Was going through my Slam Diary today, and what a load of memories it brought to my mind, memories of times gone by, good times, unforgettable times, The Wonder Years of my life, a time of innocence, childishness foolishness and a period of seeing wild dreams unrestrained by worldly wisdom. A period of foolish acts, a time before diplomacy, time before wisdom of some sort starts to creep in. A period of unadulterated life. The childhood of my life. I know that I am going overboard here but hell man I am senti like hell.

    I think most of you would be familiar with the concept of Slam Book (are wohi Archies wali) but in our school we had a different concept. As you can’t ever be satisfied with the columns in the Slam Books available in the market so the girls of our class came up with the idea of making a diary procured from their dads and writing their own columns and tada we have our own Slam Diary so in our class most of the people had such Slam Diaries. I think many of you would be cringing that Slam Book and all are typical girlie thing and I also used to think the same and as a result I came round to making such diary only after the school ended and as a result couldnt take the Slams from many people of the class but now 4 years later, when I read the Diary today. I think this must be the best thing I have ever done in my life.

    Looking at it now, the columns which I made now seem to be nothing but foolishness of a wide eyed teenager but kya karein sab hi aise column banate the, so maine bhi… One thing that was very foolish in all such diaries were two columns, one for Best Friends and other for Good Friends, reading it now, it seems just too odd to me but back then everybody used to do it.

    Its a completely Oxy-moronic affair. Reading it makes me smile and cry at the same time. Even the entries are like that, one person slams me for not keeping secrets, then another one is indebted to me for keeping his secret.
    This post is a big Thank You to all you guys who filled it up for me and gave me a way to revive a bunch of memories whenever and wherever I like. There are a few people who are missing from this diary and may be some day I get a chance to get this filled by them. Am saying it right now in the moment of extreme emotions but I don’t think I will come round to asking people to fill it for me now that I have grown up. That is why childhood with all its innocence and scant regard for protocols and customs is the best.

    Finally a big THANK YOU to
PRATEEK (Bhatti)

For filling it up for me….. Miss you guys… 😦 😦

Edit:- This post was written on Saturday!!!

Song of the Day – Yaaron by K.K. (What else in this mood??? )

PS1:- Net hasn’t been working for more than a fucking day in hostel.. 😦 😦
PS2:- I had a minor surgery in my leg (got a corn removed) and the freaking Dr didnt even give an anesthesia while removing  it..
PS3:- Finally it rained here in Hyd for quite some time.
PS4:- I am out of the fit I was in and now think that diary filling idea mentioned isnt that great as I was thinking then.. 😛
PS5:-  Posting this post today after writing it on Saturday.. Net finally worked in hostel at about 4 pm today.. after about 70 hours… 😦
PS6:- Another post using Live Writer.. 🙂 Just Love it 🙂
PS7:- Rock On music… Rocks Onnnn!! 🙂 Had it been any other post, the song of the day must have been from the movie.


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5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. LOL @ surgery part … I mean, not that am actually laughing out loud 😀 that you got operated …

    WTF ??
    WTF ?????? you still link me at wordpress, you are so dead … its a disrespect towards the g33k.

  2. @ Skp : Corrected the link… you know lazy people.. 😛

    @ Anonymous : Hey man, you completely pwned me 😛 btw you could have posted the comment with your name… I got to know who you are from your I.P… 🙂

  3. minor surgery!!! when and what for??
    and all of a sudden reminded of those school days! yup they were so much fun 🙂 miss you all !

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