Girls – 3

After two of my posts in the series Girls and Girls-II , I am back again with another analysis of the fairer sex which again can be quite biased, quite inaccurate and blah blah but these are some things about girls which are

There are many charateristics which are quite common all through the fairer sex and you are bound to find them in atleast 99 if not 100% of the women. Some of them I have tried to list here.

First of course is Shopping, Each and every guy you see or have met is tortured by the shopping spree of the females. It doesn’t matter if a lady is sick or on death bed mention shopping and her eyes will lit up  her jammed feet will start moving on their will and nothing in this world can deter her from this noble mission and while shopping they would elongate it as much as possible even if you have liked the first thing shown, you will see all the stock in the shop until the guy has sweat dripping of his head in an AC mall trying to sever them. One great anecdote in this respect is about a time when me & my sister went to the market to buy shoes for me (if I rmr correctly though it might have been a sandal too) and after 3 and half hours of visiting all the footwear shops in Dehradun (ya you can be to every footwear shop in the city in such a little span, we came back home weatherbeaten and without any shoe to show for our pursuit, she was so damn happy saying “aaj to maza aa gaya, saari dukanein ghoom li humne” and I was like @$#%$%^ but girls are girls. There have been numerous instances of me and my father standing and looking at each other with hapless eyes while my mom and my sis would stop at some shop in the Bhutia market in Mussorie to have a look. (This was there in Girls-II though this is different view from that)

Children : I don’t know what happens to girls just at the mention of the name children, they just start behaving differently and if by any chance they see a cute baby, they won’t just leave the baby and budge from the place until and unless they have taken the baby in their arms and inquired about the whole history of the baby from their parents, guys also luv cute children but we just wink at them, smile at them and thats it. Another incident which comes to my mind for this is about an event which happened in Microsoft few days back, it was Bring Your Child to Work, you had to be with kids of the employees of MS for some time, we also volunteered for it but the only motivation for us was the T-shirt which was promised to the volunteers (though we couldnt get it thanks to Adi) but then I was talking to the girl of IIIT-D fame and she had also volunteered for the event and though she also wanted the T-Shirt but she was hell excited about interacting with the kids, even when I told my sis the same and she was like, it would be so much fun with the kids while  we were like shit man!! How will we handle these kids 😦 Though it passed off quite peacefully. Another incident which I remember is, once many of my friends were invited in my b-day cum farewell party after class 12th and the girls were also there and we were all standing in the garden type of area just chattering and all of a sudden all the girls went amiss, after looking here and there we found all of them surrounding a child who was our neighbour (like a pack of  vultures 😛 ). (Hope my school mates still remember that evenig.. It was hell fun man!! 🙂 )  Girls just can’t control themselves.

English : This is a very queer thing which I have noticed but somehow girls tend to use English more often than guys, while talking to a girl you would always feel uncouth and illiterate, Guys can have as good as English as Shakespeare but they will talk to you in desi Hindi, girls on the other hand might be weak in their vocab but they insist on using English for the most common words.. This thing has always puzzled me.. First two are female characteristics and can be explained by very little bit of thought process. The thing is however hard you try english words don’t come that often to your tongue while talking in Hindi but they would be guzzling out english words in the midst of Hindi and these are no high class girls who deem it below their honour to talk in Hindi but they are essentially of ur own “genre”, I don’t know how many people have noticed this but would sure ask you to start noticing it from now on so that I can get some weight for my theory.

Jeeju : Another thing which puzzles me a lot is, the girls will never call the husband of their sister as “Jeejaji” as it is meant to be but each and every girl I have met on the face of earth would refer to (whom we could call Jeejaji) as Jeeju, making me feel as if I am some low class relative of the Jeejaji 😦 . I dont know if there is some girls puran or some rule book which states this but this rule has been tested to perfection by me without finding an exception to date.

Talking freely :
I have delved in this topic in quite a lot of my blog posts that girls dont talk their mind when it comes to things like sex and guys do but one thing which we have to accept is, Indian culture has always treated women in a different way. I have no idea about how many girls watch porn and all but there must be some substantial number but you would be hard pressed to find one. Well again this is not much of a fault of theirs coz people generally will start thinking and talking things about such girls. (Again this was mentioned in Girls-II too )
I wrote about this in the last post too but there I said I havent met any girl who can talk freely but now I must admit that there are a few girls who can talk on subjects like this. Guess much has changed in two years

Well I guess this is it, think 5 points is more than enough and besides I am feeling sleepy

Song of The Day:- I Me Mine from Let It Be by The Beatles

PS1:- Nice series of Articles, Read this guy claiming that Mahabharat took place in the steppes and then this guy refuting him. Do read the comments too if you are interested in History.
PS2:- Pink Floyd were some composers, the music they have made is just out of this world.
PS3:- Btw I am shocked to hear that they are such top sellers and Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best Selling Album ever :O Can never imagine main stream listeners liking their music.
PS4:- Some of the points bear resemblance to the ones in Girls-II but thats because I didnt read that one before writing it and read it just now.
PS5:- It has been almost 2 years for this sequel post of the series to come and I promise to keep adding more to this series as and when I discver more. 🙂
PS6:- First post in this series was all about praising girls, second one, I was registering my complaints, this one is just a neutral view, I dunno what will I do in any sequel if have one in future.

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13 thoughts on “Girls – 3

  1. interesting post ! you seem to be really tired of these typical girlie characteristics. And I write this comment especially because I was amongst the people present on you b’day cum farewell party, hehe I remember it pretty well, amazing food and hospitality; and yeah the kid was so cute, fair and chubby!
    anyways you quoted in a similar post earlier, “uske bina ek pal reh na sakoge tum, usko pata hai ye keh na sakoge tum! ladki kyun na jane kyun ladkon si nahi hoti..”
    You cannot help but put up with such traits, girls too compromise a lot, that is how the balance is preserved.

  2. nice one be ….
    1) on children … even u have great cravings for children and i have seen u sometimes doing the same thing as u mentiones above 😀
    2) “jeeju” thing … recently i asked a girl about this and she said “itna bada naam kaun bole isiliye hum jeeju bolte hain aur ye sweet bhi lagta hai nahin to kya poora jeejaji bolo … cheeeee ”
    3) talking freely one … i feel this is all becoz of the culture and the way of upbringing of girls and some of the girls are really frank and bold enough to talk freely 🙂

  3. bhai mere ko lag raha hai …..main RAMU ki koi movie dekh raha hu 😀

    though i liked d way u narrated ur life experiences in this post 🙂

  4. I wanted to run away from the blog once I saw the title of the post. However, it was well written, you’ve covered a few very genuine points 🙂
    But for heaven’s sake, write on something other than girls and sex.

  5. frustu saale … aur kuch milta nahi hai … yahi bhara hua hai tere dimag me … kabhi kuch aur bhi likha kar … har baar girls ka naam aate hi … ‘they dont talk bout sex’ … ‘cmon we all know pretty well .. atleast after reading so many post on this topic ….

    Now please I beg you … never-ever write about girls not talking about sex ….. X(

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  7. i agree whole heartedly to the shopping point………. but where kids are concerned.. i love them too 🙂 ….. and smtimes it’s so much fun to beat gals at their stupid vocab which they use to sound ‘cool’ 😀 ….

  8. @ Mansi : he he *blushing* It was nothing 😛

    @ Vipul : Who doesnt love children?? I just adore them.. but somehow the way a girl reacts and the way I do is quite diff….

    @ Anshul : RAMU ki movie?? Kyun???

    @ Mythalez: He he.. I didnt know that those 2 posts had so much effect on ur mind.. I thought ppl might have forgotten about them by now.. 🙂 Btw I am nt gonna write in near future about these things.. Don’t worry 🙂

    @ Karan : thanx man.. and ya I promise no more girls n Sex 😛

    @ Piyush : Ya i know I have written too much about it. but kya karein jab is topic pe post likhna tha to vo point bhi add karna pada

    @ Abhijeet : Just to write posts like this.. 🙂

    @ Pankaj : I am not so sure that they do it to sound cool… I dunno somehow it comes to them.. Though I dont know any reasons for it…

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