Kapil “Controversy” Dev

Ye world hai na world, ismein do type ke famous cricketers hote hain, ek jo take retirement before people start asking questions about their retirement and even after their retirement maintain a status and some respectability in cricket fraternity as well as in the minds of the people of their country, you can find varied examples of this type of players but then as I said do type ke log(famous cricketers) hote hain, there is this other class who might have been great stars and one of the most succesful players for their country but continue playing just for the sake of some records and even after retiring wouldnt just sit peacefully or do something respectfully but keep blabbering at places where they shouldn’t and being visible at places where they aren’t expected and howling at each and every opportunity they get.

So now this post is about a Cricketer who belongs to the second category, none other than the Great Indian World Cup winning hero, “Kapil Dev”, nobody in his sane mind would argue the fact that Mr. Kapil Dev Nikhanj was one of the best allrounder in his prime time and is arguably one of the best cricketer India has ever produced ( though I would say unarguably it is none other than Sachin but thats a matter of another strata), So i was coming to the greatness of the great man and as many people know that he was the record holder for maximum wickets until a gentleman by the name of Courtney Walsh grabbed it from him. Thing is I havent seen much of his cricket as he retired in 1994 and I started watching cricket in 1996 but there are some facts about him which don’t the later part of his career in bright light. For one, a fact is he got 250 of those wickets(251 to be exact) in the first five years of his career, that is from 78-83 and he was often accused of playing just to get the record but this is also not the main thing bothering me.

The main point of this post is his life after retirement, he is and will always be respected for his cricketing skills but if there is one man who has excelled in always making a fool out of himself is this particular great. Two images which always come to my mind when I think of Kapil Dev, one if ofcourse the young lad of 24 having a dazzling white smile and holding the Cricket World Cup trophy in his hand and the other is of a middle aged man crying in front of the whole world when questioned about his morality. Come on man you can expect an immature kid like Sreesanth to cry like a baby whose lollipo has been taken away but not a man who is been there, done that types.

But my dear friends, all this was past, the newest controversy which includes him is that supposedly a mural of the guy was removed from the PCA Stadium at Mohali and the day I read about this incident here, I was quite hurt at the supposed behaviour of BCCI, agreed he helped in starting ICL, but he is not a convict for God’s sake and he has his achievements which demanded that the mural which was there shouldnt have been removed from the place. As the news gathered some storm and everybody is getting to know about the fact so here we have Kapil Dev back again in the limelight.

The major tihng which surprises me is that a player of his stature whom everybody knows in this country is ruffled by such a small thing. Somehow he doesnt give you the sense of being a big person, he is still at the level of petty level who keep getting miffed by the actions of these petty people. He as one of the great cricketers of India souldnt have cared two hoots about things like this. He should have continued with his usual life, the way it was going on but he had to go to media had to create a “tamasha” and do everything in his power to make this as big an issue as possible.

One thing I am still not clear is what he wants. Cricinfo says that he just wants his memorabilia back from them which is not such a bad thing but this oucld have been done  in a more dignified manner and without involving the media into this. Another thing which is being shown in the news channels is that he wants the mural to be reinstated, if this is the case then I have no words to say about the greatness of such a person and would just say that rarely you will find such limelight hogging humbugs. Though I am still trying to be on the positive side and believing what is written in Cricinfo and not going with what is being shown in the news. Hope somebody who has TV can clarify what exactly the issue is,

Song of the Day:- I’ve got a feeling and Two of Us from Let It Be by Beatles

PS1:- Listening to Beatles after a long time these days, after a break of almost 3 weeks.
PS2:- And they continue to rock as always..
PS3:- Had a deadline on Wednesday in Microsoft, didnt complete the work 😛
PS4:- Weekend coming.. Oh How I love the weekends, only if this AIMCAT wasnt there to ruin the weekend.. Grrrr!! :X
PS5:- Wishing there was more music by Beatles, hope they hadnt dismantled in 1970 and had continued to make more and more music, but these assholes!! :X

System Time of Posting – 2:42 AM 6/20/2008


13 thoughts on “Kapil “Controversy” Dev

  1. @ Karan : Tell my mom the same thing.. Who is hell bent on me preparing for CAT.. not only giving the tests.. ab kuch to karna hi padega!! 😛 So i chose giving the test.. and besides doing the quant section is fun.. Though not quite interested in other 2 sections 😦

    And besides paise diye hain vasool to karne hi hain.. 😀

  2. Well….. being a very good cricketer doesn’t ensure that one would be a great manager or personality as well…….. I guess he’s just a human being and coz of that he gets hurt at things like this……….. he’s just doing his part (too emotionally 😀 )

  3. maroo tera kaat raha hai ye … aise mummy ka naam kehta kehta hi tere se jyada rank le aaega aur teri seat kha jaega [:P]

  4. yeah…. i agree that kapil behaved in a well immaturish way (typo but donno the spelling 😀 ) but bcci should give due resect to those cricketers who were the pillars of indian cricket…..i hope it will change its attitude towards them….

    SACHIN rocks…. and kapil’s cricket too… 😉

  5. @ Pankaj : You expect something from people who are public figures. They like it or not, this is their fate

    @ Vipul : Sale uski seat khane ki aukat kisi ki nahin hai.. AIR-3 is something ain’t it??

    @ Manish : Bah!! Whatevr u say Chu**ye Bachhe 😛

    @ Karan : When did I come in top 10 ??? :O

    @ Manish & Karan : BTW BEATLES ROCK!!!

    @ Rohti (or is it Rohit 😛 ) : No doubt Sachin rocks and I too have no grievances towards Kapil Dev, I too hope BCCI treats him and other 83 heroes with more respect but they are a bunch of business minded assholes..

    @ Piyush : Munna orkut ki duniya se bahar aao..

    @ Abhijeet : Tune to dil pe le li yaar baat.. but this can be a broad categorization of Ex Great Cricketers, you see I have already narrowed down my domain, though you can do cross breeding between the two groups 🙂

  6. As a middle age person who has seen Kapil Dev game as well as Gavaskar and Tendulkar, I don’t agree to whatever you are saying and I have all those analytic and statistics qualifications, see Kapil played for country and has performed in some of the most tough matches I have ever seen, he had to play with Imran khan, Botham, Vivian Richards etc, On other hand Tendulkar has just played for records, board should have given chance to Kapil to continue for few years as batsmen, they didn’t treated the legend in proper way. I have seen Tendulkar’s body language in 2003 world cup final, he never can perform in adverse situation, rather Inzman ul Haq of Pakistan had played and won matches for his country in more adverse situations. Anyway you can’t get the difference since you haven’t seen both times, don’t compare a real legend (Kapil Dev) with legend or Records (Sachin Tendulkar), Problem is in India anybody talks anything without understanding the whole picture and that is why country is in deep mess on all front. Yes i agree Kapil could have raised his stature more after retirement but apart from Imran Khan nobody else was able to do it whether Ian Botham, Richard Hadlee (all rounders) or even legendary Vivian Richards

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