Love at First Sight – II

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It sure was love at first sight, I have never felt the same for any girl. The first time I looked at her. It was something special; it was like the metaphorical bells were really ringing for me. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had for somebody just at the first glance, looking her for the first time I could have felt the blood rushing and gushing into my heart and the thumping of my heart could have deafened me. If ever there ever was an angel for me in this world, it couldn’t have been any one else. If girls have their knight in shining armour for whom they wait for ages, then the girl in front was my princess in Golden Dress, the one who could complete all my love stories…..

After losing her once, I couldn’t let this happen again and I started running towards her mustering all the strength and adrenaline bursts I could.

I reached out and tapped gently on her shoulder, she turned her head with a gentle swish of her beautiful hair and at that instant none of us needed say any word. I just looked into her eyes and could see the feelings replicated in her eyes. Her eyes spoke the volumes which our combined voices wouldn’t have spoken in our years of existence in this world.

The magical marquee was lifted when I realised the fact that people of my team (Microsoft) were looking at us and whispering among themselves. After waking up from this combined dream we found ourselves being stared by a plethora of people. Without any utterance of syllables from any of the lips, the line of thought was conveyed that the place wasn’t right to get lost in the dreamy world of love so we decided to make a quick escape. Few quite moments of walking in hurried pace, I realized that I hadn’t even spoken to her and didn’t even know her name. I tried to pop up the question but my throat was too dry to speak out, finding me looking at her, she did the favour herself by saying the name in the most magical voice I had ever heard…(Well ok, it wasnt the most magical voice but at that time it felt something special)

Just at that moment, her father came, from I don’t know where and she started going with him . Perhaps it was the adrenaline which was still pumping in my body or may be it was the effect of love, but whatever it was, it wasnt one of the wisest decision on my part to ask her father if she could be with me for some time while they were there at the place and she could go with him when they were leaving. Not the wisest of actions to take at any time but the good samaritan Cupid seemed to be wroking overtime for my sake as the man instead of cursing me like hell (which was to be expected), just smiled at me. I am pretty sure that Cupid was working overtime here. First you have such an encounter and then the father of the girl smiles at you at such a preposterous proposition. This can’t ever happen without blessings from above, and I was having abundance of them.

Most of the things after this passed in a daze with details being of negligible interest to me or her. The only thing I seem to remember is the fact that we came to a fridge (the ones which are kept in MS and are stacked with cold drinks) and I had a bottle of Maaza while talking nothing specific as such with none of us having any thing to about with both being completely ignorant of each other except the name part and the looks department.

This is all what I can remember before my eyes opened and I found myself sleeping in a bed at Lahari Resort… Ya this was a dream after all… How can such things be real, but I am not giving it up yet. She was an unknown and she sprang up in my dream from nowhere and the main thing being her face was all clear not blurry as it generally happens in dreams, the face which most unfortunately I dont remember much now. For the first time in my life, on that morning I regretted the fact that I wasnt a good sketcher, if I were, I could have etched that face which was still fresh in my mind that time, but now I am left with no other option but to remember her pink top… 😦

I for one am taking this as a signal from God that something is gonna happen (ain’t that ever optimistic!!), just kidding!! But one thing which has happened after this dream is that now I can’t outrightly reject the notion of “Love at First Sight” coz even though it happened in a dream but I really felt something special which might happen in 1 out of million cases and I am lucky to experience this feeling (doesnt matter even if it was in dream but I will cherish it).

PS1:- Kunal now you know why it was tagged Dream, You are the only one who acknowledged the fact.
PS2:- If ppl had read that comment I left on my previous post, then this wouldnt have been such a mystery.
PS3:- Wanted to stop the post this time when her father come but would have been myself bored with continuing same thing 3 times, I dunno how people write shows.
PS4:- I will call this experience as “Pseudo” Love at First Sight. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Love at First Sight – II

  1. as expected …. now its hard to even believe whether the dream thing is true or just a story to write 2 posts [:P]

  2. a lot of fiction there but i dint mind coz, as they wud say in the wonder years :

    ” Maybe that’s not exactly what happened. But that’s the way it should have happened, and that’s the way I like to remember. And if dreams and memories sometimes get confused oh well… That is as it should be ” …

  3. great narration dude…
    and I can totally empathize, I have had one amazing vivid dream where the details were so real that the feeling did not leave me for many many days…

    and do some research on Lucid Dreams, I think you would be interested 🙂

  4. koi nahin be.. we will start the “pink top girl” search after the collg starts …
    meanwhile aur aise aache sapne dekhte reh….
    and is baar baat cheet se aage ka bhi kuch dekh lena …. I mean after all its your dream…

  5. “I just looked into her eyes and could see the feelings replicated in her eyes. ”

    In reality this sentence would have read :-
    “I just looked into her eyes and she looked back at me as if I was weird. Then she turned and went away muttering angrily”


  6. life a fairy tale…..i hope ur dream cumes true!!!I realized its only a myth tat gals dream abt thr dream it…just hav a look..:)

  7. @ Vipul : Well what did you expect of such a story???

    @ Maruti :He he.. Pls dont bring me down to his level… 😛

    @ Ankit : Well cozthis is the stuff that dreams are made of… 😉

    @ Maroo & Pagare : I was thinking of makin it 3 parts.. How would it have felt then in the end?? Abd btw that meeting somebody thing on Sunday.. wasn’t that a great one!! 😛

    @ Sushant : May be if I write it 20 years later.. then I might write it differently!! 😛

    @ Yogesh: 🙂

    @ Kunal : Thanks a lot.. Coming from you.. it felt great!! 🙂 And ya great to know that my effort is being recognized.. This was one of the very few times except when I write poems when I concentrated on writing well.. 😀

    @ Chand : Try n try until u succeed.. thats my motto!!

    @ Rohit : He he.. Still orkut addict..comeon man its passe!!

    @ Mythalez : Ha ha.. this would have happened if you were there in my place.. but these types of things don’t happen with me 😛

    @ Anubha : My untrained mind couldnt make much after you hoped that my dream comes true.. BUt hell you said the most important thing.. I just wish that this dream could come true….

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