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Disappointed by the complete absence of junior students of college from the blogosphere, be it reading or writing. We the bloggers of UG2K5 , the “Blogging Batch” of IIIT today held a meeting to discuss ways to increase the awareness among people and encourage atleast a few non-bloggers to turn into bloggers. Almost all the active bloggers of our batch were present and it was quite a fruitful session with a horde of ideas being churned out in the meet. Lets hope that the efforts we take are transformed into activity and we can see more and more bloggers keeping the flag of blogging flying up and high once we leave the college.

Quite a few interesting ideas come up, the two most important ones being, all the IIITians must have got a mail from me regarding this.

a)  Bloggers Day – Starting from this year we will be celebrating 30th august as the Bloggers’ day in IIIT. For this we need the help of all the bloggers of IIIT, we urge all the bloggers (active & the dormant ones too) to atleast write a post on this day to mark the revival (hopefully)of blogging culture in IIIT. We can make it a IIIT blogathon, everybody doing their bit to promote this day. For this we also need the help of all the alumni and I hope that you guys would also appreciate our effort and try to make this a successful event.

b)  Bloggers Meet – On 25th August, we are planning to hold a bloggers meet where we will try and encourage the people to come out of their shells and blog and blog and blog. We would like to introduce atleast a few people to this wonderful world of blogosphere. The point is not only about blog writing, the people these days are not even reading blogs. There used to be many people who though didn’t write posts but were always active readers and commentors but nowadays this is not to be seen. Even a blog like IIITPost is getting comments only from the alumni and 4th years that’s it. I haven’t seen any guy from 1st, 2nd or 3rd year commenting on it. Coming to the writing part, I can only see one active bloggers from a combined population of more than 500 people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years which is an indication of the sorry state of affairs in IIIT.
The meeting also saw the formation of Bloggers Club in IIIT with the following people as its founding members.
Mathur (Start blogging now)
And we hope this no to increase multi folds as time passes by.
Some of the other ideas which came up are which can be implemented later
Blog of the Week (recognising the best blog in a week) – For this we might need few changes to be done to the blogroll.
Blogging Week (A week on the lines of Bloggers Day)
Hoping for a fruitful blogging year for IIITians.

17 thoughts on “Blog on IIIT

  1. Go bloggers go ..

    Good idea .. kick junior’s butt and ask them to regulary open Blogroll.

    Was waiting from a loooong time to start a blog…

    Will start my blog and write some crap …. it’s up to u to bear it 😀

  2. My personal experience says .. to write a post .. you need to be jobless .. to keep writing posts .. you should continue to be jobless 😀 ..

    may be those blokes are studying doing research etc .. why spoil them 😛 ..

    On a serious note .. zamana badal gaya baap :p … you actually need to do all thisss to ask ppl to start blogging … sad … best of luck with the meet 🙂

  3. hmm .. so what shud all those blogging on blogging day supposed to blog about? 😛

    but yeah, seriously, very few people are persistent bloggers, comes with as halley said ‘joblessness’ and an craving need to state something — anything (even if often its just blah).

    Maybe, one way of enticing these reluctant souls is by showing them the stats of blogroll, how many ppl visit/use it 😉

    all the best with the meet..

  4. @ asdas. Its not just about the juniors readhing HImank’s blog. Its about the blogging actiivty in college in general.. Be it reading or writing blogs. No one is excited about blogs anymore.

  5. @ himank :
    I hope there’s no damp-squib scenario and people actually turn up.

    Spend some money organizers … put up some posters. Send soft copies to alumni …create a proper pitch now that you have taken an initiative 🙂

  6. @ Shrikant, Vipul : Thanx, hope it does make the waves

    @ Asdas : Lol at you ad your thinking.. I am perfectly satisfied with the readership of my blog, I just dont want the blogging culture in IIIT die an untimely death

    @ Aditya V : We are always here to “bear it”, just start the blog and Blogroll will give u readers 😛

    @ Halley : Seriously zamana badal gaya hai.. I can’t fathom why dont ppl take blogging these days 😦

    @ Mythalez : Thats a gud suggestion, think we will have to talk to SMR for that.. and about blogging on that day, who are we to advise bloggers like you on what to post. Btw Mitra Sir has suggested that people can come up with their take on IIIT. Anything changes in IIIT, IIIT of your time… basically anythin!!

    @ Karan : Thanks for writing what I intended to say

    @ Skp: Gee thanks!!! 😀

    @ Abbulu : Posters idea is a nice one.. I think we can do something about that and about sending mails to alumni, I am thinking of doing that to the regular (& not so regular) bloggers of IIIT about 30th August.

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