There are some people in this world who don’t recognize their strengths and weaknesses and try to take on with the big guys around. Recently a friend of mine known by the name Vipul decided to bore me, after trying the same thing and succeeding against Maroo, he thought could take on who else but the high and mighty, Yours Truly, so here I present to you the chat transcript of what transpired on that fateful night… I have been asked by my friends who have read this conversation to put it on my blog.. So here it is

It is a “bit” long but I am sure you will enjoy it.. 🙂 try and read it for all the effort I have put in editing it and making the names Bold so that it is more readable… 😛

Vipul: bhalu
  teady bear
me: kya??
Vipul: teddy*
me: ready steady go..
Vipul: run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run
me: stop..
  i win
Vipul: hadd hai
  chal koi na i won silver
me: u came last
Vipul: who else was running
me: nobody
Vipul: only we two were there na
me: yup thats wy u r last
Vipul: aap dhanya ho bhagwaan
me: ye baat bhagwan ko ja ke bol
  mujhse kyun bol raha hai???
Vipul: bol to raha hoon
me: mujhe bol raha hai
Vipul: haan re dada
me: dada tu hai not me..
Vipul: sir phod loon kya apna main
  kya chahta hai
me: nahin maine aisa kab bola???
  bola kya???
  aur tu sar phodega to mera kya fayda??
Vipul: accha hai na main chala jaunga
kissa hi khatam ho jaega
me: to mujhe saman kaun dega jab zaroorat padegi??

Vipul: haan mc
  bas isiliye yaad aata hoon na main
me: no.. achhe buddhe gali nahin dete..
  aur kya tujhe kya laga???
Vipul: **** mara bc
me: chee chee chee
Vipul: ma ke **** ab aa tu kuch maangne
me: kya mangne aun??
Vipul: **** mara tu
me: kyun maraun??
Vipul: main kah raha hoon isiliye
me: ye koi valid reason nahin hai…
Vipul: mere liye to yehi hai
me: marani to mujhe hai tujhe thodi
Vipul: are
me: ro kyun raha hai???
Vipul: tu kitna bada wala ho gaya hai
me: main to utna hi bada hun..
  jitna pehle tha
Vipul: nahin
  bohot change ho gaya hai tu
me: meri height almost  2 saal se nahin badhi hai..
Vipul: maaf kar de bhai mujhe
me: change to har koi hota hai.. to isme rone ki kya baat hai??
Vipul: galti ho gayi
me: kya galti ho gayi???
Vipul: jo tujhe pakane ki sochi maine
me: aage se mat karna…
  main maroo nahin hun..
Vipul: haan bhai kabhi bhi nahin karunga
me: he he..
  gud boy!!
Vipul: asshole

me: insan asshole kaise ho sakta hai???
  asshole living thodi hota hai???
Vipul: pata nahin kiya kabhi
me: and main thing is asshole to chhed hota hai..
Vipul: bas bolta hoon aise hi
me: uske pas to **** bhi nahin hota..
  to banda to ho hi nahin sakta
Vipul: haan
so sad na
me: to aise mat bola kar..
  pehle jano pehchano
  phir bolo
Vipul: ab bolunga to sahi
me: galat baat
  bolo sry shaktiman
Vipul: sorry shaktimaan
me: gud budhha.
Vipul: thank u shaktimaan
me: main shaktiman thodi hun
Vipul: tu mahaan hai
me: main himank hun
  mahaaan nahin
 Vipul: haan mahaan as an adjective use kiya tha
  not as a noun
me: to batana tha na..
  bolna chahiye tha
tu mahaan insaan hai…
Vipul: i thought u will get it by urself
me: aise hidden meanings main nahin sochta
  kuch misconceptions ho sakte hain
Vipul: hmmm
  will take care of tht
me: phir contraception use karna padta hai..
  and agar use use karein to kharcha hota hai..
Vipul: koi baat nahin bada ameer hai tu
me: tab bhi faltoo ka kharcha kyun karun???
  main mitvyayi hun..
Vipul: whts tht
me: spend thrift ka ulta….
  soch samajh ke kharch karne wala.
Vipul: ohhhh
abe yaar ek treat to dede
me: treat aani band ho gayi..
Vipul: pehle ki bhi baaki hai ek
me: dairy milk khila sakta hun
  treat pehle ati thi…
Vipul: **** mara ab tu
  paka mat
me: phir vohi baat…
Vipul: bohot phatte ho gaye
me: main **** kyun maraun..
  tune valid reason nahin diya tha
Vipul: accha mat mara
  phatte mat maar
me: main to kuch bhi nahin mar raha
aur tujhe lag bhi kaise raha hai??humare beech mein to deewar hai… and ek aur room bhi hai..
  aur tere room aur uske beech mein bhi ek deewar hai
Vipul: :((
im gettin n headache
me: kisse le raha hai???
Vipul: hawa se
me: kitne mein le raha hai???
Vipul: free of cost
me: ye to ghatiya business hai…
  bechari hawa ka kaat mat..
  vry baaaad…
Vipul: mujhe to fayda hai naa
  wo free mein de rahi hai
  main kya karoon
me: no u shud think abt the godwill of the system
  if the sytem fails
  u will also go down with the system
  coz u are sustained by the system
Vipul: tab ki tab dekhenge
  abhi to free mein mil raha hai naa
me: dekhoge nahin….
  mehsoos karoge..
ruk toilet karke ata hun
Vipul: :))
me: phir pakaunga
Vipul: pehle tu jaake aa phir main jaunga
me: main aa gaya…
Vipul: to naach
me: kyun naachun???
Vipul: aise hi
me: again.. not a valid reason
Vipul: **Long Pause**

me: kya hua fat gayi???
Vipul: haan bhai mera itna level nahin hai
me: maine poocha fat gayi???
  aur tu ye bol raha hai
  jo sawal poochun uska jawab de na..
tune haan bola.. kya fati>>???
Vipul: 😛
  i’m not answering u now
me: u dont answer me.. u answer questions….


Song of The Day:-  Die Zauberflote by Mozart

PS1:- Not in a mood to write any PSes.. kaam karna hai..
PS2:- I have a meeting today with my Dev manager and instead of working I am publishing this faltu ka post.. 😛


17 thoughts on “PJrama

  1. seriously…main in dono insaanon ko nahi janta hun …yadi aap mein se kisine inhe mere sath dekha ho to ye aapki aankhon ki bhul thi…aur yadi kabhi main inke sath tha bhi to he bhagwaan…mujhe utha le!

  2. Haram ke pillon.. Usne mujhe nahi pakaya.. ruk us din ka conversation paste karta hoon.

    Hmm.. waise chod yaar, I’ll have to censor the convo big time!

  3. bhaiyo aur behno …
    ab bolo … hai koi mai ka laal(laali bhi chalegi 😛 ) jo hamare bhure bhalu ko challange kar sake … !!

    aur log mujhe bolte hain ki main bure maarta hu … huh!!

  4. u censored ur part n not mine ….u ****** ….. chal koi naa … waise mazaa aaya us din lekin itna sir dukha ki agle din jaake theek hua … now i’m prepairing myself to fight u again in a one on one PJ battle 😛


    To whom It may Concern

    This is to certify that Mr. Himank aka Bhalu is a qualified champion in PJ battle.


    PS : I recommend you to try your caliber with Mr. sainani aka Scientist, who is the PJ king right now.

  6. “It is a “bit” long”

    wtf … a bit … wtf … thats not a bit … 2 lines are a bit …

    “but I am sure you will enjoy it”

    if it was a bit long i might have 🙂

  7. @ Abhijeet : He he he 😀 Manish was so eagerly awaiting such a comment from you 😛

    @ Karan: Well thats the information I got from Vipul..

    @ Piyush : Tu har jagah marta hai.. I do it rarely!! Thats the diff….

    @ Pankaj: He he. many ppl talked to me about the obscenities thats why I have completely *d all the words instead of just partially doing it.

    @ Vipul: I havnt censored my part any bit more than yours.. Just that I am a good boy I dont abuse so much like you… And havnt though learned a lesson from that chat that you want to come at me again

    @ Yogesh : He he he.. Thanx a lot for this award.. I cant tell how touched I am for all the love and support you people have given me and I promise to carry on in the same vein forever and ever

    @ Shrikant : I could have tried chatting with him but our chat would increase the level of PJs so much that the earth wouldnt be able to handle it and will split into two and I am determined not to let this happen to dear ignorant humans like you. 🙂

    @ Anshul : Thanx a lot man.. 🙂

    @ Ankit : Ha ha ha 😀 Great man…

    @ Obelix : Well the definition of your bit and my bit differs considerably in this regard.. I will still consider this a bit… 😛

    @ Mythalez : You know that I only write about girls.. .:) NOT GUYS….

    @ Chand : Hum kisi ki marne jaise tuchhh kamon mein vishwas nahin karte hum to bas is jahan ke logon ko is gyan se avgat karana chahte the… Un logon ko malum pade ki PJ marna kise kehte hain..

    @ Kunal: He he he.. Ya i know it was long.. It is already edited and was thinking of doing it more but couldnt leave out anything more….

  8. Maan gaye bhalu…..
    this is the reason why I dont buzz u frequently..hum aapke level waale nahin hai….[:D]…
    …and it is always fun to see ki tu kissi aur ko pakka raha hai…[:)]

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