Songs of My Generation

Wont write much of an intro just a compilation of 11 songs which I think can be termed as the most memorable ones during the years I have spent on this earth. I must have missed out one or the other. Please point out any if you think so.

Pehla Nasha(Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) If ever there is a song which can be attached to first love then this is it. The song has that sweet, young and beautiful feel to it which can never be surpassed. A million songs have come after and before it but none can portray it as good as this one. One of the best romantic song of all times. Song which comes to everbody’s lips when they fall in love for the very first time. Amir Khan with all his youth lost in his wonderland imagining her sweet hear along with Sweet and simple Ayesha Julka cherishing each and every moment of this wonderful feeling can just make your day whenever you see the song.

Urwasi (Humse Hai Muqabla) India’s answer to Michael Jackson came with this song. The song is not that special but the video of the song with Prabhu Deva strutting around and moving his body in every possible way and direction just looks fantabulous and you can’t help but wonder with amazement. The song made Prabhu Deva an overnight star converting him from virtually a nobody to the “DANCING” super star of India.

Papa kehte hain (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak) To this day 20 years after the song came, any farewell party can’t be complete without this song being played once. Definitive voice of a confused and yet hopeful youth trying to make his way into the real world burdened by the heavy load of expectations all the while unsure of what destiny has in store for him and how he will survive in this big bad world.

Yaaron(K.K) The FRIENDSHIP song, the first song which comes into mind when you talk about friendship. The song is friendship to me. Farewell party, welcome party, just some other meeting or just an occasion to remember your friends. This one has friendship written all over it. Beautiful lyrics and the mesmering voice of K.K. have made this one a song out of this world. Just unbelievable

Aati Kya Khandala (Ghulam)-
The song which started quite a few trends,
i)  Actors singing for themselves
ii) Songs in the form of conversation
Many actors tried this (SRK in Josh, Sanjay Dutt in Khoobsurat) and succeeded to an extent in doing so after this one but no song can ever match the popularity which this song achieved. Became a cult song with the typical mawali type language of Amir Khan and ofcourse the matches scene when he extenguishes it with his tongue which sent tongues rolling all over the country, everybody trying to ape the scene. A trend setter!!!

DDLJ Songs – Really confused as to which one should make the list, should it be “Tujhe Dekha”, “Ruk Ja Dil Deewane” or Mere Khwabon mein”, a movie which needs no introduction, the biggest block buster, the Trend setter. All in one and the music of this movie was also just different. Won’t say this is the best music, am pretty sure there would be many movies whose music would be better than this one but no music can ever be so unforgettable. Shahrukh Khan dancing like a mad man on the stage(Ruk ja O Dil Deewane), Kajol dancing in the rain in a very sweet(n short) white dress(Mere Khwabon), or whether it be the scene of the intoxicated Kajol running around in the beautiful locales of Europe with SRK (Zara sa Jhoon)following her can never fade away from my mind.

Dil Chahta Hai (Dil Chahta Hai) Was thinking earlier that I wont go to movies this new and would limit myself to the last millenium but can’t complete this list without the mention of this song. The youth song of this generation. Can’t write much about it but this one had to be there.. 🙂

Chholi ke peeche (Khalnayak)- I never would have thought that this song will make any list of my memorable songs as I cant bear listening to this song but the popularity of this song can never be denied. A typical mass song which like Himesh Reshammia, you can try as much as you can but you will never be able to ignore it or run away from it, this will always be knocking at your door 😛

Hume Ghar Chhoda hai (Dil)-
If Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman captured the imagination of the nation 45 years ago with the song aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai sitting in the back of a truck stuffed with fodder then Amir Khan and Madhuri Dixit ran away from all the boundaries and restrictions trying to build their own world in the 1990. I dont remember listening or seeing this song complete even once in my life but I will be hard pressed to find a person who hasnt heard the famous lines “Humne ghar Chhoda hai”

Chhaiya Chhaiya – The forerunner of all the item songs, a song which scaled the heights of popularity transforming Malaika Arora from a nobody to a household name all over the country. This song has created a new role in Hindi movies, that of “item girl” providing the starlets with oppurtunity to hog the limelight by gyrating to the tunes of a catch song. The popularity of this form made even Aishwarya do an Item, all of it just beacuse of one song. These days it becomes almost impossible to imagine a film without an item number. Helen can be said to be the starter of this trend but her songs were generally cabrets so wont say her the first item girl of bollywood, instead Malaika will take the crown!!

Tanha Dil (Shaan) & Dhoom Pichuk Dhum (Euphoria) I think Indian Pop genre owes a lot to these songs, one of the earliest popular songs which are still hummed by the people to this date.

Some songs which just missed the cut
Rangeela Re (Rangeela)
Kabutar Ja Ja (Maine Pyar Kiya)
Ye Dil Deewana (Pardes)

You must have noticed that Amir Khan rules the list with 5 in the list. He is definitely something….

EDIT: This is NOT a list of my favourite songs, this is the list of songs which have been the most memorable ones in the last 2 decades. This can be because of varied reasons, worst song, best video, best audio, any trend which the song set!! Anything!!!

Song of the Day:- Tujhe Dekha from DDLJ

PS1:- Finally online after spending two days without net in Office as well as room, horrible experience
PS2:- Hyderabad is getting quite hot these days!! 😦
PS3:- Effectively more than 11 songs in the list but itna to chalta hai 😛
PS4:- Two posts in succession on music 🙂
PS5:- Quite a bit of colours on this post.. Must be my most colourful writing till date!! 😀

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15 thoughts on “Songs of My Generation

  1. I agree with you on most of the songs but its quite surprising to see “urvashi” made it to this list ….
    waise i think u left some wonderful compositions like:
    1) Luka Chuppi (Rang de Basanti)
    2) Kal ho naa Ho (Kal Ho Naa Ho)
    3) Ek ladki Ko dekha (1942 A Love Story)
    n some others from Rang de Basanti 🙂

  2. wow man !!! the description are really really … apt and to the point and not reading this post would have been a sin and not commenting , well ….

  3. I am guessing ki tumhari ‘generation’ ka matlab 90s ki generation hai.
    Good list.
    Humne Ghar chhoda hai was a poor rip off of QSQT songs.
    I would have included songs from Aashiqui and Phool Aur Kaante over Dil, though.
    And remember the song Ole Ole from ‘Ye Dillagi’ ?
    And tu cheez badi hai mast mast from Mohta ?
    And Ye Kaali Kaali AnkheN from Baazigar ?

  4. good that you remembered these songs and put them in one post. I like most of these , and yeah RDB and Kal ho na ho deserve a mention too.

  5. I dint read evry para of dis post …

    but dood…u misd out many songs …

    and dis generation isnt over yet !!! 😛

    hehe !!
    cheers 😉 !!

  6. @ All : First of all I am sorry that I didnt mention in the post but this last was for the last millennia, thought that I have written it somewhere.. but finally read the post again to find I didnt mention it earlier.. which rules out Kal Ho Na Ho & RDB

    @ Vipul : for the 1st two read above but ya missed out on EK Ladki Ko Dekha

    @ Rohit: Hope your query is answered now

    @ Aniket : Sale Tanha Dil is there.. and ya missed out on Purani Jeans for sure.. but you can’t include all and would rate Tanha Dil,Yaaron & Dhoom Pichal Dhum Above it

    @ Shrikant : Thanx man..

    @ Vineet : I guess even your gen must be the same as mine.. Only 1 yr diff….
    Ya how could I miss “Tu Cheez Badi hai mast” one of the biggest blockbuster song…

    @ Mansi : Already said that.. Am sorry thought I mentioned it on the post..

    @ Anshul : I nevr said this generation is over man.. and ya I am pretty sure I have missd out a few songs.. bt I am only human after all

    @ Karan : Ya thats always obvious for such lists…

  7. Gr8 post dude.By your choice of songs of your generation i guess u must be arnd 30,which is my age too and some of these songs almost make me nostalgic. Btw dil chahta hai released in 2001 and not in ne other millenium.

  8. @ Ravi : First of all thanx… and sorry to disappoint you but I am not around 30, turned 21 this year 🙂
    and About DCH.. 1 -2 saal to chalta hai yaar.. 😛 ain’t it???

  9. hey… I know you tagged me on this, but I just haven’t had the time to think about it 😦 Sorry… but will do it soon 🙂

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