A Poet’s Dream

It seems like ages since I have written and published a poem on my blog. So here I am back with another, so all the poetry haters , you can close the tab if you want to, though I wouldnt like that…

back in the realms of my dream
where i can ride the wheels of fantasy
i wish to do it all
pursue the things that my power wont suffice

i wish to capture the essence of nature in my words
want the paper on which I write to smell of happiness
thinking of capturing the spirit of music in my poem
hope to catch the dance all so beautiful in the curves of my writing
plan to display the free spirit of gale in the confines of this poem
hold the the eternity of the ocean in each and every small character
paint the rainbow afresh with the colours of my imagination
create a land far far away from civilization
write the words bright enough to rival 1000 suns

this is what i wish to do
this is the dream i dare to dream, a poet’s dream

Song of the Day:- Dr. Robert by Beatles

PS1:- Had an awesome weekend, watched 5 movies on saturday and spent sunday with family.. 🙂

PS2:- Its the Euro Cup final today.. but am too tired to wake up.. >75 kms driving is something for a day..

PS3:- Btw wrote 3 poems on the day I wrote this.. Fuckin net wasnt working so had to do something for time pass.. but don’t think will bore my readers with the rest of them.

PS4:- Indian batting going great guns… Lets hope they keep this form 🙂

PS5:- Just have a look at the amount of jewellery this lady is wearing, she is the daughter of none other than our very own Dawood Bhai.. Have been planning to put it on blog for last 5-6 posts but always keep forgetting!! I just hope her neck is not burdened by the amount of jewellery!!


14 thoughts on “A Poet’s Dream

  1. gud man …….but yeh rhyme nahi kari… 😀 😀 😛

    and i drive 55-60 Km. evryday ….from college to home …so no big deal …

  2. @ Mansi : Thanx.. waise it was quite a fast comment.. as soon as i put my status and came back to check the blog and bang… there is a comment 🙂

    @ Shrikant : Sahi mein yaar… jewellery is just blinding!! :O

    @ Bhanu : Thanx yaar.. your inspiration made me write another 🙂

    @ Chand : Shukriya.. Shukriyaaa!!

    @ Anshul : Ye le yaar toone bola rhyme nahin ki.. so i tried to rhyme the new poem… Btw driving daily u must have got used to it 😛

    @ Pankaj : Thanx man … 🙂

    @ Vipul : Once again, shukriyaa shukriyaaa!!!

    @ Rohit : 🙂 *blush*

  3. Dude, why did you delete my earlier comment? Learn to handle criticism also.

    And I still stand by what i said earlier, ‘Do us all a favor. QUIT writing poetry.’

  4. @ LOL : LOL at you man… Atleast you could have rmrd which poem you commented on before writing this.. Chek out my other poem Misery, your comment is there and I have also replied!!

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