12th July

Since the year 2006, 12th July for me and almost all of my close friends has been a very important date. A date, I think none of us can, atleast in the near future, can wipe from our memories . Maroo’s birthday also falls on the same day but that doesnt make it much special (atleast for me, I don’t give a damn about birthdays) but this is a day which will always be fresh in our memories coz some of us scaled new heights and did few things which we never did till then, in a way it was sort of a part of growing up which I will always remember.

There were 4 stars of that day Me, Pagare, Raman and PK and I am pretty sure none of us is gonna forget that day in any hurry and also some other people who came in contact with our charming personalities that day. N.W. was given a lesson in dictionary reading by PK, A.S.R was pestered by Raman, Pagare frightened a certain K.K and was asked to leave his room while I was with the people in 1-12 wing gaining some knowledge and taking books from them while my name was being changed from Himank to Himesh to Hiten and what not for the guards. While the owner of Room No 238 wont like to remember the day and be reminded about the condition of his bed sheet and his room.

All this description might have flummoxed you out of your senses if you arent aware of the the events of the day (or should I say night) but I am majboor at the hands of this jalim zamana and can’t write much about it here.

This 12th July the number grew two folds and instead of the 4 original heroes that day we had 9 this time around and though you can’t reach the stars every day but this was a fitting anniversary of the illustrous day and we enjoyed as much as we could but we missed two of the original members of the illustrious gang, PK n Pagare who are out of station 😦  Both of you, you missed something!!!

This post won’t mean much to almost all of you but for me this is a way to remember the day, for sure one of the best and most dramatic day of my life, a day which will linger long in my memory, a day which I would recount even years later with the same details. This post is just a way for me to recollect and relive those memories and just a way for me to read about it some time down the line and have a chuckle at myself.

The importance of the day can be seen by the fact that yesterday(13th July) me, Vipul, Raman, Mathur all had status messages regarding this day and the memorableness (if this is a word) of it. 🙂

Cheers to the day and cheers to Friendship!!!!

Song of the Day:- Kahin to hogi Vo from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

PS1:- Would like to thank the people of 1-12 wing from 2k3 batch again!! 🙂
PS2:- Our final year hasnt even begun and people have alreay started getting senti!! baaba re…
PS3:- This roxx specially the beta version, I don’t think many people have got the beta version but I am amongst the few lucky ones.

System time of Posting – 1:33 AM 7/15/2008


7 thoughts on “12th July

  1. Yes it was memorable … .Yes it is an important date … but for me(as in the people who were not the stars of the day 😉 ) it was one hell of an experience, because of the horrible moments we had to go through…

  2. @ Chand : 🙂 You know we even gave you a memory to rmr for ever.. Shouldnt u be thanking us!! 😛

    @ Karan : 🙂

    @ Aniket : Didnt have the chance to see that scene.. But saw a few scenes better than that one on the day

    @ Mythalez : 😛 but Mummy ko nahin hai pata.. mummy se na kehna!! 🙂

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