Another poem.. Yeah!! 🙂 If you want to crack my skull at this sudden outburst of poems then there is a guy named Sushant who you should blame, the guy asked me “Kabhi kabhi ladkiyon aur sex ko chhodke poems bhi likh liya karo” So here I am with another one

yesterday I met misery, the old wench
she told me about her plight
everybody in this world thinks of her as a wretch
nobody wants to hold her tight

complaining about the way people ignore her
nobody wants to appreciate the gloom
Never is she invited when they meet to confer
all the people consider her as their doom

everybody goes after the proud and vain happiness
happiness stays with you only in the time of joy
nobody appreciates the company she provides in sadness
one sign of difficulty and its time for happiness to fly

darkness of night is always praised and loved
sunshine is no comparison to the beautiful darkness
Can’t  somebody embrace this sorry maid
Provide her the much needed solace???

Song of the Day:- White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

PS1:- Downloading & listening the top 100 songs of the Rolling Stones Magazine list which you can find here
PS2:- Quite a short post again.. 🙂
PS3:- Thats it for now…. no more PSes today!!!

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6 thoughts on “Misery

  1. nice one yaar … its good to c the poet born again after soooo much sex n girls … and this one rhymin too 😛

  2. @ Vipul : Ha ha ha.. 🙂

    @ Pankaj : Hmm.. clearity of thoughts.. didn’t get ur point!!

    @ Mansi : Well to put it this way would be better, I was always a philosopher at heart.. Just kiddding!! 🙂

    @ LOL : you always have the option of closing the tab or not visiting my blog

    @ Karan : Hmmm.. always wished to write something like this on such an abstract topic.. So just wrote it..

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