A.R.Rehman is definitely the best music director in Bollywood but the trio of Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is surely giving  the maestro a run for his money. The thing with them is they come up with quite different albums every time and this time they have come up with an album entirely different from any album which has ever been released or will be coming for quite some time.

I don’t see much prospects of this album being a major hit, the music is just too experimental for the taste of the masses. I don’t think the youth in India is ready for Rock yet. This is typically Rock music, Guitaring, Drumming and all make you feel as if you are listening to Maiden or sumthing like that.

Socha Hai Starts with the guitar sounding a bit like Jimi Hendrix (tried it) and then we see the birth of another singer, Welcome Farhan Akhtar, he starts singing and for a moment you begin wondering if this is Lucky Ali singing (but alas we dont seem to be having any music from him) . He sounds so similar to Lucky Ali, specially in this song at times.  I liked the lyrics of the song quite a bit . 🙂

Pichle Saat Dinon
Again starts with a Rock guitar. Lyrics are just strange but surely a good listen, the song which I expect to be a chart buster from the album. This is one song which I think will stick to everybody’s lips with its one liners and I expect to be listening more people humming these lines in some days.

Rock on – Title track of the album again starts with a Guitar and Drum intro trying to give a Rock feel. This is an okayish song but the thing is you can get away with these type of lyrics only once or twice in the album and SOcha Hai & Pichle Saat Dinon Mein, already do it by the time. So these lyrics don’t excite you much by the time you get to this song.

Ye Tumhari Meri baatein
– Typical hindi movie song, not much to write about the song, a good and melodious song ideal for light listening. You can put in in your when trying  to unwind after a hard day’s work. Dominiquie Cerejo has done a decent job in the song.

Zahreeley –
The song of the album, not my favourite song in the album, not even 2nd best or 3rd best but this is definitely the pinnacle of experimentation in the album. I never could have thought that Indian music directors can come up with such song in near future but Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy have done it. Tadaa.. presenting to you the first Hindi movie Rock song. Don’t think it will be a huge hit but definitely its a new genre and may be if I amke this list 10 years later then this song might feature in it. The guitaring and drumming is definitely on par with rock bands and if you dont know before hand that this is a Hindi song then you will confuse it with a typical English Death metal song.

Tum Ho Toh –
Again not much new stuff in this one another melodious song and if you are going into this territory then you have to do something exceptional to get noticed and unfortunately Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy & Farhaan Akhtar fail in doing so, an average song in my opinion.

Sinbad the Sailor –
This might not be the story of India but Sinbad is certainly the only adventurer with whom Indians can identify, as Sinbad has always been the story of folk tales in India. A fast paced song with main focus on vocals and Farhan Akhtar along with Raman Mahadevan do complete justice to the song. This song can become quite popular with its catch lyrics and fast music, the only thing I don’t understand is that sometime around 4:45 out of the blue, between telling the story of Sinbad, they start singing lines of song “Tum To Ho”. I mean here you are talking about a warrior and his bravery and somehow you bring romantic angle into it with these 4-5 lines… Strange!! Very strange!!

Pichle Saat Dinon Mein(Live)
Original song is great with its unusual lyrics but this song somehow doesnt do it for me, the main let down of the song is Farhan Akhtar interacting with the audience in Hindi, Comeon man I know this is a hindi movie but you could have done with English, it just seems so out of the place him saying “Ab aap log sab mere sath gaiye”, things like “Aap gaiye jab main apna haath upar karun” make it unbearable for me, atleast!! Singing and music are decent enough but just wish they could have done away with that part

Phir Dekhiye –
My favourite track in the album and ironically it is not a path breaking one, the thing for which I am praising the album but a good melody is THE THING, nothing can compare to a good melody. Caralisa Monteiro(another foreign looking name) with the backdrop of an acoustic guitar just does wonders to the song. I couldnt stop myself from putting this song on an infinite loop for 2 days and finally stopped after the song had been played 150 times into my ears.
(Btw if anybody knows the meaning of “Hasham” then please comment)

My Rating – ****

Half Star for the experimentation factor.
Btw I am quite excited to see this movie, seems like it will be based on Rock Music and I seriously hope that Farhan Akhtar would have done justice to the theme. Lets hope and wait for 29th August.

Song of the Day –
Pichle Saat Dinon Mein from Rock On

PS1:- A random observation, my posts generally reach word count of around 1000.
PS2:- 18 live bombs found in Surat now, what the hell are these terrorists trying to do?? WTF are they gaining by all this?? 😦
PS3:- This PS makes my word count exact 1000


8 thoughts on “ROCK ON!!

  1. I disagree with you when you said that Indian audiences aren’t ready for rock music yet. Remember Life in a Metro and Aadat by Jal? They had a rock base and they were huge hits here. I think Indians are hungry for Desi rock at the moment, (and that it’ll be desi rock only for quite some time, as the lyric lover Indians cannot listen to sth whose lyrics they cannot understand) and that Desi Rock will ultimately co-exist with the mainstream music in India.

    Haven’t tried this album, but will do so in college. Going by your review, I’d definitely say Kudos to SAL; for experimentation, if nothing else!

  2. I disagree with your reviews. The rock on music pioneers what I call “hindi rock”. The music has made the rock genre part of hindi language and dialect.
    Believe me, it takes a lot to defy bollywood formula and come up with a movie and sound as that of Rock On. Every paper & every critic (who matters) has given it a positive review.
    Oh, and about the masses – I stay in Kandivli (east) and very close to the Fame theatre. Now Kandivli is an epicentre of traditional Gujrati families and not really a place where you would expect a rock concert and anything to do with rock music becoming a success. Rock On was running packed house on Saturday. It was the same on Sunday and I understand the evening shows from today through Friday are completely booked…

    Boss, it has taken 3 hrs for Farhaan and team to tell each one of us to live our dream… & there is no way such a project cannot be liked….because all of us want to “take the leap”….!

  3. There is actually a song sung by another band in the last scene of the movie before the Magik band performs. They perform two songs – tum ho toh and then sinbad the sailor. But does anyone knw the name of the song that the band sings before these guys come on stage?!!

  4. I Disagree wid u. U hav said whts d relation between sindabad d sailor and and Tum ho Tho… well if u notice firstly its a commercial indian hindi cinema.. and this is the way the masses like, Secondly Tum ho Toh is in d beginning sung by Farhan Akthar for Arjun Rampal… and later Arjun Rampal sings this song for his Wife. Thirdly Tum Ho Toh is song that arjun writes for his wife when she was his Girlfriend bt unfortunately the band does not get to perform it as their album gets cancelled. Last bt not d least the final performance is LIVE and they perform these two incomplete songs to make them complete. Watch the movie carefully and understand the deep meanings of the songs and u will then realise the diffrence between Sindabad the sailor & Tum Ho toh.


  5. hey guys need ur help i am luking for the song tht in the final concert the girl performs before farhan sings on the stage and while arjun rampal is on his way to cruise.the song is just before magics final performance.plz help me find this song buddies……

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