Every freaking body who is reading this post must be aware of the meaning of this much famed word which was come into much use specially with the use of mobile phones, web – cams & digi cams, but  I am not going to write on the usual meaning of the word and though my usage of the word is wrong but hell who cares instead  What I wanna write about is voyeurism of a different kind(if I can classify it in this category)this is about peeping into the life and thoughts of a person.

I think it must be the most painful thing for any individual to know that a person knows the thoughts which you have in your head, I feel this must be the worst infringement (atleast this is what I feel).

And at some level everybody is voyeur in this sense of the word, each and everyone is more than just concerned in whats going on with others and their lives, almost everybody loves to gossip and the desire to get into other’s minds and know their secrets must have been the real cause behind the games like Truth or Dare, sure its for fun at times but the basic motive behind this game can be none other than the aforementioned one.

On the personal front, I think that a person getting to know whats going on in my mind and things about my personal life is much much worse than suppose a MMS of me is released 😀 (though I would be glad to see who would be interested in seeing me in my birthday suit 😛 ) and I think generally the guys will be thinking the same way but I am wondering what would the reaction of the fairer sex  be ?? ( I am counting on you anonymousindiangirl for this answer coz as you can see there aren’t many female commentors on my blog.. Hope you haven’t forgotten my blog link)

Song of the day: – Let ‘em In by Paul McCartney, CrackerBox Palace by George Harrison & No No Song by Ringo Starr (For the first time I have 3 songs of the day, have had 2 songs a few times ) and these are by 3 of the Fab Four (Beatles! For ye ignorant fellas)

PS1:- Got so much to write on but lethargy has taken over me coupled with work!! 😦
PS2:- 2 days back, a friend of mine asked me the name of the last coloured movie I had seen and to my amazement I can’t seem to rmr seeing any coloured movie for the last 2 months, I think!!
PS3:- That’s it… One of my small posts. I rarely write so less on any topic, whatever it be and this had the potential to develop into a long one but as I mentioned before.. Lethargy my friends..
PS4:- This is a reply to ur comment on the last post.. hope this title is appealing to you.. 🙂
PS5:- Btw for your info guys.. Paul McCartney (of Beatles) is the most successful song writer with 29 No.1 hits to his credit!! 😀

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8 thoughts on “Voyeurism

  1. MAN…… i was thinking of the literal ‘voyeurism’ …… coz it wud have been really interesting to read …… but i guess things like Truth n Dare are good fun…….. but at times… when things get ugly.. they cease to be fun…. 😀

  2. hey!
    So you had been waiting for a comment from a female, here it is! It was a few minutes back when I told about some of your blogs to my friends and all of us agreed that girls aren’t as inquisitive as you boys are. And seriously we do not care enough to know your secrets or the boyish talks/acts you indulge in. I do not mean that we are not at all curious but I guess we are attracted to other things more than in boyish MMS(as you quoted) or such stuff. And yeah we definitely would love to know what’s in a person’s mind( conditions apply) and we too enjoy games like truth and dare!
    PS: Himank you are a serious blogger!

  3. ummm..i am not entirely sure what u really mean by that question.
    But to make things clear I am not interested to see you or any other person, of any sex, I know in an mms of “that” nature. And i doubt any other girl would be, though of course if such an mms does circulate around, count on us girls to speed up the circulation and have a lot of fun and giggles watching u in ur birthday suit 😛
    I dunno if that answered ur question. And for the other theme of ur post, i guess every person is curious to know what everyone else (s)he knows is thinking abt, but that totally depends on how much u know/like that person. But that’ll be a messy world.

  4. @ Pankaj : Post on the literal sense.. Hmmm.. Some other time may be!! 😛

    @ Mansi : Well I am not saying about ppl interested in MMS or not.. I am talking about people interested in whats going on in your life

    @ AnonymousIndianGirl : That wasnt my question… My ques was simple.. What would you dread more.. ppl getting to know all the secrets of your life or a MMS and not whether you wouldl ike to see a MMS of anybody thats evrybdy’s own choice!

  5. okay thats makes much much more sense. 🙂

    But thats a very subjective question. And I think one wud differ from another in one’s answer more because of being a different person than being of a different gender. In my case I dread neither. When I was younger I guess I wud have said i wud rather be in an mms, but I guess I wudn’t mind if any of my secrets come out. But thats just me and its not because i am a girl, but because there is nothing in my life or in my mind that wud do more bad than good for me or anyone if revealed. i hope that answered ur question.
    Some boys I’ve spoken to seem to be scared of what will happen when they get married and start living with and spending most of their time with someone, all the bs they have done, including somethings that have become a part of their life, things they wudnt want their parents and wife to know for a fact. “Secrets”. Have a feeling that you are scared of the same kind of things.

  6. @ anonymousindiangirl : Well there is nothing I have done which would not like to hide from my future wife but for sure there are many things which I wouldnt want my parents to know.. I would be shocked if you don’t have some secrets from your parents.
    I am afraid of the fact of my thoughts being broadcasted, the thoughts that cross my mind, the way I think about people the thoughts about people which I fear need not necessarily be bad but they might be different. I dont want people to know what I think about my life, what dreams I dare dream, which things make me proud of myself and which things make me look down upon myself as some lowly creature. This is my space in the mind and my life and I wouldnt for sure want to share with so many unknown faces and names who might just be looking at me as somebody who is just the victim of their curiousity and is certainly a nobody for them.
    I wouldnt mind sharing most of these things with people to whom I matter but broadcast of such things…. NAaaaah!!!

  7. sure thing. Everybody wants privacy.
    Its not like my parents know everything abt me, but there’s nothing I wud not want them to know, or anything that wud hurt them beyond repair. but again, thats just me.

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