Sarkar Raaj

Ahhh!! What a movie.. If ever there was a list of movies which were good as well as bad then I would surely place this one at the top of the list. Ramu at his best no doubts, he gave the glimpse of the magic which e can spawn with his movies as well as the horror he can make out of a movie. Frankly speaking I don’t think anybody can ever make a movie like this except him, at times, the director in him is just too brilliant and other times, well he just almost recreates the horror of movies like Naach & Aag (of what I have heard of these movies).

Its a review quite late in coming, but what can I do, I saw the movie today and do whatever I can but I couldnt stop myself from blabbering about this movie. The movie has all the ingerdients of a good movie but there is one extra ingredient which just ruins the movie beyond any repair “Aishwarya Rai”. I don’t know what was the obsession with taking Aishwarya Rai in the movie, there was nothing in the story which justified her presence except the glam quotient which she obviously provided to the movie.

Watching the movie I was altering between crying out “BULLSHIT” the scenes where Aishwarya was there and wondering at the awesomeness of the movie. The portrayal of the local politics is quite correct as far as I am aware of the scene(which can be quite inaccurate too though I don’t think so). The Somji part was good. The suspense was also nice. Acting as you would have expected from such stars was also nice…

But, but, but.. comes Aishwarya and she spoils the movie for me. Its FUBARed coz of that character. First of all the movie could have done absolutely fine with a male character playing the role instead of the “aaj Ki aurat” Aish..Agreed you wanted to cash on the popularity of trio but then why O Why did you have to go out of line to make it so odd.  First of all the romantic angle, how can he be thinking of holiding her hand just a few days after the death of his wife whom he (supposedly) loved and who was pregnant with his child. From being just a nobody to the family, she becomes their all and sole. She is at the side of Abhishek Bachhan wherever he is and whatever he is doing. She also goes when he goes to see his father while he is recovering from a heart attack. She isnt made to wait outside but she will ofcourse be with Abhishek in the meeting. She is also the witness to a very sentimental conversation between the father and the son.

Can agree to that the romantic angle can develop, ofcourse dil pe kisi ka zor nahin chalta but towards the end when Sarkar is eliminating all his enemies, the people who conspired against the family and starts to find out that many of his own people were the culprits, even then the person he choses to share the story is none other than Mrs. Bachhan… :O

At the end I was happy to see that she wasnt on the screen for something like 5 mins and the story had shifted to Amitabh and I was about to finish the movie with finally a good impression but alas they had to involve her in the end too with she taking over the mantle of Chhote Sarkar from Abhishek and the only thing I could say was Crapppppppp…

All in all a perfect example of a good movie wasted. Though I would still say it is worth a watch.

Sarkar Raaj – Aishwarya Rai = Awesome!!

Song of the Day:- I’ll follow the Sun by Beatles

PS1:- Saw the webcast of Bill Gates last day at office. The man is sure inspiring.
PS2:- Was planning to write a post about it but watching the movie changed my mind.
PS3:- Finally weekend is here 🙂
PS4:- My blog has 60K hits now.. Yippeee.. 🙂
PS5:- Ivanovich, Sharapova ousted :O Since when did So many upsets started happening in Wimbledon??

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11 thoughts on “Sarkar Raaj

  1. You bring a good point through in saying that the movie makers tried to force Aishwarya’s character to be more than it should have been.
    But were you able to survive the following:
    – Chhota B’s monotonous performance.
    – The LOUD background music
    – The smaller characters. With their special characteristics. ‘WOra’, and the strange deputy CM. This is the most stupid set of character writing I have seen in an A-grade ( sic ) movie.

    I do agree that Amitabh did a commendable job.

  2. agree with u tht there could be a male character instead of Aish but i dont feel that she made the movie boring or spoilt it .. although it was a delite to watch her (atleast for me) and ya the movie was a worth watch 🙂

  3. ramu mentioned in an interview that the movie can be made without aish and any male could have done it…..

    also i guess it was shown that abhishek loves katrina in first part but marries the other… so i guess the romance can be expected (well its quite illegal but its a movie so chalta hain 😉 )

    aish too played her role very well…. all in all a gud movie to watch 🙂

  4. also well written 😛

    forgot to mention in the previous comment 😀

    also the posts on gals are quite gud… but couldnt comment due to some reasons… 🙂

  5. i just saw aishwarya rai and BULLSHIT in the same sentence.

    You’re just inviting people (read me) to flame you eh 🙂

    And yes, the movie had potential and my only qualm was that Aishwarya Rai was crying. Pretty faces should not cry

    Anyway, your total lack of criticality and utter lack of movie-reviewing-skill makes me want to stick my tongue out and go *thbbbbt*

    Eagerly awaiting the next anti-AIshwarya Rai review so that I can type *thbbbbt* again 🙂

  6. lollzz…man can u believe …i watched dis movie in d theatre and i had headaches…really !!!

    i mean …. i was jst wishing d movie to get over as i was wid my sis and jiju so cudnt really move out !!

    it sucked !! badly !!

    indeed !! 😀

  7. you’re right… the movie was good, but Aishwariya Rai wasn’t needed in the film.
    I too thought of word “crap” when I saw Aish in the ending scene of the movie, saying, “ek chai lao” 😀

  8. @ Vineet : Won’t comment much on other things but the background music have to agree at some points it was just unbearable but at some points it was ok also. So again its a bittersweet thing

    @ Vipul : She just ruined the movie for me.. thats what I am gonna say!! Have to clarify I don’t have any problem in a woman playing that character (b4 some females start classifying me as a male chauvinist) but the characterisation wasnt good.

    @ Rohit : Well the Katrina part can be pardoned, you have to give this much freedom to the director that he can replace some of the actors in the sequel according to his needs, when sarkar was made Katrina was a starlet, now she is quite successful so it wouldnt have made much sense casting her in such an inconsequential role.
    And ya thanx for the complimet and what was the reason you couldnt comment on that post?? Any girl sitting beside you while reading it?? 😛

    @ Obelix : Didnt think it that way but I would love some flaming.. Hell its been ages since there has been some proper flaming in which I participated. Once upon a time I also used to be a fan of the damsel and used to d/l each and every wallpaper of hers on the lousy dial up connection at my home.. But now only thing I can notice in her is her giggles and her plasticity.. I grew up!! Hoping the same for you.. Ehh!! 😛

    @ Anshul : Well I wouldnt say its sucked badly.. It was nice in parts!! and I still didnt get you “ramu ki movie jaisa lag raha hai point” if you didnt find the post ridiculously bad.

    @ Abhishek : Exactly man, I was thinking that ok, now she hasnt come for a long time, may be the film will end without her, but no there she comes “Asking for tea”. I could just say Crap and ask her to go to her home and have a cup of tea there. :X

  9. That wasn’t a review first …
    though Aish ji ke baare mein sabh sach likha hai….
    You can watch the movie for the heavy dialogues and
    for the cinematography… though the first half was bit elongated and I was surprised to see you have written about everything that was not important in the film(so thats why its not a review 😉 )… you can watch the movie for some extremely well executed scenes especially the last scene , meeting of Sarkar and Rao , when he shows the dead body of Rao saabs grandson … and some awesome dialogues my favourite ….
    “sahi samay par marna…. Rajniti”
    tune aishwarya waala point kaafi aache se explain kar diya hai isliye kuch nahin likh raha …..
    chal bahut bada comment ho gaya ….

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