Plight of the Indian Moon

On 27th August, whole Cricketing world celebrated centenary of THE Don, Sir Donald George Bradman, the man who ended his career 60 years ago but even now each and every person who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Cricket knows name of the person.

Ponting, said on the occasion that he is much greater than Phelps, he could only manage one more gold than the second person but Bradman’s almost double the second person, but what about the person who was exceptional by even his standards, doesn’t he  deserve some mention anywhere ,any time?

I am talking about Dhyan Chand, THE HOCKEY MAGICIAN, he has been the only Numero Uno, India has ever produced. Even though I am a devotee of the God, Sachin but he isn’t no Numero Uno, he and Lara were always considered the best batsman in 90s, in 2000s came Ponting, then even Dravid but 60 years after Dhyan Chand’s career finished, nobody has seen any anything which comes even close to him, he was , is and will always remain exceptional. He is the magician of Hockey.

While growing up, I listened to some stories that many times during matches; his Hockey sticks were replaced by Opposition teams believing he had some glue on his stick. He gave India 3 Gold Medals, numerous records and uncountable moments to cherish which I don’t think any other person must have managed since then, in return what India gave him was, a death in anonymity and neglect. The authorities couldn’t care less about the person who shone like a “Chand” in the sky and a nationalist who rejected Hitler’s proposal of a much higher post in German Army because he had to play for India and no other country.

200 runs on a tour is an average for some Indian Cricket players these days, what do you call a person who scored more than 200 goals on a tour? I don’t think you can think of any other adjective than The Dhyan Chand.

I saw many images of the celebrations which happened in Australia on the centenary of the Don but I don’t seem to recall any images of any such celebration happening 3 years back in 2005, on the centenary of Dhyan Chand.

All this can be defended by people saying that Hockey has no market these days and since this is a money hungry world so nobody would care about him. I was shocked at seeing he didn’t get Bharat Ratna, I was almost sure that this guy would have got a Bharat Ratna, Lata Mangeshkar got it. What has she done to make our country proud on the international scene?  Agreed  she has provided entertainment to generations of people in India, easing their lives in some way but isn’t there anything as National Honour, National Glory? Are all these things seriously an issue of past, how can you not recognize this person’s achievements? He got Padma Vibhushan which many people have got

Even after all this has happened, we still ask questions, Why doesn’t India win in Olympics? Why do we even question? Isnt the answer quite obvious? We just don’t know how to respect our sports person. We are just a county of lazy brainy sleuths who can sit in chairs, type all this rubbish, talk all day long, give our opinion on each and every thing (which I am doing right now), fight with people on petty issues but don’t dare to take action when it comes upon our country. After all this we blame China for acquiring our land, Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism while we ourselves forget about all such things as soon as possible and are ready to be fu**ed again. This is getting diverted from the topic, so lets finish this.

Once again, I hope that not on 100th Birthday but may be on some other occasion Indian Govt decided to honour the man posthumously. Agreed, his birthday is celebrated as Sports Day but what has been done to publicise this day. Atleast Educational Institutes should celebrate their Sports Day on this date and try to remember the great man but I am very curious about knowing whether people even know the existence of a day known as Sports Day, while you will never forget V-Day, Friendship Day and even obnoxious days like Rose Day, Chocolate Day and what not!

Btw, I am not sure many people know why he is Dhyan “Chand”. So I thought of sharing this, This was a name given by his first Coach who was so impressed by his play that he said “Tu  Chand ki tarah Chamkega” and hence we had the name Dhyan Chand.

One of the most memorable dedication to the guy was given by the people of Vienna where there is a statue of the man with a hockey stick and having 4 hands, to specify the extra ordinary skills of the man. While in India, in my 21 years of existence, having visited almost all the major cities, I have never ever saw a statue of Dhyan Chand.

And still we dare to ask Questions!!


Old People

Old people are a funny lot, they are supposed to be unreasonable, close minded, frustrating to talk to and out of our league but they are wonderful, they have stories innumerable, they have seen things so different. They were here when there was no electricity, no telephones. They have lived the life close to the soil while we are just getting further and further away with each passing year and each growing generation.

The incidents of their life which they recount don’t seem like real happenings, rather they seem to be the stuff of stories. It makes you think as if you are sitting in front of Premchand who is telling you some new story which he has constructed just now about the rural India or as if you are seeing the life shown in Do Beegha Zameen , or as if you are being told the story by some person who rode with Kishore Kumar in Chalti Ka Naam Gadi.

There are many common stories which all the grannies tell children, like the value of one paisa at that time, how they could buy so much stuff in something as ridiculously small as 1 paisa and now even 10 Rs seems like just another note to us. There are stories about the games they used to play, how they used to run around in farms, eating fruits from here and there.

I just wanted to share some of the interesting things I have heard.

The first one is about my Nanaji (maternal Grand Father), supposedly once when Gandhiji came to Agra, Gandhiji touched his feet, now my nanaji was 61 years younger than the man but actually what hapepened was, in the excitement of seeing The Man, he somehow climbed the train and was dangling in a very odd position seeing which Gandhiji , himself an old and frail man, caught him by his legs and with the help of others pulled him down. Now that is One Huge Achievement!! 😛

I have my nani, telling me tales about the father of her Grandfather(which would mean 6th generation from me 😛 ), who was a judge, which must have been a huge thing at that point of time for an Indian, it feels so great, you feel as if you yourself are travelling back into time and meeting those people and seeing them live their life.

Then there is a series of tales which my mausaji tells me, he is also quite old, he is retired so he can comfortably come in the category of old people. He tells me about the times when electricity was not so common in houses and only a rich person got a connection from the electricity pole to his people and other people just waited for such a rich person to come and be their Messiah because bringing the wiring from pole to homes was a very costly affair which only a few could afford. He also told me about his studies and how till his 10th class, the measurements used to be in FPS and not in MKS system which seems such a odd thing to us in this age.

Another interesting thing which he told me was about the share of Brahmins in education at that point, now you can find Brahmins all over and I was really shocked to hear from him that during his childhood most of the Brahmins were poor and couldn’t afford such education and most of the places you could see the children of rich Baniyas.

It always feels as if you are browsing through a book of history just that the book is giving you the comfort of listening to it, rather than reading it, thereby making it less boring than usual. I always hope that I continue to have such experiences in future with these old people, so that I can learn more and more about how India and life in India was in those days.

In same sense, it is always a pleasure to talk to alumni, knowing about their version of IIIT, the state of IIIT in the days when I was a young kid in school. The people who made IIIT,  people who have been instrumental in shaping IIIT. I feel, the older a college starts growing, the less influence people have on the  culture and name of an institute.

Bloggers’ Day is here!!

Ya, finally the day is here, the day for which I have sent so many mails. The day of celebration of Blogging in IIIT.

I have been preparing for this day since the last few days, haven’t written any posts even though I had my ideas clinging to my mind but I wanted to do a BLOGATHOM today and I am all set to go.

Well let’s hope I can do this BLOGATHOM today.

For the first time, I am not writing posts for comments or hits, it is for a purpose, atleast I have to do something for the initiative I have taken. I know it would have meant more hits and comments (which has historically been one of my prima focus) had I written these posts over a period of time but sometimes the importance of things change.

Update: Written 3 posts as of yet, lets see how many more I can write.

Update2: Net in unbelievably bad in my room, havnt been able to see the Create New Post since yesterday night 😦 Of all days this had to happen today… Why God?? Why??

FInally net is working, I will start posting now.. 🙂