Bollywood V/S Hollywood and We Indians

I have been thinking of writing this post for quite some time and finally I came down to writing on this topic and this is not gonna be a comparison of the quality of the movies in both the “woods” or any other concept which you would think of but this is gonna be about the difference in the way both the worlds display the lady form or to say in common terms the type of exposure in both the woods.

Nobody would dare disagree that the exposure in Hollywood is much much more than that in Bollywood. In Hollywood, frontal nudity is not such a big thing and most famous actresses have atleast once been topless in their career while in Bollywood, this is a big no no.. You can only think of a few actresses like Dimple(Sagar), Mandakini(Ram teri Ganga Maili) and may be some others who have gone so far.

But there always has been a difference in the portrayal which sets the two movie industries apart, in Bollywood if there is some exposure, the directors do make sure that nobody can miss it and it will be stressed upon so much that such scenes can remain in your mind for ever, one such example which comes to my mind is the song “Bheega Bheega December” from the movie “Chocolate”, you just have to see Tanushree Dutta and just how much stress is given on each and every asset of her body.

Hollywood on the other hand, I think at many places the nudity is shown even where it could be done away with it (and I am not complaining at all) but somehow the nudity is shown in “sort of” way, not stressing too much on it, giving you a good look 😛 but it is quite casual.

As everybody knows that movies are always a reflection of the society in which they are made, then does this thing also reflects the notion that we the Indians are “Sexually starved” always looking for sex and making even the simplest scenes most erotic (Again one of the best example which comes to my mind is the song from Chocolate) and those people can make such sexual things seem so casual.

Till date I can see only one Hindi movie director who showed such things in a casual way, atleast it seemed to me and that was Raj Kapoor, he has been credited with getting all his heroines to expose but generally it wasn’t an emphasis on the “parts” of the actresses.He can be said to be the most Hollywood like Director in India, in this aspect!!!

One more thing which is so sickening in us Indians is the fact that we can’t talk about things, even in such educated environment like ours, girls shy away from talking about things like Period, agreed there are a few who are comfortable talking on such subjects (like one of them who explained me the concept of cup sizes) but most girls wouldn’t talk about such things. Recently one friend of mine got angry with me coz I was talking about Period with her and she didn’t talk to me for a few weeks, I guess by then she got over that shock, but I was pretty disappointed by such behavior!! Come on… You aren’t a nursery kid or a lady who was brought up in 60s or even 80s and still you think such things are taboo!! This is just a normal thing in your life.. Why the hell do we have to be so hush about it???

Well I guess this is much explicit stuff for a post.. Should end it now!! 😛 Or some Shiv Sena guys are gonna hang me!!

Song of the Day:- Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (Once again!! Thanks mythalez for the song, though this is slower than the movie version)

PS1:- Listen to the song Dum Laga from the movie “Dil, Dosti Etc”, lyrics of the song are worth it, you will ROFL!!!
PS2:- Got 2 b’day gifts this Sunday!! One of which was my first “Nike” thing!!
PS3:- Mumbai Indians fucking out of IPL!!! 😦 Fk you… Mr. Fernando!! :X
PS4:- Btw net is fucking slow in college these days!! Dunno why!! Never has it been so slow in my 3 yrs!

Edit : The term sexually starved is just a repeat of the many articles you read and I am just wondering aloud, so dont start blasting me if you think it isn’t an appropriate term

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16 thoughts on “Bollywood V/S Hollywood and We Indians

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  2. dont worry shiv-sena are also against internet and they will “never” visit ur website 😀 .

    btw nice observation 😀 .

  3. I don’t think women shy away from talking such things with ‘necessary’ ones. sorry, but I only talked with a handful of girls till date. I mean if there a need, they’ll definitely do so. eg:health issues.

    don’t you think imitating hollywood is a sick thing? Instead they should come up with ‘own’ creativity which could be globally appealing. possible? 😛

  4. I had a similar episode when a friend got angry for a very silly reason.

    It so happened that we were chatting and she was saying things like, “When are cumin ?” and, “I’ll b cumin late..” etc etc. After a while I just couldn’t resist and told her, “You shud prolly b using come and not cum” … and thats it, done.

    That was when i was in 2nd year and from her tone i reckon she very well still thinks of me as some perverse person. And here i must mention that this girl is not some “gaon ki chhori” but a topper at one of the NIT’s and placed well.


  5. so much for the holly-bolly row… talk abt ‘gals’ …. well there are gals (as you’ve adequately put) who wudn’t hesitate to talk abt sex or whatever…….. but at the same time not all the guys are comfortable either….. so you shud weigh both sides….. and on the similar note i wud strongly say…. half of the guys who wud talk all the ‘shit’ when with their pals won’t even have guts to go and just have a normal conversation with gals (ice-breaker) , sex-talk is way too much for them…… so i
    m not complaining. everyone’s their own views or reservations against certain things…. and let it be that way…. i won’t want a gal to start talking abt anything she feels uncomfortable about just to make her realize that she wud be more ‘open minded’ or ‘modern’ or whatever by doing so……….

  6. @ Kranthi : Thank you.. If you felt so!! 🙂

    @ Maruti : Bit relieved now!! 😛

    @ Gopal aka Santosham : Hmm.. I personally feel women generally don’t like talking about such things… Now when it comes to health, you obviously have to talk about such stuff but I am talking about general conversations you have

    @ Gopal : LOL!! 🙂 Well I dont know much about what she thinks about me.. After all who can understand what WOMEN think.. but its ok ‘tween us, I guess… though I am not gonna talk to her about something like that

    @ Pankaj : Ya gotta agree with you.. generally guys too dont talk much about such things and this was supposed to be about people in general but since there have only been gals with whom I have had such experiences so it involuntarily went in this direction… and I too also don’t believe in talking if the other person is feeling uncomfortable but the main question is.. Why to feel uncomfortable???

    @ karan : Ya seriously man.. you can’t expect such mistakes from such a senior person but if Fernando hadn’t bowled a wide and then if he would have stopped the ball when it went belw his hand, Jayasuriya wouldn’t have come into picture thats why Fernando is the real villian!!!
    Btw can’t write the word Fuck??? some censorship issues kya?? 😛

  7. @Pankaj, totally agreed.
    @Himank, ‘why uncomfortable?’ is way too difficult to answer buddy, but you see, many things come into action once two persons get into a conversation. To end it peacefully, both of them must be paying attention to each other’s sensitive issues. right?

  8. I noticed “these” types f post attract lots of comments, I rem ur earlier post on “cleavage” which was flooded with comments, where none agreed with other and nothing was concluded.

    I still have my view:
    Is it coz of our bearing from our culture…..but then some people say India is the land where Kamsutra was written, where the tamples of Khajorao, konark depicts erotic sculptures- depicted so boldly…..but then it is also the same land where artist like MF Hussain live in exile for portraying the nude art on canvas.

  9. I just thought y do u need to know about girls period and all their personal things that a boy can not have??
    BTW somethings should be hidden otherwise the “quest” will go and we will not have fun that exist today. 😛

  10. hey. hope u remmeber me. Good post. Good to see that u r frank abt ur observations.
    BTW, if u remember, i live in the US, and while reading ur post I couldnt help remember the time when two of my “male” american friends said that the bollywood music videos are like almost porn, and when I told them these movies are usually PG they were like “No way”.
    I personally am more comfortable watching a hollywood movie in front of my parents than watching an “item-number”. 🙂 good day.

  11. @ Gopal : Well thats obviously correct about giving attention to other person’s sensitvity, No doubts about that but the thing I am talking about is redefining the threshold for the point at which other person’s starts minding the things…

    @ Mythalez : Each and everything differs from culture to culture but why should we be stuck on being tight lipped ppl who can’t talk about things

    @ Maruti : I have written many posts with deceptive titles to make them attractive and could have done it for this one too but felt otherwise..

    @ Yogesh: Ya ppl have generally commented on the 2nd part which wasnt the focus of this post.. This post was mainly about the Movie Industries and that part was just an aside.. Guess it must have been fault on my part maybe didn’t emphasize it tha much!!

    @ R : There are things worth being kept in drapes and things worth knowing.. Its upto you to decide what is what!!

    @ Anonymousindiangirl : Ofcourse I rmrm you.. FIrst of all I am quite pleased to know that people regularly follow my blog even outside my circle.. 🙂 Well btw you are the first one who commented on the main topic of this post.. 🙂 Hey btw I would love to talk to you.. If you think I am not perverse enough after reading my posts then drop me a line at himanksharma[at]gmail[dot]com 😀 (I thought of doing this after the last post on which you commented but decided against it then.. but can’t control my curiousity now.. 😛 )

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