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I have been quite busy and lazy for last few days busy in the days coz of my intern in Microsoft and lazy just like that which has been the reason for my utterly dismal blogging frequency in the last few days and of course before being busy I was at home attending quite a few functions and having a vacation in Nainital but now I am back and may be I will be back to my blogging form (If Microsoft permits)

So now coming back to the post and talking about what the title suggests…..No my dear friends, I haven’t forgotten the city in which my college is or the name of a premier college in Delhi but this is the work of somebody else.

Well actually it happened one fine day in Microsoft. Actually there is an intern from IIT-Delhi and she and me met on our first day in Microsoft and got around to talking but the post doesn’t concern any chemistry which we might be having 😛 am sorry if you wanted some masaledar stuff… So as it happens yesterday me and her went to the HR bandi coz there was something regarding our offer letters, we had to take our letters and sign them and blah blah . So we were coming back after taking the letter from her just then to her horror she realizes that the name of her college is not IIT-Delhi as she would have expected but IIIT- Delhi 😛 and just a look at her face at that time was more than enough to make my day. The shock and horror, I just loved it. She was like “Why did they write IIIT here?? How can they do this : ( “

And for the first time since I have joined IIIT, I saw a place where IIIT is recognized more than a certain brand called IIT. We IIITians are used to hearing or reading the name IIT-Hyd at a few places but the sheer joy and excitement I felt on seeing a IITian tasting their own medicine was just awesome pretty freaking kool. Just feels great to know that brand IIIT is being recognized. 🙂

Cheers to our alma mata

Song of the Day:- Jane wo Kaise log the by Hemant Kumar from Pyaasa

PS1:- MS is amazing… Its just awesome
PS2:- Had planned to write a post on my MS experience in the first week… may be sometime later
PS3:- Had my most fun vacations back home.. : ) It was just awesome
PS4:- Once again for the umpteenth time Beatles & Sachin  are the Gods. Just listen to “Here comes the Sun” for the proof of first and for the second one… I don’t think anybody needs a proof (atleast in India)
PS5:- Had thought would be writing quite a few PSes today but alas can’t write much!!
PS6:- Ya btw MS is just swarming with IIITians, not a day passes by when you go to cafeteria and you don’t see a ex-IIITian there. There are just too many there. 🙂 Even in my team we have one.
PS7:- Seems this post is quite full of MS references but kya karein control hi nahin hota yaar!!!
PS8:- Feeling sleepy now.. Kal kaam pe jana hai and btw now I realize the value of weekends about which people used to talk so much and I used to wonder.
PS9:- Btw sorry guys for not replying to your comments will do so from now on.
PS10:- Just so that the no becomes 10.

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22 thoughts on “IIIT Delhi

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  2. >>her college is not IIT-Delhi as she would have expected but IIIT- Delhi

    dude! you made my day !!!! suddenly i m feeling filled with extreme powers !!!! I am sure one day we’ll take this very institute to new heights of success 🙂

  3. made my day !! Wow :). that was so coool ( Ms style :P)
    about :
    PS1 can’t agree more
    PS4 : I agree , though would advice u to listen to Frank Sinatra
    PS6 My team has three ex-IIITian’s 🙂 . one is Pm 🙂

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  5. Glad to see u guys so happy about it, but believe me we(IITians) are not worried, the place we are makes just
    ‘Comfortably Numb’ to all these petty compeitions.
    but anyways cheers to you guys……l

  6. @ Kulbir: This made my day too… 🙂

    @ Ajay : It really is kool!!!

    @ Pankaj : ha ha that pleasure was mine…

    @ Chand : Yooooo!!!

    @ Abhijeet : Great bombs!! 😛

    @ ORB : 🙂

    @ Dark-Knight : Seen it all.. but beatles are the best!!

    @ Piyush : Ha ha I wish I could have clicked her photo at that moment..

    @ Karan : Now that you said that.. I can see it!! bt nothing like that… It is “just” coincidental.. 🙂

  7. Hey !! We IIITians are gonna overtake MS soon…. 🙂
    Amazon pe to apna kabza hai hi….and Ankush and Somani we’ve gr8 expectations 4m u for Google…

    10-15% interns this year from India in MS are from IIIT-Hyderabad only…
    nd another 4 interns in MSR…

    IIIT rocks….

    Thanx Himank….it felt great

  8. so finally IIIT is getting recognised …. its really nice to hear this …. you shud have clicked a pic of her expressions …. and btw IIIT roxxxxxxxxx

  9. bhai mazaa aa gaya padh kar….IIIT Delhi rokks ..upps i mean IIIT Hyderabad 🙂
    keep writing blogs like this …hav a gud time in MS with IIIT Delhi student 😉

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