A year closer to Death

For a student, the years of life don’t pass by with the birthdays but with the passing of each academic session, this is the indication that now you have passed one hurdle in the life and you are one year more mature, having a year of life and study in your kitty. Browsing through my archive, I realized to my amazement that I haven’t written any year ending posts yet so this can is beginning of sorts for me , only thing which comes close to this is the semester ending post which I wrote at the end of 3rd semester which seems like quite some time now, one and half year to be exact (almost). I had planned on writing one more post before this one but Wonder Years always has that strange melancholic and nostalgic effect on me, so I am left with no option but to write this post.

If I say that this has been the most eventful year of my life then it might not be a fallacy altogether. This has been a year of highs (literal and metaphorical) , lows, success, failure, happiness, hurt, finding new friends, rekindling friendship with some, deteriorating relationships with some. I think I have seen it all this year.

One of the biggest event this year was undoubtedly Felicity, 2008, it will sure be a memory of a lifetime.

Had many career issues had to decide on the path to chart after I am done with my B. Tech, started off the year garnering ambitions of a MS, which changed to thinking about MBA and finally now deciding upon job (lazy ass that I am, kaun padhe yaar)

Had one of the best and worst times which I could have with a friend.

Had one of the most painful time and it did hurt and the happiness on the ending of that phase was just exemplary to say the least.

Had the leisure of having two homes in the city where I don’t have any LGs and the pleasure to go there and have a ball while eating good homely food.

Had the good luck of my sister coming to Hyderabad for a job, making 1 out of the 2 homes I mentioned above.

Had the displeasure of trying to handle politicians in the college and realizing that there are very few people you can trust.

Had the realization that somehow I get all too senti about people and things even if they don’t mean that much to me and go overboard in praising them, should try to control this trait in future..

Had 2 road accidents this year, the most for any year till now. 😛

Had 3 of the most beautiful accidents (not sure I can call them accidents) of my life 🙂

Went to quite different levels in some things which need not discussed here.

One of the highlight of this year was me discovering the music of Beatles, a thing I am sure is gonna influence my whole life, I just cant seem to get enough of them.

I am pretty sure that a few years down the line, I am gonna remember this year as one of the most important in my life and a turning point in many things for me. A few many know, few are known to a select few and some might die with me. This has been a year of a lot of firsts for me and except the points mentioned above, I am sure there is not going to be a recollection of my past in my future which will not consist of this present (this year). I am not sure if I can classify this as a happy year or a time of misfortune for me (there has been a bounty of both), rather classify this as mélange which is the case with the life of all of us but I am thankful for all the experiences I had this year, whether they have been good or bad but they have taught me a lot.

One thing more is passing 3rd year makes you feel all grown up as you are now in the final year of your college and ready to step in the big bad world. Ready to face the real music and test the success or failure of the years of preparation you have been doing for this stage of your life.

All in all, a year to cherish consisting of tears and laughters galore, sometimes even tears of happiness and at other times laughter in the face of adversity and heartbreak. Just getting a taste of life and though I lost a few very precious things which never could be mine but still I am loving it.

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai…

Song of the Day: – Yellow Submarine in Pepperland by Beatles

PS1:- Sorry guys for not replying to your comments.. Am too lazy these days.. 😦
PS2:- Will be departing for home in about 48 hours.
PS3:- Intern of almost all the people of our batch started. Moi will get almost a month free.
PS4:- Am addicted to the blog of this dame since yest night.. Must read, you guys(& gals too) !! On my part, must have read more than 50 posts I guess..
PS5:- Please, please, please even if you are amongst my best friends even then don’t ask me about the things written in here, if it was worth telling then I have told you and you can connect the things.
PS6:-This makes it 5 posts in half a month (equals my maxm blogging frequency) and the last post for about a month, will be back to Hyderabad on 9th May.
PS7:- Thinking of writing another post of my girl series making it a trilogy, will do it after coming back I guess.. meanwhile if you want you can check the 2 posts here and here.
PS8:- Well the title and the content of this post dont match much but both are true.
PS9:- I know some of you might be cursing after reading the title and the post.. He he 🙂
PS10:- SA seem to be the only team which troubles India in our own den, they are the best touring team to India without any doubts. Even Aus with their all conquering record falters here
PS11:- Bbye, tata, ciao, sayonara, conge bloggin and you guys for sometime.

Time of Posting – 5:37 AM 4/15/2008

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5 thoughts on “A year closer to Death

  1. nice one … but aftr readin the title i thought u r gonna write about bdayz but it was totally diff from tht … a good read ….
    i wanted to ask u abt sm incidents but now i wont as i can connect most of them 😛 …. i feel PS5 applies to me da most as i keep on asking u 😀 … kahin mere baare mein soch ke hi to nahin likha 😛
    waise abhi 2 din baaki hain ek post aur likh ja … 🙂

  2. [i]”…which seems like quite some time now, one and half year to be exact…”
    “…one of the best and …”
    “… one of the most painful time…”
    “… two homes in the city…”
    “… 2 road accidents…”
    “… 3 of the most beautiful accidents…”
    “… This makes it 5 posts in half a month…”
    “… more than 50 posts I guess…”

    kuch choda hai jiska count nahi lagaya ho ….. agli post me ye bhi likh diyo …. mahine me kitni baar [i]loo[\i] gaya [:P]

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