DHONI the Great

I had promised my friends that I wouldn’t be writing any of the rather ordinary posts which I have been writing in the recent times, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing about this joyous event. This is one of the greatest moments in the history of Indian Cricket and no stone should be left unturned in the celebration of this momentous occasion. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the greatest player India has produced in the recent times has been given the highest award for any sport person. He has been conferred with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.

I can see people complaining from different quarters that how can senior players like Ganguly, Dravid and Kumble be ignored and this young chap be given the award but they don’t know the greatness of this guy. Even the GOD, Sachin Tendulkar had to wait for 10 years before getting this award but our young lad, the hero of the generation, heartthrob of a million girls reached the mark in just a mere 4 years making the better player than even the GOD, unfortunately we don’t have anything greater than God, so now on we have another adjective “Dhoni” for someone even the Gods should worship.

People keep complaining about his test performances and such useless crap like, he decided to sit out of a important test series, but those people, my dear friends are just jealous of this 8th wonder of the world.  After all who in this fucking world cares about the boring shit called test match, which is all just a piece of crap after all who is willing to spend 5 days just to see all those people running after the ball. What we need now is a player who can walk the ramp so naturally just as if he is doing his morning routine. What will we do with players like Sachin who are never ever seen with Bollywood actress. Now we need a new hero of the new generation who dates lasses like Deepika Padukone.Even THE  Bradman would have bowed down before this GOD of Gods and would have loved to serve him for life, if he were alive today. Alas the old chap is dead now and couldn’t benefit with the golden oppurtinity.

People always keep saying that Ganguly was such a great captain, but what did that idiot do?? Nothing!! All he could do was win a test against the all beating Australian team in Australia and guided the team to the final of a World Cup but look at our hero. He won the biggest tournament of all, he won the T20 WORLD CUP for India. I must say again, who cares about Test Cricket, we are fast people of the fast generation following the fast DHONI.

Look at Kumble the idiot and you will realize that why he couldn’t ever be the cult hero like Dhoni. What he did in Sabina Park in 2002, that foolish guy came with a broken jaw to bowl in a test match and even got the wicket. Now somebody should have told him that these are the times to gain some sympathy from people and become famous but that ass would come out like a lion to bowl a spell and make people think that all this jaw trouble is nothing.

Our great Dhoni, decided to rest himself from the Test Series as he is obviously tired of playing so much of one day and T20 cricket and one more thing which BCCI have failed to see is that, the time has come when the young guy should be given the lead of the team, after all how can such players keep playing under such fools as Kumble. Just pure pathetic thinking on the part of BCCI, how can you dare disrespect the Great Dhoni by not making him the captain.

So what if he is left wanting against the superior pace bowling on friendly wickets like Australia, who cares. After all why should we go to play in the backyards of those pomies, they are just a bunch of giants with a guy who spits on his own hand. Now the time has come that we started playing only on sub continent pitches because this is what real cricket is, the cricket our dear Dhoni likes, with scores above 300 for the taking in every one day match. With matches where he can murder the poor helpless bowlers on the flat wickets, after all shouldn’t we as Indians be proud of all things Indian, including those flat wickets which only we produce. One or two spinning tracks can pose a problem but we can surely manage them by making him rest on such venues so that we don’t make a dent into the great batting average of the great Dhoni.

If you want to consider Dravid, we can also do that. Tell me frankly who has got time to see his exquisite cover drives, who has got the eyes for the stylish and sweet follow through of his bat. What we want is the dhobhi pachhad cricket where you should hit the ball in most awkward you can. In my opinion, Dravid is the worst thing to happen to Indian Cricket since a certain Sunil Gavaskar. Its time people realize technique and patience are passé. We just want fatafat cricket in the most desi and Indian way.

The most important thing which Dhoni has done is taught us ugly Indians how to live in style, how to have those well set hair. We are a nation who never understood the value of style (or Tashan) and always tended to concentrate on the talent and sublimity of ordinary mortals like Sachin, Dravid. Its time we took notice of our sex appeal and do our best to become ishmaaart like apne Dhoni bhaia, see yahan bhi ganwarpan, he is Dhoni the stud, not Dhoni Bhaia!!

Infact I suggest that Sachin’s Khel Ratna be also taken back and not given back to him until he takes coaching from Dhoni and dates a few of the Bollywood starlet and for God’s sake he should do something of his hair,look at Dhoni’s flowing silky locks and look at Sachin seems as if someone has pasted some black thing on his head.. He  looks so ruddy uncool man!! How can you expect such a person to represent the country? He always paints a bad picture of the country in front of whole world. The most embarassing thing he does is biting his own nails all the time, comeon man how unhygenic!! Tch tch tch!!

Congrats to him on winning the award

Song of the Day:- Yeh Jo des Hai tera  by A.R.Rehman from Swades
PS1:- One thing is for sure, I am gonna be royally fucked in  the first one-half months of this sem. BTP, Classes, Internship and ofcourse worshipping DHONI THE GREAT
PS2:- Its been drizzling for past so many days, irritating like hell .Ek baar achhi tarah barish ho jaye n then ruk jaye.
PS3:- Have our BTP viva on the day of Raksha Bandhan!! 😦 Bull shit
PS4:- Eric Clapton rocks, am cursing myself for not listening to him till date… 😦