Music : My Favourites

As the title of this post clearly tells that this post is about my favourites and in no other field but Muzzzik!! I just seriously adore Music and I don’t think I can live without the sound of music piercing my ears, though this wasnt the case upto my 10th class when I used to get a headache if ever my sister decided to see the songs on TV for a long time and for this I would thank Sushant, a friend of mine, he was the one who made me a music addict starting with Lucky Ali’s songs and from then it just kept growinggggg!!

So now coming to the main thing, this is a list of a few of my favourites according to the different departments which make a song what it is.

Starting alphabetically

Composition – Beatles & Pink Floyd

Beatles – The best composers according to me, whether it be Pyschedelic Rock, Pop Music and the song Helter Skelter by them is considered to be amongst the first Hard Rock song, they just conquered every genre. One thing which in my view would put Beatles before Floyd is that, not only the Psychedelic songs by these guys make you feel high but even other songs by them have the power to take you into some other place.  Ofcourse the range of instruments used by them and that special Indian touch in all Harrison’s compositions with some sitar almost always played in his compositions. One interesting thing in their songs is the use of clapping and they used to give credit to the band members even for the clapping part 😛

Pink Floyd – If ever there is a mention of Psychedelic music, name of these guys can’t ever be left behind. I can never understand how they could make such music. We always use the term out of the world for music but the music of these guys is really out of the world. Listen to the song Starship Trooper and you will think that they went into space recorded some sounds there and then replayed them. The song is exactly the kind of music you would except to hear somewhere out of Earth

Pink Floyd– Just listen to the songs Echoes (specially after the 11th minute) and you wont ask me again 🙂 and of course Starship Trooper
Beatles Blue Jay Way & Because are just pure Psychedelia and you could be hard pressed to find better songs in the genre(atleast in my view)
Here Comes the Sun is a song by them which is not Psychedelia but is really one of the best feel good song ever. Just amazinggg!!!

Guitar – Jimi Hendrix

Since Guitar is such an important part in Rock music, so I decided to make it another category though it should come under composition and in this category there are no choices, its Jimi Hendrix all the way without any shadow of doubt, the guy has 6 songs in Top 100 Rock Guitar solos. The sounds which he produces with his guitar are just so different. He churns out the sound of machine gun, bullets being fired all from his guitar

Jimi Hendrix – Ofcourse the famous ones like Voodo Child, All Along the Watchtower & Purple Haze are there but if you talk about his guitar then I would suggest Star-Spangled Banner… just fantabulous. Machine gun is also great. I mentioned these 2 songs because the guitar he plays in these songs is quite different

Lyrics – Bob Dylan & Simon & Garfunkel

Bob Dylan -There was never any doubt about the first name in this category. Bob Dylan is almost univocally considered as the greatest Lyricist. After all the man has been nominated for Noble Prize and that too multiple times, kuch to baat hogi hi.
Simon & Garfunkel – This name might be quite an unknown entity for many people, which always makes me wonder why they aren’t tha popular.  They are just fantabulous. In my opinion they would come under the Folk ROck & Pop genre, even the Classic Rock genre doesnt fit much on them as seems to suggest. One test which I put for a song to be good lyrically is whether there is a line in the song which I can put as my status and almost all songs by these guys have some or other line which is just quite perfect for any situation 🙂
One thing which I look for in lyrics is that it should be something different, every third guy can write about love and beauty so generally I don’t appreciate the lyrics of romantic songs much.

Bob Dylan Pick any bloody song from his catalogue and you will find that the lyrics will appeal to you, but my favourites are Blowing in the Wind, A Hard Rain’s gonna fall, The times they are-a changing

Simon & Garfunkel
Bridge over Troubled Waters, I am a Rock and specially Bookends, the song has only 2 very simple and small paragraphs but those 2 paragraphs to me are just heaven!! 🙂

Think I ought to mention the name of Paul McCartney too, the guy has maximum no. 1s with lyricist credit (20 with Beatles and 9 solo) but didnt want to make it too much Beatles in this list

Vocals – Lucky Ali & Kurt Cobain

Lucky Ali – If ever there was a voice which I would term as mesmerising and soulful then I wouldn’t have to look much further than our very own Lucky Ali. His voice just does wonder to me. I have listened to quite a few voices from Lata, Kishore to Shreya Ghoshal & Sonu Nigam,K.K. in Hindi and ofcourse almost all rock vocalists in English(I can’t go on naming such a huge number) but I couldnt find a voice which influences me so much. His voice is just ethereal if I am using the correct term……Aaaah!! Wish I could sing like him.
Kurt Cobain – since the first time I heard his voice, I became a fan of his grunging. I don’t think I can describe his voice quality much coz I ain’t no expert in this but I gotta say I love his voice.
Was also thinking about including The Beach Boys in this category but then decided against it. Some people will also berate me for not including Jim Morrison in the list but somehow…. He doesnt make the cut for me. Love his voice too but not that much!!

Example:- Won’t cite any examples in this category!! 🙂 Just don’t feel like… 🙂

Song of the Day:– The Roller Skate Song by Janis Joplin( her voice is also tremendous 🙂 ) & FYI she is also a member of the famous “27 Club”

PS1:- Listening to top 100 songs of the Rolling Stones list (the ones I have).
PS2:- Actually I have 45 out of the Top 50 songs in the list.. GG!!  🙂
PS3:- Somebody should be thanking his stars for getting his name mentioned on my blog in two succesive posts 😛
PS4:- My parents coming to Hyd tomorrow!! Yippee!! 😀
PS5:- Have to clean my room before they come to the hostel and don’t feel at all lke doing it.. 😦 God save me!! 😦 😦

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2:30 AM 7/4/2008


8 thoughts on “Music : My Favourites

  1. @ Himank: hey, looks like we have a lot in common. Maybe we could sit together sometime and listen to each other’s favorites.

    @ Pagare: I thought you liked Cobain…

  2. @ Abhijeet : Watevr u say man… Cobain is just awesome!!!

    @ Aniket : ya man whatevr I know of your music taste.. Our tastes match to a great extent!!

  3. @Pagare: _I_ …… Cobain rocks

    @Himank: Yes, u should be berated for not including Jim Morrison in this list ….. i consider him better than Cobain anytime ….. never listened to Janis Joplin much, but “Mercedes Benz” by her is simply awesome.

  4. @ Pagare : Rock experience can’t be complete without Jimi Hendrix Experience!!!

    @ Karan : I agree man.. Cobain rocks

    @ Manish : As I said.. Somehow not in my favs list!! 🙂

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