Quirky ME!!

I have been tagged by two people to write this post so finally I have to sit down and ponder upon myself an exercise which I always think of doing but always fail in taking out time for. Actually initially I thought of bypassing this tag after Ankit tagged me being too lazy to think of this stuff but now even Aniket has tagged me so I don’t think I have any more choices left but to finally write.

So ,Rules of the game !!!!!!!

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you – Ankit & Aniket, already done
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. Numbers – If somebody asks me what is the most important thing in your life then it would be surely numbers and calculations. My first love has always been calculations since the time I can remember. Never does it happen that I see two numbers and I don’t play around with them adding, subtracting,multiplying and dividing them. Even while driving on road, seldom does it happen that I am not dividing the registration no of a vehicle by the code for the city in which it is registered and I really hate the nos when they don’t divide completely and I have been unlucky enough that all the vehicles we have owned all have had such pairs which don’t divide, namely 9059 & 32, 1556 & 80 (closest to divisibilty) , 6003 & 7

Another strange thing with numbers is that I have always had affinity for some numbers like I generally like multiples of 5 and always prefer a Composite number over a Prime number that is why numbers like 17,19 and all are a strict NO NO for me.

2. Symmetry – I have always been a fan of symmetry all my life, I always want things to be symmetrical and I always try to do my best to preserve. One example is, if on a swtich board there are 4 switches and if the first one is turned (and all others are off)then the third one should also be turned on just to mantain thats why I used to turn on the fan at my home while pointing the regulator to 0, always puzzling my family!!

3. Patterns – I always have been a fan of following patterns. When I was in Lucknow, for 5 years straight I followed the pattern of going out of the colony one way and coming back to my home the other way, though it was quite an ordeal at times specially since one way was longer and I had to follow it while going to school but I dutifully followed my schedule and kept the practise going. Even in college before the pavement was built in the middle of the lawn type of thing which is in front of OBH. I used to come one way and many times I had to walk alone because my friends just wouldnt come with me from the particular side and many times I had to run to save myself from being dragged by them to come with them the other way. Finally I left this pattern after the pavement was built because 1) a new way was there so I won’t be guilty of breaking the custom and 2) My friends were becoming more and more troublesome, trying to force me to break my custom.

4. Getting lost – This is a very strange habbit of mine.. I get lost at times, and the very special thing is that it is not like I am transported to some other world. I am quite aware of my surroundings and keep listening to what people are talking but somehow lose my ability to react and move for the time being while being aware that I am in the state. After some time I automatically come back to being Normal.

5. Songs –
NOw there is one thing with me that if I like a particular song then that song just doesnt leave my playlist for quite some time. Generally if I like a song then that song isnt out of my playlist until the count is atleast 100 and my playlist all this time consists f only that one song being played endlessly, which very often brings the wrath of my firends who get irritated by this!! 😛

6. Hindi – If there is one thing I am particular about then it is the Hindi of the person whom I am talking to. I just can’t listen to anybody speaking Hindi errnoeusly without pointing out frustating quite a few people quite some time, but somehow it make me itchy if the person in front of me is speaking wrong Hindi so I have to correct him/her whatever be the consequence.

SKP( Guruji wapas blaahgging pe aa jao)
Mythalez (Lets hear it from you now)
Sunshine (if you still browse through this blog sumtime 🙂 )
Kunal, Utkarsh, Rakesh ( I thought your batch can give competition to our batch in blogging but you guys seem to be failing me 😦 Comeon guys Arise, Awake & BLOG )

Song of the Day
– Milegi Milegi Manzil by Lucky Ali

PS1:- 4th Year is finally almost here.. Today we decided the courses to take… Feels so strange.
PS2:- India v/s SL test series to start from tomorrow. Sachin on the verge of being the Higest scorer in Test Cricket.. Hail the GOD!!!
PS3:- I really want to post using Live Writer, its just too cool but the thing is it’s not installed on my lappy and can’t wait till I reach office tomorrow to publish it.. 😦
PS4:- Domino’s 120 for 2 Regular Pizzas is awesome offer.. Have ordered 5 times in last 4 weekends… 😛 Thanks to MS & Dominos. I am having Pizza with such regularity!!
PS5:- This seriously rocks.. Specially for music fans like me.
PS6:- I made even this post verbose… 😛

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13 thoughts on “Quirky ME!!

  1. dude now our batch is the batch-of-dormant-bloggers…. every once in a while, some one would wake up, write an engrossing post, and get back to sleep 🙂
    maybe after four years of blogging, our blogs are dying a natural death ….
    and once you guys are in the monotonous, frustrating corporate life, maybe your blogging drive would wane too …

    and yeah I hate tags 🙂 I was so bored of doing 1-2 tags, that I wrote an obit for the same … 😛

  2. @ Aniket : yaar i was using it yest in MS.. Even for me it wasnt working at room and aaj yahan bhi nahin chal raha 😦

    @ Rakesh : Golden Rule of IIIT 1. Seniors are always right!! 😛
    Did as you said.. SIR!!
    Actually forgot that part.. but you are a true blogger couldnt stand missing an incoming link to ur blog 😉

    @ Karan : Ya I guess 😛

    @ Shrikant : Thank You!! Thank You!! 😀

    @ Kunal : Well thats what used to amaze me that you guys used to post so regularly even after being in jobs but alas jo hona hai vo hona hai, I guess…

    and ya 1 tag se kya hoga!! btw will have to brose ur archive to read the obit 🙂

  3. err .. am not fond of tag posts 😀
    and my blog is currently on a vacation 😀
    and I cant talk so much abt me as this tagpost demands

    u get the point right? 😀 .. thanks for the tagging anyway 🙂

  4. abe numbers,patterns are in no way unspectacular … We people get amazed when we see you calculating. On the other hand you biting your finger nails … now that is unspectacular ..and you missed that …

  5. @ Mythalez: ya got the idea that how much you detest writing a tag post 🙂

    @ dark-knight : But it has stopped working for me now.. 😦

    @ Kunal : Hmm.. ya!!

    @ Chand: Well many people bite nails so i didnt find it that strange to put it up here.. Even the GOD bites his nails and whatever he does becomes NOT QUIRKY!!

    @ Skp : Thanks for doing the Tag Post

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