this philosophy, a thing which is not favourable for you now will surely yield results which you will appreciate in the future and thank the God for making you fail in the endeavour even when it was not any fault of yours. I have seen this happening quite a few times to me and now I try to find a silver lining in every dark cloud I encounter in my life, it was, is & never will be easy ever in life and you are bound to end up frustrated but next time anything bad happens to you and it is something which was not in your power and you couldn’t have controlled it whatever you did, then just look up and try to see the silver lining and I am sure, you are bound to find one. The things are not supposed to be bad all the time and one thing is sure to lead to some other thing which you are bound to enjoy later.

Song of the Day: – Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side by Bob Marley

PS1:- Finally I am listening to Bob Marley.. 🙂 As you can see
PS2:- Requiem for Dream, a must watch.. Such an intense movie.. :O
PS3:- Finally started with my NLP App course project today

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5 thoughts on “Whatever Happens.. Happens for good

  1. totally agree with Post … and PS-2,

    i actually downloaded the movie because of the theme …, it took me 5 months to finally sit and watch it …

    but … l8r i realized .. i should have done tht before 🙂

  2. agreed …. nice read becoz it was too short 🙂
    the muvi is really awesome … thnx 2 adi 4 makin me watch it 🙂

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