Chronicles of a PJ Queen

Inspired by the posts of Jayaram, I decided to add my share to the wealth of PJs on net. I am not much of a PJ guru but these are the PJs of a friend of mine of the PJ Queen fame.

So here I present the PJs. Well lets call her M from now on to save a few extra characters I have to type for referring to her as “A friend of mine” or “Meghna” (which happens to be her name)

So the first one :

One day M sees a friend of her wearing Puma socks and starts chiding her for wearing things which belong to others, the friend of her stumped by the reactions begged her for an explanation and after much pleading and naak-ghisai, she got to know the reason for the statement and the reason was simple.

She was wearing the socks of “Pu” ki “ma”, If you didn’t get it then I guess you can refer to a certain movie called K3G

Now the second one

Its a definition which you might not have heard yet.. 🙂 but for sure you are gonna remember this one.. 😛

So one day, the high and mighty the Queen M decides to talk to this poor fellow and asks a question, the question was

“Poetry ki maa ka nam kya hai?”

Left with no answer and no option but to ask her forgiveness for being such a bad person, so that I can be spared her PJs. I did so and finally got to know the answer and the answer is

Raima Sen….

If you are still wondering how this is possible, then, my friends

It is Rhyme-maa Sen… Hope this makes it more clear. 🙂


Song of the Day :- For the umpteenth time, American Pie by Don McLean , this 8:30 minute long has been played more than 450 times by me.. 🙂 Goes to say something about how much I like this song.

PS1:- Came back to campus at 9:30 today.. Quiiiite early by our standards
PS2:- Would have liked to publish this post again from Live Writer but alas I am at home and too lazy to install Live Writer on my system now.
PS3:- A.R. Rehman is the master, his music can’t ever be even average, it always has to be atleast good and maximum chances of it being stupendous. Once again the music of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na (Hope the no of “.” after Tu are correct) is great!!
PS4:- Must be posting 2 posts in 2 days after a long time.
PS5:- When am I gonna get my stipend :(( I want money Honey!! Hope sumbdy listens to this plea.

System Time of Posting : 12:42 AM 6/5/2008

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7 thoughts on “Chronicles of a PJ Queen

  1. hehe….I am a victim of these pjs as well! I guess the puma thing was narrated by me on chat[:D]. Anyways good work. Meghz will feel honoured when she discovers this post.

  2. @ Pankaj : My candidate is all ready for it!!

    @ Jayaram : “Pooh” or “Pu” was the name of Kareena kapoor’s character in the movie and babeeta is the mother of kareena 😛

    @ Mansi : That was exactly her comment when I made her read my post..

    @ Kunal : Thnx!! (from her side)

    @ Karan : azg

    @ Maruti : As if you can crack better ones than her…

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