Failures of IPL

Many people have written about IPL, the success stories of IPL and the players who are going to shine in the near future so here I am with the players who promised the moon in the starting but couldn’t even start take a leap.

Shahid Afridi :- A man tailor made for the shortest format of the game, Man of the Series in T20 World Cup, with 81 runs in the tournament with a highest of 33, he can be dubbed as the biggest failure coz there is so much you expect from Afridi in a T20 tournament but he didnt only fail.. He failed miserably.

Misbah Ul-Haq :- The real star for Pakistan in the T20 WC, he bailed out the team from so many difficult situations and almost won the WC for them (except for that shot!! Yayyy!! 😀 ) but in IPL, only famous player in Bangalore line up who is not a Test-Specialist in the Test Team and all he could muster was a measly 117 runs at 16.71 even tailenders of some teams must have score more than him..

Ishant Sharma :- The 19 year old lad who captured the imagination of Cricketing Fraternity by troubling the Australian batsmen no end but with just 7 wickets in 13 matches in India, he couldn’t justify even half of the price for which was paid for him. We need somebody like Srinath, who could succeed even on the dull and lifeless pitches of India.

Muttiah Muralitharan :- Few people know better the art of taking wickets than this guy with almost 1200 International Wickets but all he could manage was 11 wickets at an avg of 36.72, even Joginder Sharma had a better avg than him. Not the sort of stuff you would expect from him, I was expecting atleast in the final, he would do something but alas!! 😦

Chaminda Vaas :- One of the most experienced bowler on the circuit and Deccan would have expected much more from him, I dunno why he only played only 5 matches, was it because of some injury scare or may be his performance forced the captain to decide on his exclusion, I think the 2nd one coz didnt hear any news about him being injured but 5 wickets at an avg of 29 n economy rate of 8.52 don’t augur well for a player like him.

Harbhajan Singh :- Can’t say much about his performance coz he only got to play 3 matches but the “Slapgate” won’t be forgotten for long and he also provided opportunity for the Australians to open their mouths against him. He was a major shame to Cricket and specially to the reputation of Indian Cricket.

Others :

Jacques Kallis -: Nobody expected much from a player who was blamed for playing slow even in ODI WC, but even then an avg of 18.09 is pathetic for a batsman his class.

Shoaib Malik -: I surely expected more from the Pakistan captain, 2 wickets and 52 runs to his credit surely don’t justify his talent..

Ricky Ponting-:Can be given the benefit of doubt coz he just got to play only 4 matches but there were 2 ducks out of those 4 innings.

Virat Kohli -: After showing such promise in U19 WC, he couldnt cope up with the real men.

Scott Styris-: 112 runs from 8 matches just don’t suit his reputation.

Shoaib Akhtar-: came to the team after such a ruckus and fizzled after the first match mayhem.

Dilhara Fernando -: The villian of the IPL for me for the last over he bowled in the match against Rajasthan.

Mohd. Kaif -: The only player from Rajasthan in the list, i thought he played okay but to my surprise, he only had an average of only 16 in 16 matches he played. He perhaps fumbled up the last chance to get a birth in ODI team again.

Lasith Malinga -: I dunno why the slinger didnt get any match to play?? :O

Song of the Day:- Pappu Can’t Dance from Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na

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10 thoughts on “Failures of IPL

  1. D’accord!
    Seriously, There were huge expectations from Afridi, Kaif, Misbah, etc. but many new players were the pick of eye, which is quite good!

    Nice One! 🙂

  2. yeah accept with all of them….. i think gibs can also be added to the list…. even uthappa hasnt fired, boucher too…

    anywayzz gud post….

  3. I wont call Murali a failure. Yes, he didn’t pick up wickets, but he was quite successful in stemming the flow of runs. As for Malinga, hes injured dude. He was replaced by Bravo in the team.
    The rest of the list is quite fine..
    Didn’t like your last post, isliye no comments 😀

  4. Bhai Har din diwali thode hi hoti hai … !!

    aur accha hi hai, agar yeh saare established players perform ker lete to 1st class vallon ko kaun notice kerta … 😀

  5. Dont say anything for Kaif … agreed he didnt performed in his batting … but there are other areas where one can perform … you didnt noticed the fielding side of Kaif… he saved a lot for RR … one of the factors in RR win….

  6. @ Shubham : Ya seriously man… Thanx waise!! 🙂

    @ Rohit : All these were on my radar.. and uthappa, I was thinking of keeping him but it just slipped my mind

    @ Maroo : The thing is.. His Economy was sumthing like 6.9 and others had sumthin in range of 8 so he just saved 5 runs a match, not much I think.. but a wicket would sure have matterd more than this

    @ Ankit : Haan ye bhi sahi bola… 🙂 Youngsters ke baare mein soch rahe the vo

    @ Kunal : Well for me.. KKR were not a good outfit.. most of the matches they won were because of Individual brilliance, whether it be the first one or the one in which Shoaib blasted the opponents or the 2 matches because of brilliant innings by Ganguly. So I wouldnt say their performance declined.. they were just one man wonders.

    @ Prashant : How many runs did he save a match?? Was it 30-40.. I think not!! Even if you add this to his avg, even then his avg would not be ok

    @ Bharat : Ya i rmr that but I think he was better with bat in the WC than this and here even with the ball barring a few matches, he wasnt upto the mark

  7. who cares who did what in IPL…tell me one thing who the fuck is going to play test cricket for India when sachin, saurav, rahul, laxman retire..ahh let me not lament …have done that tonnes of time.

  8. @ Abhijeet : I will perhaps also add Kumble to the list you gave, well one thing we have to do is try to adjust ourselves to this situation, these guys wont be playing for long and it is just a folly to even imagine some people who can stand up to these guys, these type of people come once in generations and we should just respect them but well… All good things must come to an end… and as for lamenting, I dunno how much interest will be left in cricket for me when Sachin retires, as I have said many times, he is the definition of Cricket for me..
    These guys are Greats man… and I dont think such a great line up must have ever or will ever play for India, people not only Great Crickters but also Great Individuals evn after achieving such heights!!
    PS 1: Last 2 comments I have written are ample proof to the fact that I am in a rambling mood now..
    PS 2: For the first time.. PSes in comment for me :D… Cheers!!

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