IIIT Bloggers’ Meet

Finally we had the Bloggers’ Meet on 25th August, that is Yesterday. After all those repeated mails and so many reminders, we were expecting quite a decent crowd in the meeting. I had expected that we would have atleast 10-15 people from every UG batch coming to the meet, atleast wondering about what the buzz is all about. But, to the chagrin of all of us organizers, the response was not enthusiastic enough.

Wise people have always said, Be satisfied with what you get, that’s what we are doing. I wouldn’t say that the no was good but I would say it was ok, considering the blogging situation in IIIT. There were about 5-6 UG2 guys and a similar number of UG1 ad 3 M. Tech people, so all in all 15 new people.  Not to my surprise, there was a dismal attendance from UG3, 2 people who stayed through the meet while 2-3 people had come for some technical meet, they also attended the meet for some time. Though I am not much disappointed by this, even we are more interested in UG2 and UG1 people taking up blogging, coz guys in 3rd and 4th year have been here long enough to be inspired or made to start something new. Again, as expected the maximum attendance was from our batch. There was only one alumnus, Devansh Sir. Btw Abbulu, this is bad!!!

So coming to the meet, it was a nice affair in all. I don’t know about others but I sure enjoyed it. The meeting started about 30-45 minutes according to Indian timing. We started the meeting with me blabbering something about Blogging in IIIT, telling guys about Blogroll (Thanks a lot SMR!! You are a God send for us Bloggers), easily the best thing ever to happen to IIIT Bloggers,IIITBuzz, the next best thing, which is succeeded by the controversial IIIT Post. Also telling people about some of the successful bloggers of IIIT and showing them a list of all the bloggers from diff batch.

It was followed by Maroo, talking about things like Why Blog?? Qualities of a good blog!! And also spoke about Blogging Etiquettes. Got to agree, it was quite good and people were listening with rapt attention to all the points he had prepared.

Then we had Kulbir talking about his Blog and all the financial benefits he had as a result of writing the blog. Never knew he was this rich. Come on Kulbir you owe us a party for earning sooooo much.

After this we had Sashidhar, speaking about his blog, reasons for him taking up blogging. His speech had all the people reeling in laughter. Best part was when he forgot a point and took out a paper in which he had written all this, and after reading it, once he started speaking, Again forgot what he was speaking.

Then we had the “60 Seconds TO Fame”, ala Indi Bloggers meet Hyderabad chapter.

After all this we had the best part of the meet, when we opened each others blogs and started marofying each other’s. It was quite fun and again in this part Sashidhar took the cake, with his awesome poetry, and Jimmi’s comment on the post was added to the fun, you could feel his frustration in his comment. 😛 This post of him was also liked a lot, specially the first and third pics 😛

After having this fun for some time, finally it started raining and we had to leave 😦

Finally, I don’t know about others, but I sure enjoyed a lot in the meet. We have also taken the email ids of interested people and we will be holding the Bloggers’ Club meeting some time sure, just waiting for some blogging activity to start in IIIT.

Desperately waiting for 30th August, I hope the “Seniors” ( !Alumni) don’t betray us on that day, sun rahe hain na Pati Sir??? 😉

Song of The Day: – The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon & Garfunkel

PS1:- Simon & Garfunkel are totally awesome.
PS2:- Got a new External HDD, 360 GB. Now “delete” button will be a thing of past.
PS3:- Why is it so hot these days??
PS4:- India’s most successful Olympics come to an end with China pwning rest of the world.
PS5:- Waiting for this weekend, Wanna see Rock On!! Has rock culture finally arrived in India?? Let’s see
PS6:- Btw what the hell happened to Blogroll :((