Love at First Sight

One of the most used phrases in the history of mankind. Many a times, in the movies, we see the characters of the movies falling for each other, the first time they see each other and afterwards the life for them is just a joy ride. I never could believe in love at first sight, how preposterous can it be to fall in love without, leave apart knowing, talking to each other.

But suddenly the idea doesn’t seem that weird now, after what happened yest… It sure was love at first sight, I have never felt the same for any girl. The first time I looked at her. It was something special; it was like the metaphorical bells were really ringing for me. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had for somebody just at the first glance, looking her for the first time I could have felt the blood rushing and gushing into my heart and the thumping of my heart could have deafened me. If ever there ever was an angel for me in this world, it couldn’t have been any one else. If girls have their knight in shining armour for whom they wait for ages, then the girl in front was my princess in Golden Dress, the one who could complete all my love stories.

I could also see her smiling back at me and if ever there was a time when I wished for the Gods to descend upon the earth and stop the sun from moving and the clocks from ticking then there couldn’t have been any other, but this was not to be, she passed away in a whiff leaving me wretched and heart-broken while me being too dumbfounded to even move a sinew couldn’t go and stop her.

But Gods can’t be so cruel to you if the matters are so grave and after running here and there frantically looking for traces of her and trying to smell the air of her presence, I finally found her looking here and there as if searching for something or somebody she had lost. The butterflies in my stomach had turned into giant mammoths by now and I was feeling as if instead of the cool air rushing from the A.C., it was the inside of a kiln I was standing in with my body feeling as if a fever raging inside me was trying to burn me like the fires of hell. After losing her once, I couldn’t let this happen again and I started running towards her mustering all the strength and adrenaline bursts I could.


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18 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. I wont be telling anything.. except that this is not purely imaginary though a bit exaggerated and you will have to guess from the post itself about the questions you wanna ask.The hint is there..
    Another thing I can tell is that she was wearing a pink coloured top because this was the thing which helped me find her after losing track of her..

  2. way tooo filmy … way toooo poetic … seems to be tooo much imaginary … unable to believe its true …. if there is a sequel may be that will help us to believe it

  3. again love??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????god help this soul:))


    i know 1 comment was enough but i jst could not help myself…for the uninitiated i must introduce myself… i m one of the best frnds of himank ( though i might not be after this comment) . before the sequel post everyone must have the prequel post, so here it is in as short as possible:

    Himank is cupid’s favorite child…he has been in and out of love a hundred times…these love-experiences of his began when he was still in his diapers and have continued since then… i know mostly about those which were in or around 11th or 12th…
    first dere was a girl from anandnagar branch…then a girl A… who used to advise him upon the anandnagar girl…then a certain B.. who used to advise him abt A… then a certain C… who we all used to advise X abt…then it was D… who was C’s frnd … and the list goes on…and now this dream girl

    but the list is not my point… i m a fan of this guy for being able to fall in and out of love over and over again…all he needs to do is talk to a girl once…(an he does not believe in love at first sight … lolz) … to fall in love with her. whats better is the variety … he’s been in love with his best frnd…his best frnd’s best frnd…his girl frnd…his girl frnd’s best frnd…his best friend’s girlfrnd…his sister’s frnd…his frnd’s sister and all other possible combination … this time a stranger

    how can some one be such an infinite ocean of TRUE love… i m sure even jesus cud not love more … and the best thing is that even after having been in love for so many times he still cares enuf to write blogs abt it … hats off to the lover boy, the only true romantic i hv ever met…

  5. @ Vipul : If its about luv at first sight.. then it gotta be poetic n filmy coz the funda itself is filmy..

    @ Bullzy : Thanx man… 🙂 Think this is ur first comment on my blog.. GG to me!! 😛

    @ Mansi : Me too waiting to write it up..

    @ Riya : Can there be any help better than love for any individual..

    @ Karan : Thanx dude.. emotions come out nice when you have felt them urselves…

    @ Kunal : Thanx.. 🙂 Isnt this whole thing very dreamy and out of the world.. Doesnt this seem like a dream come true..

    @Chand : Well she is sundar this time my frnd…

    @ Piyush : Sale mote fatte marne ke alawa aur kuch karega???

    @Sushant : Mere bhai I have no problems ki tune meri mari.. big deal man!! ..but the main prob was that the mnemonics u used were very similar to the real names and anybody could have guessed the names and I don’t want that to happpen.. coz then it will be about that girl.. I was thinking that i will put the comment up after replacingthe names by A,B,C n so on…. Btw u are mistaken about a few, not everyone was advising me as you have pointed out… Some of them were not related to their predecessors.
    And I havnt deleted ur comment.. Just spammed it so that I can put it again after changing the names, if you give me the permission

  6. tum to senti ho gaye dost…chalo i’ll never again comment on ur blog if u wish so (i hv already cmntd on ur nxt blog …hope u dont mind) … but come on it was funny till you dint get all senti… i was portraying u like DCH’s saif ali khan … but u dont seem to share the humour… and to start crying like a baby over such trivial stuff and to start making personal comments , is so childish…grow up dude.

  7. Well as you said.. I have done that… Everything is fine until its with me man!!!
    But didnt xactly like the one about best frnd’s gf… which might have incited me…
    N come one you asshole.. I want comments from you on all posts…

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